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Guest Blog: Larry Grossman’s “Retired Guy” ThirdHome Travels

August 8, 2018 • By THIRDHOME


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When I moved toward retirement my friend Paul offered me the following advice:

Larry Grossman in Cabo San Lucas THIRDHOME

“There are 3 Stages in Retirement:
1. Go-Go.
2. Slow-Go. and
3. No-Go.
You better enjoy Stage 1 as long as you can because you never know when 2 and 3 are going to hit.”

Since Paul is about the smartest guy I know, I decided to follow his advice and over the past 3 years I’ve taken almost 40 trips as a member of ThirdHome across the US, Europe, South America and Mexico.

In fact, since last November, I’ve trekked across Mexico and Guatemala, from Cozumel in the East, to Zihuatenejo in the West, and south to Guatemala, staying in seven ThirdHome residences.

thirdhomoe mexico larry grossman guest blog

During my somewhat manic and adrenaline-filled adventure I visited 18 different cities and towns while meeting countless locals, taking hundreds of photos in numerous colorful markets and sampling many versions of guacamole and sipping tequila (one of life’s great combinations).

tequila tasting Mexico larry grossman thirdhome

As an added bonus I had 27 friends share my south of the border adventures across all venues.

thirdhome larry grossman friends

Now I admit to being a bit of a travel junkie and nothing excites me more than opening my latest edition of National Geographic Traveler or perusing the ThirdHome website to see what just became available.

Lake atitlan thirdhome larry grossman

To me, maximizing my travel opportunities provided by ThirdHome is simply a “no-brainer” and having the ability to invite friends and family on these trips has become a staple of my journeys.

mexico thirdhome beach larry grossman

I’ve become a pretty popular guy and if everyone is using me for my travel “hookup” so be it, because I’m having a ball. We are all seeing the world in a first-class manner that a few years ago, prior to joining ThirdHome, I couldn’t have imagined.

thirdhome larry grossman on beach

There were so many highlights on my recent South of the Border expedition that it is hard to isolate the best moments, but here are a few of my favorites:

thirdhome property mexico

1. Sampling a seafood stew served in a molcajete (volcanic rock bowl) at a beachfront restaurant in Bucerias, Mexico, while listening to an 8-piece mariachi band playing Mexican classics.

molcajete thirdhome larry grossman

thirdhome mariachi

2. Spending a sunny February afternoon sitting on our deck in the awesome Novaispania ThirdHome property in Cabo San Lucas and watching dozens of whales breach and perform their unique acrobatics.

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

thirdhome cabo novaispania

3. Kayaking in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes, and watching local fishermen catch their dinner.

lake atitlan thirdhome larry grossman

4. Observing while women in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, demonstrated a process called “backstrap weaving” to make the most colorful fabrics on earth, all dyed with plants, bark, vegetables, insects and fruits.

thirdhome markets of guatemala

BAckstrap weaving in guatemala larry grossman thirdhome guest blog

5. Taking a morning swim in the crystal clear Sea of Cortez in Ixtapa, Mexico, followed by a Mexican breakfast of fresh fruit and chilaquiles to begin the day.

Sea of Cortez thirdhome

thirdhome chef

thirdhome fruit

6. Diving into cool water underneath a waterfall in the “lost in time” Mexican fishing village of Yelapa, Mexico.

thirdhome hidden lake larry grossman

In my “Retired Guy” travels I’ve found that my ThirdHome membership is an unmatchable tool to get me to some of the best places on earth. My plan is to savor this opportunity for first-class travel by continuing to deposit weeks into The Club and continue to take advantage of Keyless travel opportunities.

Viva Mexico street art thirdhome larry grossman

Back-to-back trips are a great treat for those members, who, like me, have a “nomadic” spirit. So little time and so many places to see. Adios Amigos until my next report!

Read more about Larry’s travels here.

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