How We Began

It’s a story about change making, risk taking and innovation. It’s about being a visionary.

In 1986, after having been one of the top Real Estate Agents on Hilton Head, our Chairman & CEO Wade Shealy co-founded one of the largest and most successful real estate firms in South Carolina. Wade kept noticing that no matter how excited clients initially were about their second home purchase, almost all of them were back in his office within 5 years wanting to sell. Why? It was always the same answer:

“As much as we’ve loved having a place on Hilton Head, we feel we’ve seen and done everything there is to do. We’d like to look at buying somewhere else, so we can experience new things on our trips.”

Wouldn’t it be great if owning a luxury second home in a desirable location would allow you to use other homes all over the world?

Daring to do things differently, Wade founded THIRDHOME in 2010, with a few friends and clients being the first to sign up.

Today, with over 17,000 properties in 100 countries, we have become a trusted way for owners around the globe to leverage time in their second home to travel the world without the expense of renting.

And because visionaries don’t stop thinking and doing, THIRDHOME is changing the luxury travel and property industry once again in 2018. The introduction of THIRDHOME Rentals and Adventures will inspire members at all levels to explore the world like never before.

At THIRDHOME, we don’t just want you to see the world. We want you to taste it, hear it, feel it, enjoy it, share it, live it. And maybe even change it.

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