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About Our Members

Who are THIRDHOME Members?

Our members are discerning yet adventurous, and they want to travel without ever feeling like a traveler. They are always looking for new places to experience, and favorite places to make even more memorable. They bookmark Departures recommendations, devour the New York Times 36 Hours travel section and subscribe to Wine Spectator. For Curious Travel Connoisseurs, the world is their oyster – especially if it’s a Belon in France.

Curious Travel Connoisseurs love the hunt, love the discovery, love the luxury that belonging to THIRDHOME opens up for them – whether they are an Owner, a Renter or an Adventurer. They appreciate that their membership in this unique world-class collective means they can have complete confidence wherever their bucket lists, palates, daring, hearts and dreams take them.

Curious Travel Connoisseurs love the insider’s point-of-view that THIRDHOME brings to every destination. They are passionate about creating and sharing life-changing travel experiences with family, friends, and their like-minded community of luxury travel explorers.

Member Testimonials


“I typically use THIRDHOME to travel with my wife and two kids. However, THIRDHOME’s vast selection of properties has allowed us to bring our friends and relatives along to join us in our travels.”-THIRDHOME member, Alan R.

“We have really enjoyed the relationships that we have developed through THIRDHOME. Still too good too be true. We are really glad to be a part of this club!”-THIRDHOME member, Steve R.

“I’m 56 and able to travel, do what I want, when I want and THIRDHOME has changed everything for me. Before I would look at nice hotels, now I look at beautiful homes for a fraction of the price. I love this deal and I hope to continue forever. I have prepared years in advance because I see the value in THIRDHOME.”-THIRDHOME member, Ernie J.

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