THIRDHOME is excited to announce its newest partnership with Wen Living, a wellness sanctuary located in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. This serene resort will offer members a unique experience to enhance personal wellness. With a community of endless opportunities to relax and refocus, once construction is complete at this beautiful resort, Wen Living will provide members of the Club a trip to remember.

Wen Living is located in the gated community of Club Campestre San Jose, providing members a tropical desert oasis within San Jose del Cabo. Boasting views of both the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, the scenery surrounding this community is truly breathtaking.

THIRDHOME members will be able to enjoy 2-bedroom units that are complete with luxury amenities and extraordinary finishes. Wen Living was designed with the 8 wellness dimensions in mind; allowing its guests to address each dimension of their wellness through amenities, personalized services, facilities, and activities during their stay.

This wellness sanctuary will have weekly activities such as yoga, cooking, art lessons and more, that will help guests of Wen Living focus on their wellness. Additionally, members will have exclusive access to Club Campestre San Jose’s 19-hole Nicklaus Design Golf Course and the private Campestre Beach Club. Wen Living will provide members with an endless experiences and activities during their stay, all unique to this beautifully designed community in San Jose del Cabo.

THIRDHOME members will not want to miss out on staying at Wen Living. While stays are not yet available within the Club, click here to set a saved search for Wen Living stays, so you can be sure to book a trip at this unique oasis once available!

A sanctuary for the culinary inclined.

THIRDHOME is thrilled to announce our newest Affiliate partner, Flora Farms. Flora Farms is a fantastic destination for those with a passion for culinary delights and luxury lifestyles. This sanctuary is a tranquil, bountiful, hand-tended organic farm located in the foothills of the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains in San José del Cabo. One of the most popular destinations to visit among the elite and famous, it is home to Flora’s Field Kitchen, The Farm Bar, Flora Farms Grocery and Flora Farms Celebrations.

This 25-acre, fabulous farm is a private residential community consisting of Culinary Cottages and Hillside Haylofts, which are hand-built, straw-bale luxury homes built for the culinary inclined. It is also home to The Farm Spa, nestled in an incredibly peaceful setting offers intimate wellness services that are supremely nature-based. THIRDHOME Exchange members are now able to book stays at Flora Farms and choose between 1, 2, and 3 bedroom residences.


Culinary Cottages

The Culinary Cottages at Flora Farms are handcrafted, luxury homes set within a private section of the farm. There are 10 Culinary Cottages on the property and THIRDHOME members are welcome to book stays at cottages consisting of 2 or 3 bedrooms. The view of the farm from each cottage is absolutely breathtaking!

Hillside Haylofts

Flora Farms’ Hillside Hayloft residences are the other type of accommodation offered to THIRDHOME members. The Haylofts are standalone homes that offer 1.5 and 2.5 bedrooms and are also located in a private area of the farm separate from the Culinary Cottages. The 1.5 bedroom Hayloft offers guests a California king and a sleeper sofa in the living room, while the 2.5 bedroom homes have a connecting guest house that additionally offers a queen trundle bed. Each Hillside Hayloft has its own private dip pool!

Book your stay to Flora Farms today and enjoy farm-to-table culinary masterpieces, pure relaxation and a uniquely fabulous getaway with family or friends.

For more details on each property and to reserve your stay now, click here. Remember, you must be logged in to view availability.


When I moved toward retirement my friend Paul offered me the following advice:

Larry Grossman in Cabo San Lucas THIRDHOME


“There are 3 Stages in Retirement:
1. Go-Go.
2. Slow-Go. and
3. No-Go.
You better enjoy Stage 1 as long as you can because you never know when 2 and 3 are going to hit.”


Since Paul is about the smartest guy I know, I decided to follow his advice and over the past 3 years I’ve taken almost 40 trips as a member of THIRDHOME across the US, Europe, South America and Mexico.


In fact, since last November, I’ve trekked across Mexico and Guatemala, from Cozumel in the East, to Zihuatenejo in the West, and south to Guatemala, staying in seven THIRDHOME residences.

thirdhomoe mexico larry grossman guest blog

During my somewhat manic and adrenaline-filled adventure I visited 18 different cities and towns while meeting countless locals, taking hundreds of photos in numerous colorful markets and sampling many versions of guacamole and sipping tequila (one of life’s great combinations).

tequila tasting Mexico larry grossman thirdhome

As an added bonus I had 27 friends share my south of the border adventures across all venues.

thirdhome larry grossman friends

Now I admit to being a bit of a travel junkie and nothing excites me more than opening my latest edition of National Geographic Traveler or perusing the THIRDHOME website to see what just became available.

