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Compared to other travel clubs (Inspirato/Exclusive Resorts), traditional vacation rental sites (VRBO/AirBnB/LoveHomeSwap), or luxury resorts, ThirdHome offers incredible value. Expect a 90-95% savings compared to rental rates on accommodations when you book stays through our Club. Fees range from $495 to $1395 for the week, not per night.

Typical Exchange Savings

California Coast

Rental Rate


ThirdHome Exchange Fee


Florida, 30A

Rental Rate


ThirdHome Exchange Fee


Mykonos, Greece

Rental Rate


ThirdHome Exchange Fee


*Rental comparison prices verified via VRBO or other rental sites.

Traveler on a glacier in Iceland sharing her experience as a THIRDHOME member

My husband Dee and I have been members since 2011 and have taken over 41 trips! We’ve even sent two family members on their honeymoons! Staying in private luxury residences or 5-star resorts, we’ve easily saved over $200,000 in rental fees! I cannot say enough great things about our experience with ThirdHome.

Mary Jo J.

Member since 2011 | 41+ trip taken | $200,000+ in savings
luxury bedroom studio in Arizona

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  • $5M host protection
  • Tools to enhance your travel search
  • Text notification system
  • Unlimited home listings on our website
  • Personalized support

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  • Discounts on travel-related products & services
  • Generous referral bonus for friends who join
  • Access to small-group Adventures
  • Travel concierge services

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