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September 17, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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Canada was recently named Lonely Planet‘s Best Country to Travel to in 2017. In an interview, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked by Lonely Planet to summarize the country’s allure in one sentence:

From dogsledding in the Northwest Territories to surfing in Tofino, from the history of Old Quebec to the vibrancy of multicultural Toronto, from breathtakingly empty prairie skies to the warm welcome on George St in St John’s, from the thrill of skiing in the Rockies to the serenity of paddling past a moose in Algonquin Park – there’s nowhere else on earth that offers the range of adventures that await you in Canada.” -Justin Trudeau

Canada’s travel accolade has come at the time of its 150th birthday as well. As a party of Canada’s celebration of its sesquicentennial national parks, marine conservation areas and national historic sites will be free to the public. Now is the time to travel to Canada, and ThirdHome can help. Discover the natural wonders of Quebec and Ontario with these available properties.

Explore the melding of French, British, and American cultures in the lush and historic provinces of Quebec and Ontario with these ThirdHome properties

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec


About a 2-hour drive North West of Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains, sits the city of Mont-Tremblant. A summer’s view from across Lake Tremblant is a pleasant combination of bright green forest shades, turquoise water-front and pastel-crowned rooftops. This view captures the village sector of Mont-Tremblant, home to famous ski resorts, Formula One races, golf, canoeing and a number of other outdoor activities. Music concerts and a brand new immersive illuminated night walk (in search of an elusive Canadian giant) called Tonga Lumina, have propelled this quaint mountain town to new levels of entertainment. Between Lake Tremblant and The Mont-Tremblant National Park is the Les Legendes property, a luxurious 3-story retreat with room to sleep 10 people. Between Les Legendes’ amenities, including an infinity pool and spa, and the activities of Mont-Tremblant Village you’ll have no shortage of things to do during your stay. Discover the hidden wonders of Mont-Tremblant today!

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Quebec City, Quebec

quebec city

Perched on the Saint Lawrence River Valley looms the green-topped Chateau Frontenac along with the rest of Quebec City’s skyline. The historic district of Quebec City feels like a slice of Europe was placed in North America. The cobbled streets and fortifications remind visitors of the British siege of Quebec, and the battle on the Plains of Abraham near the end of the French and Indian War. Artisans, world-class restaurants, museums, and shopping are scattered throughout Old Quebec and make for a very walkable trip. Although, the stairs that connect the lower sections of town to Upper Town are quite steep. Gondola’s are available for those unable to navigate the steep escaliers. Boat tours on the St. Lawrence are a great way to take the whole city into perspective, and several offer drinks and dinner. Make a visit to Quebec City for fine dining and a walk through the past. You’re bound to be fascinated by Quebec’s antiquities and curiosities.

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Stanstead, Quebec

quebec stanstead

Less than a stone’s throw from Derby Line, Vermont, is the township of Stanstead, Quebec. Stanstead isn’t just on the border, it straddles it. Sharing a U.S./Canadian border leaves for plenty of peculiarities in this small township of nearly 3,000 people. Your neighbor across the street could very well be an American or vice versa. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House was intentionally built on the border by a pair of dual citizens in 1905 to allow international neighbors to congregate. It was later used by Vietnam draft dodgers to visit with their families without reentering the United States. Besides its odd placement, Stanstead is also known for Bleu Lavande, a Provence-style lavender farm that rolls along the pastoral fields outside of the township. Explore Stanstead, one of Quebec’s Most Beautiful Villages from a Modern Lakeside Luxury retreat with ThirdHome. Gaze out over Lake Lovering as you sail, fish, or kayak. With room for 8 guests, a beach, and a home theater this lake home is perfect for a family getaway, especially if you’re from Vermont. Seek peace, find Stanstead.

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St-Adolphe d’Howard, Quebec


Another village of the Laurentian Mountains, St-Adolphe d’Howard rests between Mont-Tremblant and Montreal. With plenty of lakes in the region and its very own ski resort at Mont Avalanche, St-Adolphe d’Howard stands out for its superb mountain trails. Year-round activities, like mountain biking, geocaching, hiking and skiing keep outdoor lovers coming back to this woodland community. Start your adventure to St-Adolphe d’Howard’s great outdoors from the comfort of the Aux Trois Girouettes cabin. Live in log-cabin luxury with easy access to Mont Tremblant, Montreal, and the great outdoor recreation offered in St-Adolphe d’Howard.

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St-Donat, Quebec


St. Donat is in the heart of the Laurentians, about 45 minutes Northeast of Mont-Tremblant. This scenic village looks out over two massive lakes, Lake Ouareau and Lake Archambault. Similar to other Laurentian villages, St. Donat offers many outdoor recreation opportunities: skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, golf and nautical sports. St. Donat’s lakes are large enough for larger boat activities, but beware, a monster is said to reside in Lake Archambault. So stay on the safe side at ThirdHome’s Lake Oureau property. With room for 10 guests and direct water access, this Northern retreat is sure to make for a wonderful summer vacation.

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Lake Muskoka, Ontario


A National Geographic pick for Best Summer Trips, Lake Muskoka is Ontario’s “Cottage Country”.  An aspiration for many, the lake cottage is Canada’s equivalent of the Florida beach house in the U.S. The remote cottage by the lake is an image that all Canadian’s associate with relaxation, water sports and summertime. The Lake Muskoka region is filled with events, art exhibitions and live music as a product of national tourism. ThirdHome’s Lake Muskoka Lake House is situated on small Browning Island, which sits in the middle of the lake. With an attached dock, this lake home is great for a summertime escape. Rent a boat for the week to hop around the various events that take place on Lake Muskoka’s shores such as wine tours, beer tastings and skiing shows. If you want to vacation like a Canadian, visit Lake Muskoka, and fall in love with “Cottage Country”.

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Stratford, Ontario

ontario, quebec

Welcome to one of the best places to retire in Canada. Stratford is about 2 hours west of Niagra Falls and was named for Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare’s hometown in England. In honor of Shakespeare, Stratford holds the annual Stratford Festival where Shakespeare plays are still produced and performed from May to October. Alec Guinness famously spoke the first lines during Stratford’s first festival in 1953. Stratford is also famous for its beautiful white river swans. This wholesome and very walkable community can all be taken in from the vantage point of ThirdHome’s modern Tower House. Overlooking Lake Victoria, Tower House is a modernist structure inspired by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. This 4-bedroom property’s interior is paneled with Douglas Fir making for a unique aesthetic. If you’re a fan of Shakespeare and small-town-charm, make Stratford a part of your plans next summer.

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Toronto, Ontario

ontario toronto, quebec

You can see why the idea of “Cottage Country” is romanticized in Ontario when most people living there reside in Toronto, North America’s fourth most populous metropolitan area behind Mexico City, New York City and Los Angeles. Toronto’s enormity has made it the tourist hub of Ontario. The Royal Ontario Museum of world culture and natural history, The Toronto Zoo, and several professional sports teams call Toronto home. The Eaton Center, a shopping mall, draws over 52 million tourists on its own annually. That’s more tourism than Disneyland and Disney World sees per year combined. You can experience the luxury shopping at Eaton Mall, and all of Toronto’s other tourist attractions from ThirdHome’s Rosedale Retreat. Found in Rosedale, one of Toronto’s most affluent neighborhoods, Rosedale Retreat offers upscale accommodations within walking distance of some of Toronto’s finest eateries. Discover The CN Tower and other Toronto marvels from this pristine location.

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