Seeking an exclusive and unparalleled luxury Alaska sport-fishing experience? Look no further than our new partner, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club!

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club is well-positioned near the best fishing spots in Southeast Alaska. Sequestered among the pristine wilderness of the Tongass National Forest on Noyes Island, the breathtaking lodge is accessible only by chartered floatplane. After hopping aboard a custom-built heated cabin cruiser equipped with premium fishing gear, expert fishing guides will lead guests toward waters famous for king and silver salmon, halibut, lingcod, and more than 20 species of rockfish.

The Lodge at Steamboat Bay hosts up to 16 guests in six oceanfront suites (double occupancy) and four forest-view suites (single occupancy). Suites within The Lodge are located within a few steps from the Great Room, where guests enjoy:

In an upstairs loft overlooking the Great Room, The Club Room offers a variety of leisure activities such as:

After an exhilarating day of Alaska sport fishing, guests can unwind in the bubbling waters of the hot tub on the Club’s spacious wraparound deck. Or pull up an Adirondack chair and relax with a complimentary snack or drink while enjoying front-row seats on the serene shores of the bay. Better yet, visit the sauna styled on a traditional Slavic banya. This sliver of paradise has a picture window with a bay view, sits right on the water, and delivers soothing heat from a wood-burning stove.

The friendly crew at Steamboat Bay is available 24/7 to provide personalized services to meet any guest’s needs. The handcrafted lodge, exclusive location, fine cuisine, personalized service, and extraordinary fishing waters make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience guests never forget!

Search availability within THIRDHOME Exchange below. For more information on The Lodge at Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, click here.


Renu has been a THIRDHOME member since 2015. Since then she’s stayed at 15 THIRDHOME properties by leveraging her beautiful South Padre Island, Texas getaway. That’s about 5 trips a year!


Get to know THIRDHOME member, Renu Bonner and how she uses The Club to help her Stay Worldly.



How did you get involved with THIRDHOME?

My friend Margaret introduced me to THIRDHOME. I joined in early 2015.


Where is your primary residence?

Houston, Texas


Who do you usually travel with?

Half my trips are with couples, half with girlfriends.


What do you do for a living?



What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Hiking, sight-seeing, and relaxing.


In your past travels with THIRDHOME, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it?

Since joining, I have been on 15 THIRDHOME trips. Some with my account and some I’ve been invited to join my friend and THIRDHOME member, Margaret. If I had to pick one (favorite destination), it would be the The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Aspen. I went for two weeks in July 2017. Then I went back in September 2018 for the fall colors. Everything was so fabulous both times, the accommodations, the service offered by the The Ritz-Carlton staff, the weather and the scenery.


What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with THIRDHOME?

The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in St. Thomas.


What do you love most about your property with THIRDHOME?

I love knowing that others owners that will be staying in my condo will be treating it like I would.


Compared to other exchange and rental platforms, how has your experience been hosting other THIRDHOME members?

I never planned to rent (or exchange) my second home before joining THIRDHOME. I have been very happy to have the opportunity to use my place in a different way to enjoy traveling to more places.


Any personal achievements you’d like to share?

Jokingly I said at the beginning of 2018, 52 trips in 52 weeks! So far as of September 23rd, I will have traveled part (or all) of 30 weeks. PLUS 8 more trips before December 31 scheduled. Not all through THIRDHOME, but almost 1/3 of them.


How has THIRDHOME changed the way you travel?

I travel more! Many of the times, the THIRDHOME becomes the destination. I love just hanging out and fully enjoying the home. I love the variety of homes I stay at. I now always have to have a kitchen! I look at THIRDHOME‘s website first.


What is the nicest amenity you have encountered while staying at a THIRDHOME property?

The twice daily maid service at the The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Aspen. The customized and personal service that is provided.


What makes a THIRDHOME stay so special?

I love the way I feel when staying at a THIRDHOME, just like I do at home, totally comfortable.


How is staying in a THIRDHOME different than other types of accommodations?

I enjoy the personal relationship I build with the homeowners when I stay at their place and those that stay at my place.


How would you describe THIRDHOME to a friend?

Great way to travel and get more value out of my second home. Best deal ever! I would not be able to or even want to (financially) stay at the homes I have stayed at.


What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

Both trips to Cancun, dined many times at El Fish Fritanga (not 100% sure of name). The fresh seafood platter was AMAZING- the variety, the cost, and amount of food and dining with your toes in the sand made it totally memorable! Last trip, went 3 nights!


Any travel tips for fellow members?

Stay flexible and open minded about when and where.


Being marooned on this island in Belize wouldn’t be half bad. Gilligan would definitely approve.


