Home Exchange:
How it Works

Home exchange has become popular among second home owners. Whether you actively rent your home (AirBnB/VRBO) or it’s only for personal use, THIRDHOME is a great way to leverage your second-home investment to enhance your travel lifestyle. 

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Home Exchange in Paris France
The Eiffel tower in Paris

By offering available weeks in your home, in return, you receive travel credits to stay in other members’ homes, rent-free. With over 1,700 destinations to choose from, you’ll never have to visit the same place twice.

Enjoy private family residences, villas, luxury estates, residence clubs, and even yachts. You’ll never pay rental rates but a nominal exchange fee. Expect a 90-95% savings compared to rental costs when you travel with the Club.

Jamaican Beach Front Villa, pool overlooking the ocean.

Home Exchange members having fun on Aspen Ski Trip
Ski trip to Whistler


  • Second homes only. Cannot be a primary residence.
  • Located in a desirable destination.
  • Well-appointed home, furnishings, and amenities. 
  • A minimum home value of $500,000 with homes up to $50M+ (Average home value is $2.4 million)
  • Additionally, we welcome members who own time in luxury resorts and residence clubs.

An overview of the Exchange Club

I’m ready to get started.

Booking Fees

Each stay has an exchange fee that is determined by the time of year it’s available, size, and location. These fees range from $495 to $1395 for the week, not per night. Members can expect an average savings of 90-95% off a standard rental booking rate.

Home Value $500,000 to $50,000,000
90-95% Savings Compared to Rental Costs
$5M Host Protection Coverage

I actively rent my second home on Airbnb and VRBO. Each year my wife and I find a few open weeks and make these available to other Third Home members. It is the best of both worlds as we use our home to earn income and travel the world rent-free!

Kevin D.


We will review your home and assign a “Key-value,” which determines the credits you earn to travel when you make your second home available for a given week. Join for free and travel immediately when you make two weeks available within the next 24 months. Cancel at any time.

Fill out this application form. We will review your home and assign a “key value,” which determines the credits you earn to travel when you make your second home available for a given week.

Only those in the Club who own a second home with an average value of $2.4 million will stay in your home. Members are vetted before being given access to the THIRDHOME network. In addition, THIRDHOME provides $5M of host protection for every stay.

No, we are a non-simultaneous exchange club where you can seamlessly book any property available in our portfolio that is available. Our members love the convenience, security, and variety of destinations.

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