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Member Spotlight: Lily Grove

March 24, 2018 • By THIRDHOME


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Lily Grove has been a ThirdHome member for the past 2 years! Based out of California, Lily has been able to use her Lake Tahoe properties to travel with her husband on a bucket list tour of Europe. From Southern France to Italy to Switzerland, Lily’s seen it all! Get to know ThirdHome member Lily Grove!

lily grove

How did you get involved with ThirdHome?

A good friend referred us.

Where are you based?

Folsom, California

Who do you usually travel with?

My husband.

What do you do for a living?

I’m an insurance broker.

What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Museums, cruising, hiking, sightseeing and most of all, socializing with locals.

lily grove

In your past travels with ThirdHome, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it? 

Switzerland as far as scenery. We stayed at a small ski village called Grindelwald and the scene is breathtaking, trains galore to the highest Europe mountains. Ireland as far as people. Kind, gentle and friendly locals.

What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with ThirdHome?

Currently on a Europe tour just finished staying at 2 different ThirdHome properties and we are currently staying at another ThirdHome in France. Next ThirdHome booking is in Rome.

lily grove

What do you love most about your property with ThirdHome?

The luxury quality and booking reliability.

Compared to other exchange and rental platforms, how has your experience been hosting other ThirdHome members?

Very good.

How has ThirdHome changed the way you travel?

Ease of mind that there will be a luxury place to stay and the lodging quality is always a guarantee.

lily grove

What makes a ThirdHome stay so special?

Beautiful homes in the best neighborhoods.

How would you describe ThirdHome to a friend?

Amazing and exceptional list of homes all over the world.

Lily Grove

What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

Chateau St Pierre Serjac hotel restaurant in Puissalicon, France.

Any travel tips for fellow members?

Book all your lodgings with ThirdHome, no regrets.

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