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Who Is ThirdHome?

May 14, 2021 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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The Origins of ThirdHome and How the Club Works

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How it Began

The concept for this home exchange program began to take shape back in 1986. After having been one of the top Real Estate Agents on Hilton Head, ThirdHome Chairman & CEO Wade Shealy co-founded one of the largest and most successful real estate firms in South Carolina. Wade kept noticing that no matter how excited clients initially were about their second home purchase, almost all of them were back in his office within five years wanting to sell. As his buyers originally purchased vacation homes with grand dreams of it being part of generations to come, they were now ready to sell because it had become a burden. Visits to the second home felt more like an obligation rather than a well-deserved getaway. When he asked, Why? It was always the same answer:

“As much as we’ve loved having a place on Hilton Head, we feel we’ve seen and done everything there is to do. We’d like to look at buying somewhere else, so we can experience new things on our trips.”

Wouldn’t it be great if owning a luxury second home in a desirable location would allow you to use other homes all over the world? Daring to do things differently, Shealy founded ThirdHome in 2010, with a few friends and clients being the first to sign up for this innovative home exchange program.

What is a typical ThirdHome home?

ThirdHome members are owners of single-family vacation homes, luxury condominiums, or time at luxury fractional resorts. The average home value is $2.4 million, with a minimum home value of $500,000, and homes ranging upwards of $50 plus million. Additionally, it must be in a desirable location with quality furnishings, appointments, and amenities. When you join this exclusive community, you will find people just like you who respect and treat your home as they would their own. 

How to Join

Upon completing the enrollment form, our Member Experience team will be in touch to discuss your application. We want to find out if the Club is a mutual fit and home exchange is for you. We carefully guide you through the enrollment, and before your membership is activated, we provide a thorough onboarding to ensure you know how to get the most out of membership. Our platform has lots of user-friendly tools that help make finding your next dream vacation a reality. Our number one goal is to help you travel the world and create memorable experiences. 

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Booking a Stay

Members have access to reserve any home in the Club as long as they have enough “Keys” or travel credits. You earn Keys upon depositing time in your own home. The more desirable the time you give, the more Keys you get. An interactive world map provides a bird’s-eye view to explore the world. Our dynamic website also allows members to set criteria for the kind of stay they desire— private homes, estates, full-service, pet-friendly, and yachts, to name a few examples. The more flexible your schedule, the more options you will have. Simply go online, browse, click and instantly reserve a stay. 

Outstanding Member Service

Service is an integral part of membership in ThirdHome. From the minute you call to inquire about joining until you are an active member of the Club, we are here to guide you along the way and to help you get the most out of the Club. Our number one goal is to help you travel! With teams in the U.S. and Spain representing five nations and seven languages, we are well prepared to provide you with a fantastic experience for your local or international vacation needs.  

Today, with over 14,000 properties, across 100 countries, we have become a trusted way for owners worldwide to leverage time in their vacation homes to travel the world. Don’t just take our word for it; click here to see what others have to say.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Club!

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