Member Spotlight: Renu Bonner

November 14, 2018 • By THIRDHOME


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Renu has been a ThirdHome member since 2015. Since then she’s stayed at 15 ThirdHome properties by leveraging her beautiful South Padre Island, Texas getaway. That’s about 5 trips a year!

Get to know ThirdHome member, Renu Bonner and how she uses The Club to help her Stay Worldly.


How did you get involved with ThirdHome?

My friend Margaret introduced me to ThirdHome. I joined in early 2015.

Where is your primary residence?

Houston, Texas

Who do you usually travel with?

Half my trips are with couples, half with girlfriends.

What do you do for a living?


What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Hiking, sight-seeing, and relaxing.


In your past travels with ThirdHome, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it?

Since joining, I have been on 15 ThirdHome trips. Some with my account and some I’ve been invited to join my friend and ThirdHome member, Margaret. If I had to pick one (favorite destination), it would be the The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Aspen. I went for two weeks in July 2017. Then I went back in September 2018 for the fall colors. Everything was so fabulous both times, the accommodations, the service offered by the The Ritz-Carlton staff, the weather and the scenery.

What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with ThirdHome?

The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in St. Thomas.

What do you love most about your property with ThirdHome?

I love knowing that others owners that will be staying in my condo will be treating it like I would.


Compared to other exchange and rental platforms, how has your experience been hosting other ThirdHome members?

I never planned to rent (or exchange) my second home before joining ThirdHome. I have been very happy to have the opportunity to use my place in a different way to enjoy traveling to more places.

Any personal achievements you’d like to share?

Jokingly I said at the beginning of 2018, 52 trips in 52 weeks! So far as of September 23rd, I will have traveled part (or all) of 30 weeks. PLUS 8 more trips before December 31 scheduled. Not all through ThirdHome, but almost 1/3 of them.

How has ThirdHome changed the way you travel?

I travel more! Many of the times, the ThirdHome becomes the destination. I love just hanging out and fully enjoying the home. I love the variety of homes I stay at. I now always have to have a kitchen! I look at ThirdHome’s website first.


What is the nicest amenity you have encountered while staying at a ThirdHome property?

The twice daily maid service at the The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Aspen. The customized and personal service that is provided.

What makes a ThirdHome stay so special?

I love the way I feel when staying at a ThirdHomejust like I do at home, totally comfortable.


How is staying in a ThirdHome different than other types of accommodations?

I enjoy the personal relationship I build with the homeowners when I stay at their place and those that stay at my place.

How would you describe ThirdHome to a friend?

Great way to travel and get more value out of my second home. Best deal ever! I would not be able to or even want to (financially) stay at the homes I have stayed at.


What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

Both trips to Cancun, dined many times at El Fish Fritanga (not 100% sure of name). The fresh seafood platter was AMAZING- the variety, the cost, and amount of food and dining with your toes in the sand made it totally memorable! Last trip, went 3 nights!

Any travel tips for fellow members?

Stay flexible and open minded about when and where.

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