Keyless Travel: How to Book Stays Without Using Keys

June 27, 2018 • By THIRDHOME


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Director of Member Experience & Onboarding Jay LeDuc explains Keyless travel above

What is Keyless travel?

Keyless travel is the ability to book a THIRDHOME Exchange property for only the nominal exchange fee and ZERO Keys. Plenty of members are already taking advantage of Keyless travel.

“I plan a year in advance watching properties that I really want, or, if I have a free month I always take advantage of the 30-day Keyless properties.”

– THIRDHOME member, Mary Jo.

How do I find Keyless stays?

Stays turn Keyless when the stay has a start date that is 30 days (or 60 days depending on your membership tier) out. Keyless travel is perfect for a spontaneous getaway or last-minute weekend trip. Read below to learn how to find Keyless stays and how your membership tier impacts Keyless travel availability.

Look for the stopwatch icon to find Keyless stays when browsing properties:


30 day Keyless Travel (President’s Club Preferred)

Once you’ve found a property with a stopwatch icon, hover over the icon to see if it’s available to your membership tier. When you hover your mouse over the stopwatch, a tooltip will appear. If it says “Available Keyless” then the stay has a start date within 30 days and is eligible Keyless for your membership tier.


On the property page you’ll notice that the the original Key value has a slash through it denoting its Keyless availability.


60 day Keyless Travel (Chairman’s Club Preferred and higher)

If you hover over the stopwatch symbol and the tooltip reads “Available Keyless to Chairman’s Club Preferred and up” then the stay has a start date within 60 days and is available Keyless only to the Chairman’s Club Preferred tier and higher.


Interested in seeing what kinds of properties are available to reserve Keyless?

Keyless stays are available now!

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Click here to browse availability and reserve a Keyless stay!

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