Brač, Croatia: A Paradise for Food and History Lovers

November 11, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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A holiday in Brač, Croatia is one where you will walk away tanned, culturally and historically educated, happier and healthier…well, to a degree.

The fresh food, beaches, and adventures will get you feeling fine, whilst the excess wine consumption (which is perfectly acceptable when on holiday) will contradict the healthy getaway just a little.

But you can’t be mad about that.

Pair the great food, wine, endless activities, and architecture of the island with staying in a beautiful beachfront ThirdHome property named Villa Tiha, and you have just created the recipe for the perfect getaway. Or choose from two other ThirdHome waterfront mansions (Villa Akuna and Villa Rosemarine) just down the road.

There is much to indulge in on the Island of Brač.

Olive and wine tasting, anyone?

Driving up to the most beautiful lookout atop the mountain for breathtaking sunset views?

Or, take part in every type of water sport your mind can think of?

You can’t forget this one: Spend the day on a boat soaking up the sun and exploring nearby islands and towns. Not on your list? Add it.

Croatia from the sea is a sight that cannot be missed. It will leave you mesmerized.

You’ll never have a dull moment in Brač, Croatia.

Of course, the food selection is endless here, and you’ll be happily enjoying your meals on the shoreline of some of the most architecturally perfect and history-rich towns.

When back in your villa, add to your relaxation and wellness by having a massage in your room or stretching yourself out during a sunset yoga session seaside.

Follow that up by enjoying a home-cooked meal on the outdoor veranda, consisting of fresh seafood or mouthwatering meat cooked on the outdoor fire grill.

The history of Croatia is one to get to know. I particularly loved learning about the importance of limestone on this island, which is some of the best in the world. 
Parts of the Vatican and The White House were built from the limestone made on this island. You can go to the limestone handling school to see the future masters at work.

Every step you take in Croatia feels as though you’re in a movie. All the houses throughout the towns and cities are all very similar, with buildings made of limestone and terracotta roofs.

This is pure bliss for the eyes, and the photographic opportunities are second to none. The beauty will surely overwhelm you.

Croatia is perfectly suited for foodies, wine lovers, water lovers, and sun seekers. If that sounds like you, add Croatia to your itinerary.

-Sorelle Amore

During her trip to Croatia, Sorelle stayed at Villa TihaClick here to view all ThirdHome properties in Croatia.

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