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Jim and Katarina joined in 2022 and have enjoyed their membership. They took the time to share a few tips on making the most of your membership.

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The Jetsetting Family Experience

“How ThirdHome has Changed How We Travel”

Jessica Sanchez and her family are ThirdHome members and full-time content creators, who spend their time between Florida and Mexico. In a recent podcast, Jess and Rod, fellow members, candidly discuss how ThirdHome became a game-changer for their travels. Dive into their podcast episode and explore their journey, insights, and the transformative impact ThirdHome had on their explorations.

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Over 15,000 5-Star Reviews

About 7 years ago we became members of ThirdHome, and it has been a life-altering and incredibly positive experience.

Cecilia K.

June 2014

I found it very easy to host ThirdHome Guests,  which, coincidently, are very low risk in comparison to VRBO, because of their exclusive clientele.

Mark F.

January 2016

The ability to use ThirdHome was life-changing for us. It allowed us to visit other places while giving us flexibly from the preconceived obligation to use our home as much as possible to cover the ongoing maintenance costs. 

John H.

July 2011

ThirdHome for me is turning otherwise unused weeks into currency that I can redeem myself for unforgettable trips.  

Bob T.

November 2011

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