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Travel Smart

April 1, 2020 • By Rachel Hawk

Tips for Smart Travel

A Collection THIRDHOME‘s Travel Smarts

You’ve heard of book smarts and street smarts, but what about “travel smarts?” We consider “Travel Smarts” to be the perfect mix of street smarts and book smarts. It’s preparing for your trip using a combination of travel blogs, guides, and most importantly authoritative sources, so you can navigate a new country without constantly looking down at your map.

We understand that reserving a THIRDHOME trip is exciting, and you may want to get straight to booking your travel needs such as flights and activities. While we may be the leader in Luxury home exchange, we know there is more to travel than accommodations. It’s true, we know a lot about world travel, so we came up with a few helpful tips that we think every traveler should consider before deciding on a destination, booking a stay, or booking flights. That being said – there is so much information out there that we did our best to reference other experts in travel on the following aspects. This way we can wish you “Bon Voyage” and keep you from saying “Oy vey” on your next trip!

Travel Insurance

What came first? The accommodations or destination? No matter what you book first, there is something to be said for the importance of travel insurance. It’s impossible to foresee what the future holds, but until then you can protect your trip, why risk it?


all of these brands post their cancellation and refund policies on their websites.

  • Once a destination has reached Level 3 or higher, all travel operations will cease with the majority of travel providers/tour operators/cruise lines/airlines in those countries

  • If anyone has purchased travel insurance, then it is advised to have them check their provider’s policy regarding cancellation of their trip to determine what will be refunded under their covered reasons.  If anyone purchased travel insurance PRIOR to the an event occurring, then they may have the option to cancel for a full or partial refund.  You can call any of the providers above to inquire on “cancel for any reason” insurance and if you qualify for this more expensive coverage option, it requires having to purchase 14-21 days upon making your initial trip deposit or booking. If not, it is still highly recommended to consider purchasing travel insurance to cover many other unforeseen reasons one might need to cancel a trip (Illness, injury, death in the family, work related, jury duty, etc).

  • The majority of travel insurance providers will NOT cover “Fear of traveling” to a destination as a reason for cancelling, especially if the destination they are going to has not yet been impacted (Unless a traveler purchased “cancel for any reason” insurance and has spoken to their insurance provider to verify they can get a refund).

Travel Advisories

With all that talk about “Levels”, are you familiar with Global travel advisories? There are Travel Advisory Levels 1-4, 1 being the safest, that a country can be designated at any given time.

If a country/destination is deemed unsafe to travel by either the U.S. Government Travel Advisory Division or the CDC/WHO organizations, it will be escalated to a Level 3 or higher depending on the circumstances. Below are links you can reference to find the Advisory Level of your destination.


Safe & Healthy Travel

People are inspired to travel by many things, the most common one being in order to achieve well-being for mind, body and spirit.  That being said, you want to make sure that your destination can provide the environment to support that. We know sometimes certain areas the world experience different outbreaks, so its best to refer to experts like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) before you embark!


Those are just a handful of “travel smarts” we can share. If we missed something that is important and you think we should add it, please send it our way! We welcome the latest and greatest travel tips and trends from our members. Email us at to show us your travel smarts!

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