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Is the THIRDHOME program just for second home owners?
Yes. Primary residences are not eligible for the program. Second homes are typically in the most prime vacation or investment home locations and we find that guests prefer staying in vacation homes as opposed to primary residences that include owner's personal items, etc. This way our members are assured of the most comfortable vacation exchange experience
Is this a direct exchange meaning that I have to go to the person's property who stayed in my second home?
No, not at all. You receive credits called "Keys," whenever you deposit weeks in your property that are accepted into the THIRDHOME system. As you have given these weeks to THIRDHOME, they then cannot be used by you or rented out to others. On giving these weeks, you receive the equivalent number of Keys which you can then trade to use for any other property showing availability in the program. If you see a property you like and it is showing availability for the time you want to go, provided you have enough Keys in your account, simply pay the exchange fee, ranging from $395 to $995 USD, and that property will be yours for that
Who gets the exchange fee?
The exchange fee is paid to THIRDHOME for creating and maintaining the club, offering the program, and facilitating the exchanges between members. The Host Member earns Keys for depositing their weeks but does not receive any of the exchange
Who would be staying in my property?
Other THIRDHOME members and their guests only. All guests eligible to stay in THIRDHOME properties are themselves registered members and their second homes are part of the program. For peace of mind, members are able to communicate with each other prior to stays and members will be able to read feedback about other members. The only exceptions include occasional representatives from sponsoring real estate companies, partners and THIRDHOME's board of directors. On these limited occasions, the THIRDHOME management team would be responsible for these
How do you define "Host Member" and "Guest Member"?
A Host Member is the owner of a particular property in the program and the Guest member is the member that would be staying at the property of another
How is THIRDHOME different from a timeshare?
Timeshare typically refers to a situation where owners have purchased a week or two in a condominium along with a number of other people. THIRDHOME is designed for luxury, fully and privately owned second homes – i.e. for people who own the whole property and not just one week. THIRDHOME may allow a select number of very upscale luxury fractional developments to be involved in the program but we will be very selective and only associate with the top
How is THIRDHOME different from other second home exchange websites?
  • First, we are not a conventional exchange program. We maintain an exclusive club and reciprocal benefits program that enables our members to experience other wonderful properties in a way where they truly get out what they put in.
  • Second, we are very selective and only accept properties, resorts and locations that are some of the most desirable in the world.
  • Third, we only allow second homes in the program and do not accept primary residences.
  • Fourth, we perform a series of verification steps before members and their properties are accepted into the program. And many of our members come from Affiliates or are referred by our other members.
  • Fifth, because we use the most advanced interactive technology, we offer our members the most updated, accurate information possible. This enables our members to make real-time bookings and plans without having to send speculative requests and wait for responses. Direct and simultaneous exchanges are not required in THIRDHOME.
  • Sixth, unlike conventional exchanges, all terms and conditions, and behavioral expectations for the host and guest, are established by THIRDHOME. There is no need to create agreements between parties. It is already done.
  • Overall, THIRDHOME's unique exchange program and unequalled access to the world's most luxurious vacation properties provide the very best value in the industry for discerning second home owners.
How much does it cost to become a THIRDHOME member?
Memberships are offered through our Sponsors, or via our website The Initiation fee to join the club is $2500. THIRDHOME may at times waive the initiation fee for members of specific affiliated resorts or those that make qualifying deposits upon joining. Once approved as a Member, the only required payment is an exchange fee paid to THIRDHOME by a Guest Member when they make a booking to use another property in the club. Members may choose to upgrade at an annual fee to a Membership tier offering greater
If I am a second home owner and want to join THIRDHOME, how does it work?
To become a member in THIRDHOME, you simply click hereto
Can I talk to someone before I join?  
Yes, If you are calling from North or South America, you can call our new memberships team in the USA at 615-933-7600. If you are calling from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, please call our London office at
How much does it cost to stay in a hosted property?
Exchange fees range from $395 to $995 USD per week. The fee for each available week is listed on the property page in the Upcoming Availability section, and is a function of the number of Keys required for that reservation: 1 Key = $395, 2 and 3 Keys = $495, 4 and 5 Keys = $595, 6 and 7 Keys = $795, 8 Keys or more = $995. THIRDHOME will at time offer promotional discounts or other unique opportunities which may change the fee and will be disclosed prior to any reservation. The only other charges that may apply would be specified in the property description and may include such things as additional property staff, a cook or driver or other available services/options. If tipping of staff is suggested, the Host Member should offer that information in the description of the property as
Am I responsible for cleaning the property before I leave?
No. The Host Member is responsible for having the property clean when you arrive and having the property cleaned upon your departure. We ask that Guest Members leave the property reasonably clean. This does not include washing linens, towels or cleaning floors. Guest members should treat the property as if it were their
I am thinking about selling my vacation home. Is a THIRDHOME membership transferable to the next homeowner?
Yes, absolutely. Also, if you sell your property, you are able to keep your membership and all Keys earned provided that the new owners honor the weeks you have deposited. If at the time of the sale the weeks you deposited have not been booked, then THIRDHOME can return those weeks to you provided you have enough Keys in your account. Or, if you wish to transfer deposited weeks to a different property this can be done too and your Key account adjusted accordingly. You may continue to use THIRDHOME until all of your key credits are fully used as long as your membership remains active. Having THIRDHOME membership available as a perk for potential buyers of your property may also give you an advantage in the
Can I charge rent for Guest Members to use my property?
No. Charging of rent is not allowed between
I am concerned about having other people I don't know stay in my home. What should I do so that guests take good care of my property?
