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Member Spotlight, Traveler Spotlight

An Adventure in Peru: Larry Grossman 7 at 70

In celebration of turning 70, Larry is hitting all seven continents with the help of THIRDHOME. As Larry travels the...

Member Spotlight, Traveler Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Andrew and Anne

Members Andrew and Anne from Australia have been part of THIRDHOME Exchange for more than eight years. Learn about their...

Petronia Nogueria member spotlight
Featured, Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Petronio Nogueira

“We are traveling more, and consequently, enjoying life even more.” Petronio Nogueira joined THIRDHOME in 2016 and has traveled 12...

Alexander, Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Lisa and Rusty Alexander

  Lisa and Rusty have traveled with THIRDHOME since joining the club in 2012. They’ve visited some of the most...

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Renu Bonner

  Renu has been a THIRDHOME member since 2015. Since then she’s stayed at 15 THIRDHOME properties by leveraging her...

Sam Jarczynski Member SpotlightSam Jarczynski Member Spotlight
Featured, Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Sam and Leann Jarczynski

Sam and Leann have been THIRDHOME members since 2016 and have managed to take 14 trips by leveraging their Florida...

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Rick & Cheryl Acheson

Rick and Cheryl Acheson have been THIRDHOME members since 2016. So far they have enjoyed 3 homes with their membership. They...

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Renee & Patrick Finn

Renee and Patrick have been THIRDHOME members since 2011. Their membership has provided the opportunity for them to book 12 homes...

lily grove
Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Lily Grove

Lily Grove has been a THIRDHOME member for the past 2 years! Based out of California, Lily has been able...

Bobby Flaig
Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Bobby Flaig

Bobby Flaig has been a member of THIRDHOME since 2014, but only recently started exploring all the club has to...

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Tom and Pam Bernhardt

Tom and Pam Bernhardt have been THIRDHOME members since 2011. In the past 6 years, they’ve managed to travel to...

Member Spotlight

Property Spotlight: Sarah-Jane Gaselee's Bellevue in Barbados

“On the veranda of her stunning family home in Barbados, Sarah-Jane Gaselee soaks up her breathtaking surroundings as the warm...

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