Lake atitlan thirdhome larry grossman

To me, maximizing my travel opportunities provided by THIRDHOME is simply a “no-brainer” and having the ability to invite friends and family on these trips has become a staple of my journeys.

mexico thirdhome beach larry grossman

I’ve become a pretty popular guy and if everyone is using me for my travel “hookup” so be it, because I’m having a ball. We are all seeing the world in a first-class manner that a few years ago, prior to joining THIRDHOME, I couldn’t have imagined.

thirdhome larry grossman on beach

There were so many highlights on my recent South of the Border expedition that it is hard to isolate the best moments, but here are a few of my favorites:

thirdhome property mexico

1. Sampling a seafood stew served in a molcajete (volcanic rock bowl) at a beachfront restaurant in Bucerias, Mexico, while listening to an 8-piece mariachi band playing Mexican classics.

molcajete thirdhome larry grossman

thirdhome mariachi

2. Spending a sunny February afternoon sitting on our deck in the awesome Novaispania THIRDHOME property in Cabo San Lucas and watching dozens of whales breach and perform their unique acrobatics.

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

Novaispania thirdhome cabo

thirdhome cabo novaispania

3. Kayaking in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes, and watching local fishermen catch their dinner.

lake atitlan thirdhome larry grossman

4. Observing while women in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, demonstrated a process called “backstrap weaving” to make the most colorful fabrics on earth, all dyed with plants, bark, vegetables, insects and fruits.

thirdhome markets of guatemala

BAckstrap weaving in guatemala larry grossman thirdhome guest blog

5. Taking a morning swim in the crystal clear Sea of Cortez in Ixtapa, Mexico, followed by a Mexican breakfast of fresh fruit and chilaquiles to begin the day.

Sea of Cortez thirdhome

thirdhome chef

thirdhome fruit

6. Diving into cool water underneath a waterfall in the “lost in time” Mexican fishing village of Yelapa, Mexico.

thirdhome hidden lake larry grossman


In my “Retired Guy” travels I’ve found that my THIRDHOME membership is an unmatchable tool to get me to some of the best places on earth. My plan is to savor this opportunity for first-class travel by continuing to deposit weeks into The Club and continue to take advantage of Keyless travel opportunities.

Viva Mexico street art thirdhome larry grossman

Back-to-back trips are a great treat for those members, who, like me, have a “nomadic” spirit. So little time and so many places to see. Adios Amigos until my next report!


Read more about Larry’s travels here.


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THIRDHOME members since 2015, Scott and Carlene Leier learned about the club through a close friend. Their gorgeous property in San Jose del Cabo has garnered rave reviews from guests seeking an oceanside paradise. But as much as the Leier’s love their second home in Mexico, they’ve decided to use the club to seek out colder weather. Park City, Utah, and Vail, Colorado have been their destinations of choice. Learn more about the Leier family and their ski adventures below!




How did you get involved with THIRDHOME?

We were referred by a dear friend.




Where are you based?

Scottsdale, Canada, and San Jose del Cabo




Who do you usually travel with?

Our family.




What do you do for a living?

Scott is a hotelier and I’m a busy mom of four.




What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Skiing, golf, dining, and beach time!




In your past travels with THIRDHOME, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it?

Deer Valley Lodge, [because] the prime location of the accommodations. Having small kids it was a dream to have ski-in and ski-out service daily. There were amazing restaurants in the area and lots to see and do.




What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with THIRDHOME?

We currently don’t have anything booked but we’re hoping to hit the slopes again this year!




What do you love most about your property with THIRDHOME?

[We love the] location and view! We are in a gated community with an amazing view of the city and ocean. The best beaches are just minutes away. We also take great pride in our amazing staff that will take care of all our guests’ needs when they visit!




How has THIRDHOME changed the way you travel?

Due to the fact that we have four kids, traveling to well-known destinations could be pricey! We would require multiple hotel rooms, and would not be able to all stay in the same room. THIRDHOME has allowed our large family to take vacations and our family can be comfortable together in first-class accommodations.




What is the nicest amenity you have encountered while staying at a THIRDHOME property?

[The] ski-in and ski-out [access] and the staff at The Deer Valley Club.




How would you describe THIRDHOME to a friend?

An opportunity to travel in a way that is safe and unique. You never have to worry about having a bad guest as everyone is more or less used to traveling at the same level and has their own home in the pot!




What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

The Jean George’s restaurant in the St Regis Hotel [Deer Valley, Utah].




Any travel tips for fellow members?