We believe the caliber of THIRDHOME members means that guests will respect each other's homes and property. Remember that each member is a Host and a Guest and the Guest member is doing the same thing with his/her property as you. All members must be in good standing to use any of their Keys. Our feedback and rating system is closely monitored meaning that members have to maintain the highest rating possible otherwise their membership privileges will be rescinded. THIRDHOME's Host Assurance Program adds additional peace of mind for hosts, providing for payment of up to $15000 for covered damage that a Guest does not personally
Do Keys that member earns ever expire?
Keys have a 15-month lifespan (24 months for President’s Club, No expiration for Chairman’s Club and Chairman’s Club Preferred members). As soon as weeks are deposited, (or when booked by members in the case of last minute and Off Season deposits) the relevant number of Keys are credited and available for
How many Keys will I earn?
THIRDHOME determines the value of each week offered by members in “Keys,” the THIRDHOME currency. When you join, your home is assigned a Key level, ranging from one to five, based on its current market value. Homes worth $500,000 to $1 Million earn 1 Key. Homes over $1 Million and up to $2 Million earn 2 Keys. And so on with a cap of 5. When you deposit an Off Season or Non Peak week into the system, you can earn this base amount of keys. Deposit a Peak week and you will earn double Keys. Deposit a Super Peak week and you can earn triple
How do you determine the Seasonal Calendar for each property?
THIRDHOME classifies each week as either Off Season, Non Peak, Peak or Super Peak for a given home’s geographic location, as shown in the THIRDHOME deposit calendar. The number of Keys offered varies by season as shown on this calendar. We consider the predictable annual change in seasons that influence that location’s appeal for vacation travel. In addition, we track the desirability of a given week in that location based on historical booking behavior, stated interest of our members, as well as published sources of pricing and demand
Can I exchange my Keys for cash?
No. No cash for Keys exchange is allowed in our program. Keys earned by depositing weeks into the system, must be used by members to book
How long can I stay at a member property?
Each exchange is for a one week period. If you stay for only 5 days, for example, it is still considered a week. Members can book properties for longer than a week, but the requisite number of Keys and exchange fees will be required. For example, if a member books the same property for two (2) weeks, they will pay two (2) exchange fees and the appropriate Keys for the two week period will be debited from the member's
What if I have more than one vacation home and two or more qualify for the THIRDHOME program?
No problem. You can add multiple properties that you own under a single membership
If I am a Guest Member, can I talk to the Host Member before our trip?
Yes, once the exchange has been confirmed and the exchange fee paid, THIRDHOME will provide contact information to both the Guest Member and Host Member so they can contact each other to discuss any questions they may have about the property, gaining access, the area,
How many exchanges must I partake in a year?
There is no minimum requirement per year. You must acquire Keys to actively participate in
What happens if I need to take back a week I have deposited?
If you wish to take back one or more of your deposited weeks and use them for yourself, you can do so provided that you still have enough Keys in your account. Your weeks will be returned to you and the requisite number of Keys debited from your account and returned to the company. The only way you can do this is if a member has not yet reserved your deposited
As a member, can I rent out my property in the conventional manner if I wish?
Of course you can. THIRDHOME membership is designed to run alongside conventional renting. However, once deposited, those weeks are contractually bound to THIRDHOME and cannot be rented out or used by
How does the feedback system work?
THIRDHOME provides a robust feedback system to provide an incentive for members to maintain the quality of their transactions and assets. Both Guest and Host members will have the opportunity to provide feedback about their transaction experiences - regarding the properties and the members themselves – after the conclusion of each
What happens to the balance of Keys in my account if I decide to close it?
If you wish to terminate your account, please contact the Member Services team. Any future weeks at your property, booked by another Member, must be
What about insurance?
All host members are required to make sure that they have appropriate Home Owners Insurance that covers others while in and around their properties. If members are at all unsure that they have this, then they need to clarify the situation with their Insurance provider before they join
What is the Member's Club, President’s Club and Chairman's Club Preferred?
THIRDHOME offers different membership tiers, each with their own unique set of benefits and annual costs. You will find a complete description of each on the THIRDHOME website. At each renewal you can choose the Club that best fits your needs. The Member’s Club is offered at no annual fee. You can deposit, search and make reservations and pay only when your travel. The President’s Club offers more privileges such as longer lasting Keys and enhanced search and alert capabilities for $495 per year. The Chairman's Club Preferred, costs $1995 per year and allows you to book last minute reservations without using your Keys, earn Keys that never expire for approved deposits, and other benefits including our highest level of protection in the Host Assurance Program. Members are able to upgrade at any
What is the Keyless Booking benefit for Chairman's Club and Chairman’s Club Preferred?
The Keyless booking benefit allows Chairman's Club and Chairman’s Club Preferred members to reserve select weeks with 30 days or less until the date of arrival without using any of their Keys. It is a valuable benefit which allows you to take some trips without making a corresponding deposit. It was created to motivate bookings of weeks that would otherwise go unused after being on the system for the appropriate time. The majority of weeks deposited will become available for Keyless booking when they reach the 30 day booking window. Deposits must be available on the system for 7 days before they become eligible. Deposits made with less than 30 days until the date of arrival will not become available for zero Keys. Keyless weeks in the 30 day booking window will have a special demarcation to make it easy to identify them when viewing
What is the Host Assurance Program?
As added peace of mind for Members when they act as hosts to other THIRDHOME Members in the program: THIRDHOME Club agrees to pay you, as a Host Member, to repair or replace your Covered Property damaged or destroyed as a result of a Covered Loss, subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions in the THIRDHOME Club Host Assurance. Payment are up to $5000 for Members Club, $10,000 for President’s Club and $15,000 for Chairman’s Club/Chairman’s Club Preferred/Chairman’s Club Plus or Founder’s Circle. YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS IN THE THIRDHOME HOST ASSURANCE PROGRAM IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE ANY PAYMENTS FOR COVERED

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