Millionaire Holiday Home Swap
A new show from Paramount + about the THIRDHOME lifestyle.

THIRDHOME Is the Star of the 6-Part Docuseries, The Big Posh Holiday Swap

January 26, 2024 • By THIRDHOME

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We sit down with Giles Adams, Director of Strategy and Operations with THIRDHOME, and learn how The Big Posh Holiday Swap came to light.

Giles Adam outside Turin Castle in Millionaire Holiday Home Swap
Giles Adams, head of Strategy and Operations for THIRDHOME, outside Turin Castle in Scotland

How did THIRDHOME become the star of The Big Posh Holiday Swap

In March 2019, we met Plum Pictures, who have been producing innovative programming for major networks in the UK and US since 2007. After a few meetings, they asked if we would be open to them creating a show they would pitch to UK TV channels, streaming services, and content creators.  

How did you decide on the format of The Big Posh Holiday Swap?

Initially, we were thinking of taking our successful Best Job on the Planet contest and creating a TV series from it (think Amazing Race meets The Apprentice). At the same time, we were exploring a behind-the-scenes docuseries that gave viewers a peek behind the curtain to see some of the incredible homes we have in the Club and to meet the members simultaneously. This format felt more authentic and a truer reflection of who we are as a Club. In late 2019, Plum Pictures created a taster video that they would use to pitch to content creators.

How would you describe the show?

The Big Posh Holiday Swap is a 6-part series where the viewer goes inside the homes and holidays of THIRDHOME members, including behind-the-scenes shots as hosts prepare for guest arrivals, backstories of the homes themselves, and some of the distinguished homeowners. You’ll also get to meet THIRDHOME’s Founder and CEO, Wade Shealy, and hear how THIRDHOME started and has evolved over the years. In conjunction with showcasing some of the members’ incredible stays, you will also get a peek into the daily workings of THIRDHOME, especially the European team in Spain. The series is beautifully shot and produced. It’s a great representation of the Club, the homes, and the experiences that members offer each other.

THIRDHOME employees outside office in Marbella, Spain
The THIRDHOME team outside their office in Marbella, Spain

How did you decide which homes and members to feature in The Big Posh Holiday Swap?

We wanted to showcase a mix of properties that reflected the diverse range of homes in the Club. Not only did we want to highlight the international flavour of THIRDHOME by featuring far-flung locations, but also show the different types of experiences that we offer, such as skiing, safari, beach holidays, and cultural stays.

We were also looking to balance a blend of property showcases, member trips, and behind-the-scenes goings-on with our team that put all these stays together. Within the trips, we also wanted to show how members use the Club, from a couple traveling together to large multi-generational family reunions.

We know we have some great and varied members in the Club, and as such, we wanted to try and include as many of them as possible if they wanted to participate.

Trail's End luxury villa in Whistler, Canada
From left to right: THIRDHOME member Diana M. and partner in Italy, Can Oso villa in Spain, Louise Cottar owner of Cottars Mara Private Homestead in Kenya, Trail’s End villa in Canada

How did the pandemic affect the show?

The world shut down just as Plum Pictures was beginning to pitch the concept. Therefore, as most productions were put on hold in 2020, the conversations about putting the show together started back up again in 2021.

Watch The Big Posh Holiday Swap Sunday nights at 10 PM, exclusively on Channel 5 in the UK, beginning January 28th.

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