Member Spotlight: Andrew and Anne

January 18, 2022 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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Members Andrew and Anne from Australia have been part of ThirdHome Exchange for more than eight years. Learn about their favorite trips and experiences as long-time members of the the Club.

ThirdHome’s website is second to none. It is great fun to explore the world.”

– Andrew, January 2022

Read Andrew’s full testimonial below:

We have been members of ThirdHome for more than eight years. In that time, we have enjoyed 21 home exchanges (needless to say we are retired), and had to cancel a further seven due to COVID pandemic travel restrictions. It has been an amazing experience and in many cases, not accessible through other means.

Their favorite trips?

Picking favorites from such wonderful experiences is difficult. We both agree that the best was a game lodge (unfenced!) in a private South African game park. The following were also amazing:

Owners have been wonderful – many outstandingly so.  Hiccups have been few, mainly because ThirdHome was very proactive in resolving the few issues that arose. 

Their experience as Hosts

Likewise, the members who have stayed at our property in Sydney were wonderful, appreciative, and respectful.  

Traveling with ThirdHome is like no other.

ThirdHome’s appeal to us is that it is global, cost is offset by credits earned by making your property accessible to other members, and because it is not driven by a profit-focused management company.  Members are free to join or leave at any time. Staff have been invariably wonderful.

ThirdHome’s website is second to none. It is great fun to explore the world or just an area you plan to visit for other reasons to see if there is a ThirdHome property available.

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