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Flora Farms
Featured, Travel Tips and Trends

Eat & Drink at Home with THIRDHOME Partner: Flora Farms

Bring your favorite restaurants and resorts into your own home. Eat and drink at home like you’re visiting Flora Farms,...

THIRDHOME, Travel Tips and Trends

Your Virtual Visit to Disney

The gates to Magic Kingdom might’ve closed, but the magic doesn’t have to stop there. Due to the recent outbreak...

Member Toolkit, Travel Tips and Trends

Travel Smart

Tips for Smart Travel A Collection of THIRDHOME’s Travel Smarts You’ve heard of book smarts and street smarts, but what...

Cheatu de Vezins
Featured, Industry Trends

Home Sharing is on the Rise. Here's Why.

Home sharing is disrupting the hotel industry. The concept of home sharing is becoming more popular and intriguing every day....

Mountain Biking

Top Mountain Biking Destinations to Visit with THIRDHOME

Are you a mountain biking enthusiast? These THIRDHOME properties are for you! While some vacationers prefer to relax pool or...

new york quogue thirdhome
Sharing Economy, Travel Tips and Trends

What is Home Exchange? How it Works and What to Know

Everything you need to know about Home Exchange: The history, how to get started, and how it works with THIRDHOME....

Jamaica vs. Barbados

Island Guide: Jamaica vs. Barbados

Both islands offer pristine beaches, fine dining and luxurious accommodations. But each has its own atmosphere and distinct characteristics that...

Vidanta-RivieraMaya-TheBeachClub-Aerial (1)
Sharing Economy

Top 3 Mexican Destinations for Home Exchange

THIRDHOME members can swap their second homes for incredible resort stays, in prime Mexican destinations, at the fraction of the...

Big Island vs. Hawaii THIRDHOME blog
Featured, Travel Tips and Trends

Maui vs. Big Island: Which Hawaiian island has the best beaches?

Both islands have plenty to offer, but these two distinct islands cater to different types of travelers and offer distinct...

Spring Break Destinations 2019 THIRDHOME
Travel Tips and Trends

Top 5 Undiscovered Spring Break Destinations 2019

  Destinations like Cancun, Miami and Puerto Vallarta usually rear their heads when Spring Break conversations begin around the dinner table....

Wade Shealy Sky News
Sharing Economy

Sky News Australia Real Estate Segment

  THIRDHOME’s Wade Shealy explains what THIRDHOME is and how it works.   Wade Shealy, THIRDHOME Founder, CEO and Chairman,...

Feature Image, France, Chateau

Intriguing Historic Homes for Your Next Luxury Trip

  Imagine spending a week or two at a beautiful home while walking the steps of history. There are plenty...

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