You’re flying about 10 miles from the coast, and around 40 miles from the capital of Belize- with the helicopter prop whizzing heavily above you. The royal blue shade of the sea is uninterrupted except for the occasional light blue tint of shallow waters. Amongst it all sits Royal Belize Island, your island getaway.


belize aerial

The cockpit tilts back slightly as the pilot makes his descent. Thatch-roofed umbrellas waver and water ripples under firm helicopter gusts. The skids hit the grass, the engine shuts down, and for the first time, you realize how unutterably quiet it is in this tropical isolation. Your heart slows by a few beats.

belize helicopter

Steps away is your red-topped villa. The walls are almost entirely glass as if the villa were inviting the sea in for a cup of coffee. From here it’s difficult to tell, but there are an entire 7.5 acres of island to explore. But first, the island staff greets you and accommodates your every need.

belize house

You finally get to settle into your villa while the rest of your group makes themselves at home at the 2 other villas on the property. They’re all very modern and within footsteps of the water. You discover that when sitting on the front porch the tradewinds make your hairs stand on end and leave goosebumps on your arms. The vista from your chair is sublime. You wonder, why did I wait so long to come?

belize deck

Between all the houses are communal spaces in lavish thatch-roof huts. You saunter in to find that a mojito has already been prepared for your arrival.  There’s a masseuse table in the corner, and you remember that you’d booked a private spa session through THIRDHOME‘s Travel & Concierge department. You mentally pat yourself on the back for the forethought.

belize interior

You feel renewed, limber and several years younger. You say to yourself, I could lay here in this face cradle all day, but you couldn’t possibly. Not when there’s a chartered boat captain waiting to take you saltwater fly fishing! Your captain arrives and hands you a top of the line Orvis fishing rod, made specifically for tackling those wily bonefish.

Belize fishing

Your skipper transports you to various atolls, cays and reefs. He mentions to your crew that these are perfect locales for scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Your crew, in invisible agreement, begins to strap on their diving fins. SPLASH!

belize scuba

The next day, over brunch, you propose a jungle adventure to your crew. “Travel at high speeds through the jungle on Belize’s longest zip line and venture to the well hidden Bocawina Falls,” you read aloud from your Travel & Concierge materials, “natural pools and refreshing waters await.” It all sounds promising, and within no time the rainforest is flying by you at 60+ miles per hour.

belize zipline

Afterward, your crew wants to venture through Cave Branch River, Belize’s longest cave tube float. You explore over two miles of the ancient Mayan underworld followed by a hike through a mixture of ancient Yucatan relics and natural beauty.

belize cave

For some reason, you feel that Royal Belize Island was too cushy- too easy. You came for the true castaway experience! Your skipper fulfills your desire and transports you and your crew to Ranguana Caye for the night.

Belize ranguanacaye

Ranguana Caye features island staff, a beach bar, and three rustic cabanas. Here you find even more fishing, scuba, and watersport opportunities. Your crew lauds this rare find, and you smirk- eat your heart out Tom Hanks.  A fishing spear has never felt so natural in your well-worn island hands.

belize ranguana

You awake in a tizzy to find that your island tan is gone, as is your straw hat. Traffic, clacking keyboards, and a bombardment of city noises return you to reality. And the reality is this: you are only a few clicks away from returning to the private island experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Royal Belize Island awaits you and your 10+ guest crew!

Packages for this Curated Journey start at $4,999 per person, and the trip is fully customizable to your party.

Get a double dose of private island action today by clicking here.


There’s no better way to escape the chaos of the modern world than the seclusion of a private island. For most, the idea of a private island seems unachievable and purely speculative. But now, through THIRDHOME, you can book the private island retreat of a lifetime.


THIRDHOME has curated an exclusive trip to Belize on the Private Island of Little Harvest Caye for you and 14 other guests


private island belize

Get whisked away from Placencia Airstrip to the ultimate self-sustaining island. Welcome to Little Harvest Caye. Houses and strips of the beach are covered in high-end solar panels, powering the entire island with ease. The island also features a rainwater collection system making Little Harvest Caye the most eco-friendly island off of Placencia. Small island, smaller footprint.

private island belize

Start your day poolside while the island chef prepares your meal in his gourmet kitchen. The chairs you’re lounging in were crafted by local artisans and custom made for Little Harvest Caye. You’ll find Mayan carvings (including many of the doors) throughout the property, giving light to the region’s rich ancient history. Every bit of this island was handpicked to create a unique island experience.

private island belize

Each footstep in the sand gives the impression of down feathers parting between your toes. Welcome to the most private beach you’ve ever been on. No spring break crowds, no strangers, simply you and your island crew splashing away in the azure blue waters.

private island belize

Little Harvest Caye has several communal areas for your group to eat lunch, enjoy a cocktail or read a book. The thatch roof and open sides allow the ocean breeze to follow you wherever you go.

private island belize

There are plenty of opportunities for games and recreation in the communal area. Ping pong, wide screen TV’s, movie screen and a projector are included. Although, who would need to turn on the television in a place like this?

Belize private island

Each of 5 bedrooms are air conditioned, but the wind rolling off of Placencia through your patio door will be more than enough to keep cool. The property has 1 king bed, 4 queen beds, and 3 children’s beds (5 feet). Each suite has a private ensuite bathroom. An outdoor shower is also included to wash away all the sand you’ll be covered in.

private island belize

Adventure calls out from the Blue Hole waters and the coast of Belize. Little Harvest Caye provides kayaks, snorkels, guest boats, and paddle boards for near-island exploration. But other excursions can be planned with THIRDHOME‘s Travel & Concierge program including a Jaguar Reserve Tour, Scuba Diving Tours, Sailing Tours, Zipline Adventures, Mayan Ruin excursions, horseback riding, and deep sea fishing.


This private island getaway is only available for the week of August 26-September 7, 2017.

Exclusive stay fees are 15 Keys +$995 exchange fee+ $1323.50 per person with a minimum requirement of 10 people to book.

Click here to learn more about this Exclusive Stay. Book soon before it’s too late!


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