Be certain to ask all the questions as to what is included with your home!



Nearly 12 million international tourists visited Mexico last year, reflecting former president Vicente Fox’s vision to make tourism, “…a top priority activity for federal government, which is why [Mexico] invests millions of dollars a year in…projects that promote Mexico’s culture and natural attractions.” This cultural investment has obviously paid off in making Mexico the go-to beach resort location of North American tourists and many others around the world.  Luxury Travel Mexico.

But now that the word is out on Mexico’s beautiful destinations, where does one go for luxury travel in Mexico? Avoiding crowded beaches and hand-picking a special experience is vital to a luxurious Mexico trip, and THIRDHOME has compiled the best destinations and properties to help you feel less like one in 12 million, and more like the unique member that you are.

A THIRDHOME membership allows access to homes in all of these fantastic destinations in Mexico below, and all over the world! Members of The Club book trips every day for a fraction of the price by using their THIRDHOME membership.

Luxury stays in these Handpicked Mexican destinations are available now! Plan your trip today!

Acapulco Luxury travel mexico


What to do: Welcome to the original Mexican beach resort, graced by the likes of Elvis, Sinatra, and President Kennedy, this ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ drew plenty of crowds in the 1950’s. Acapulco is one of the older Mexico resort destinations, but it still retains an old-timey Golden Age charm. With beautiful cliff sides, delicious food and gorgeous views Acapulco is sure to deliver a serene getaway on your next Mexican holiday.

Click here to see all Acapulco properties

Bahias de Huatulco luxury travel mexico

Bahias de Huatulco

What to do: Crucecita, in the state of Oaxaca, was once only home to one small fishing village. In the late 1980’s, development began on several resorts and golf courses. Development was heavily regulated, leaving large swaths of land untouched, and limiting the height of resorts. This left Crucecita with much of its original Southern Mexican charm. Bahias de Huatulco refers to the nine bays on the coast of Crucecita, around which many resorts were constructed. Due to limited air access, only about 20% of Huatulco’s tourism is foreign, making this a perfect getaway from the average coastal tourist city. Bahias de Huatulco has been praised for its sustainable practices in tourism and is gaining more popularity due to its coffee plantations, music and hiking routes. Although air access is limited there is a small airport about 20 minutes away from the resort area.

Click here to see all Bahias de Huatulco properties

Luxury Travel Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

What to do:  On the tip of Big Sur, Cabo San Lucas has some gorgeous natural wonders. Hike out to El Arco, a gorgeous natural stone arch that dips into the sea. On your way, pick between visiting Lovers Beach or Divorce Beach, depending on the mood (choose wisely). Take a dive into Chileno Bay to snorkel among the tropical fish and sea turtles. If you are feeling a little wild, Cabo San Lucas does have the best nightlife variety out of any Big Sur city.

Click here to see all Cabo San Lucas properties

cancun luxury travel mexico


What to do:  Set on the edge of the Yucatán Peninsula is the world-famous tourist destination of Cancún. “The Glistening City” was established in 1970 and is located about an hour South of Playa Del Carmen. The area was a large gamble for the Mexican government who had to fund the first 9 hotels on its own due to hesitance on part of investors, but it has most certainly paid off for Mexico and tourists alike. Many modern, pyramid and tower-like resorts decorate the virgin beaches of Cancún.

Click here to see all Cancun properties

La Paz luxury travel mexico

La Paz

What to do: In the southern region of Baja Sur, La Paz is an upbeat and international town. The quirky Baja settlement was first home to Neolithic cavemen, then to Hernan Cortez’s conquistadores in 1535, then to William Walker’s Republic of Sonora in 1854, and finally to Mexican citizens and foreign ex-patriots. Its remote location and rich history have made the city a fan favorite among international travelers. If you’re looking for an unforgettable stay on the Sea of Cortez, look no further. With one of the highest standards of living and quality of life in Mexico, La Paz lives up to the inherent luxury of other Baja resort destinations. You can also travel from La Paz to the UNESCO protected Isla Espíritu Santo, which features impeccable diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

Click here to see all La Paz properties

Manzanillo luxury travel mexico


What to do: The Jalisco-based city of Manzanillo faces the beautiful waters of the North Pacific. Unlike many of the cities on this list, tourism is not the mainstay of this city. Seaport trade is the real business in town, and recreational fishing is the primary tourist draw. Manzanillo is known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World” and hosts The Dorsey Fishing Tournament every year. Besides numerous fishing opportunities, the city also has a view of the optical phenomena known as the “Green Flash.” Appearing for only a second or two, these green lights occur as the light from the setting sun diverges into many colors, making for a magical sunset.

