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Travel Tips and Trends

When to Buy Your Travel Insurance Plan

You’re all ready to book your next trip, or perhaps you’ve booked already… but when is the best time to...

Karl Lagerfeld Chateau in THIRDHOME Exchange
THIRDHOME, Travel Tips and Trends

Karl Lagerfeld at the 2023 Met Gala: What You Need to Know

The Met Gala is all about celebrating the power of fashion, and one designer who knew that better than anyone...

Travel Tips and Trends, Vacation Home Exchange

Your Guide to Planning the Ultimate Getaway to The Hamptons

Looking for the perfect vacation getaway? Look no further than the Hamptons! The Hamptons is a collection of towns and...

Southern California vacation and Golden Gate Bridge
Travel Tips and Trends, Vacation Home Exchange

11 Tips for Planning Your Southern California Vacation

After taking years off of travel, more and more people are eager to hit the road in 2023. Are you one of...

Travel Tips and Trends

Protect Your Vacation: Why Travel Insurance is a Smart Investment

Life is full of the unexpected. So is travel, which is why we love it.  But sometimes things can go...

Industry Trends, Travel Tips and Trends

Top Five Home Exchanges for Scuba Diving

Are you a fan of Scuba Diving? Do you enjoy exploring the depths of the deep blue sea? Scuba diving...

exterior home with swimming pool in the house
Industry Trends, Sharing Economy

Is THIRDHOME Luxury Home Exchange Right for You?

What is Home Exchange? According to Wikipedia, “Home exchange, also known as “house swapping”, is a form of lodging in which two...

Croatian Villas key visual
Industry Trends, Sharing Economy


The Origins of THIRDHOME and How the Club Works How it Began The concept for this home exchange program began...

Member Toolkit, Travel Tips and Trends

A New Travel Resource from THIRDHOME

Stay up to date on the latest global travel information with our new resource! THIRDHOME is pleased to share a...

Flora Farms
Featured, Travel Tips and Trends

Eat & Drink at Home with THIRDHOME Partner: Flora Farms

Bring your favorite restaurants and resorts into your own home. Eat and drink at home like you’re visiting Flora Farms,...

THIRDHOME, Travel Tips and Trends

Your Virtual Visit to Disney

The gates to Magic Kingdom might’ve closed, but the magic doesn’t have to stop there. Due to the recent outbreak...

Member Toolkit, Travel Tips and Trends

Travel Smart

Tips for Smart Travel A Collection of THIRDHOME’s Travel Smarts You’ve heard of book smarts and street smarts, but what...

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