Limited Status and What it Means

December 1, 2021 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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If you notice your account is on limited status, it means that you have not made your required deposit or have not paid your annual dues.

To return to normal account status, you must:

  1. Pay your annual dues of $295
  2. Fulfill your annual deposit requirement

Note: Full owners must deposit 1 Key-earning week every 12 months. Fractional owners are required to deposit 1 Key-earning week every 24 months. The date of your last deposit will be used to track this requirement. Off-season and short notice weeks that book will also fulfill their requirement.

If you are up to date on your deposit but have not paid your annual dues, you can pay at any time. Otherwise, the fee will be added when you reserve a trip. Monetary credit can be used to pay for the full price of your annual dues. 

What CAN I do if my account is on “limited” status?

What CAN’T I do if my account is on “limited” status?

For any questions regarding limited account status, please contact the Member Experience Team by email at or call 833-682-7264.

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