Click here to see all Manzanillo properties

Nuevo Vallarta luxury travel mexico

Nuevo Vallarta

What to do: Founded in 1992, Nuevo Vallarta was built for the sole purpose of attracting tourists to its modern infrastructure and attractions. The resort sits about 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and attracts mostly U.S. and Canadian tourists. Nuevo Vallarta stores typically accept pesos and USD making it an easy place to travel from the states. Home to a beautiful marina, a PADI Dive Center and many individual resorts Nuevo Vallarta is perfect for those looking to enjoy the beach and an array of watersports.

Click here to see all Nuevo Vallarta properties

Playa del Carmen, Rivera Maya

Playa Del Carmen

What to do: Besides relaxing pool or beachside with a tropical drink in hand, Playa Del Carmen is full of exciting and unique activities. History lovers can step back in time and explore the mysteries surrounding the amazing Mayan ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza. But, make sure you don’t miss your chance to see Rio Secreto! Very few places in the world boast the perfect conditions for an underground river, and Playa Del Carmen is one of them! Rio Secreto has carved out a massive system of caves underneath Riviera Maya over the years. Guests who are looking to stay on resort property can play the Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course at Vidanta’s Riviera Maya.

Click here to see all Playa Del Carmen properties

Punta de Mita luxury travel mexico

Punta de Mita & Riviera Nayarit

What to do: This tiny fishing village is now home to several resorts, golf clubs and private beaches. The Pacific Coast offers pleasant breezes throughout the year and is home to a diverse ecology of marine life. Many old fishing ports have since been turned to upscale resorts that merge gracefully into the azure coastal waters. This region of Mexico is big with surfers but is still primarily known for its calm and luxurious accommodations.

Click here to see all Punta de Mita properties.

Solaz Los Cabos

San José del Cabo

What to do: Some refer to San José del Cabo as the quieter version of Cabo San Lucas. The downtown area has nice shopping, adobe houses converted into restaurants and several golf courses. The area is also home to some very modern and avant-garde developments, redefining the Mexican beach resort and raising expectations for Cabo travel veterans. For peaceful relaxation, San José del Cabo is the Cabo for you.

Click here to see all San José del Cabo properties

San Miguel de Allende luxury travel mexico

San Miguel de Allende

What to do: This gem of a city was almost a ghost town by the end of the 20th Century, but when local artists recognized that the Baroque colonial architecture had potential, a number of initiatives were moved to the city to ensure its continued existence. Post World War II, many U.S. soldiers studying on the G.I. Bill would come learn art in San Miguel de Allende thanks to the city’s commitment to education and the arts. Founded in 1541, San Miguel is now a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its architecture and role during the fight for Mexican Independence. There are no beaches in San Miguel de Allende, but the lack of waterfront is made up by its rich history and artistic appeal. Festivals, such as The Day of the Dead, are celebrated with a special zeal in San Miguel, which is accentuated by the town’s Mexican fairy tale aesthetic. This city was just voted as Travel & Leisure’s Best City in Latin America, and Best City in The World.

Click here to see all San Miguel de Allende properties

Valle de Bravo luxury travel mexico

Valle de Bravo

What to do: Surprisingly enough, Valle de Bravo is not a coastal resort town. On the shores of Lake Avandaro, Valle de Bravo is where the capital’s elite go to play. If you really want an authentic upscale Mexican experience, Valle de Bravo is the place to go. Historic temples, parishes and museums harken back to colonial times, and even to some Aztec heritage. In 2005, Valle de Bravo was dubbed Pueblo Mágico by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism, to recognize the city’s “…symbolism, legends, history…in other words, ‘magic’ in its social and cultural manifestation, with great opportunities for tourism.” The city has also hosted world-famous events including El Circuito Avandaro (auto racing) and La Festival de Rock y Reudas (rock music festival). Come live, play and eat like a local at Valle De Bravo today.

Click here to see all Valle de Bravo properties

luxury travel mexico zihuatanejo


What to do: Far from the prototypical coastal party town, Zihuatanejo is a small-town getaway which had been relatively unheard of until Ixtapa was built next door and tourists flocked to the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It still retains much of that fisherman village charm with plenty of local shops, restaurants and cafes. Lounging on the beach, exploring the historic cobbled streets and enjoying the peaceful quiet of Zihua are some of the best ways to spend your vacation. It’s still a well-kept secret, so book your trip before the rest of the world finds out.

Click here to see all properties in Zihuatanejo 

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