Introducing the new way Exchange members can travel Keyless with THIRDHOME.

As part of our 2022 Club Updates, THIRDHOME is introducing Keyless Tokens. Learn how Exchange members earn the ability to book Keyless trips moving forward.

What is a Keyless Token?

A Keyless Token allows Exchange members to book any available Keyless stay within 60 days of arrival without using any Keys. You simply pay the Exchange fee. Keyless weeks will show the hourglass icon. See here:

How do I earn Keyless Tokens?

When any week that you add is reserved, you will earn a Keyless Token. Tokens can be earned for Off-Season and last-minute weeks as long as the week is reserved.

Who is eligible for Keyless Tokens?

All Exchange members are eligible for Keyless travel; however, some fractional owners are not eligible for Keyless Tokens.*

*Disclaimer: If you are an Exchange member and fractional owner at Diamante, Rancho San Lucas, Hacienda Encantada, Hacienda Del Mar, or Casa Del Mar resorts, a Token will not be awarded. A different Keyless opportunity is available to you once your deposit requirement is met. Email if you have questions.

I am in an elevated membership tier. Do I now need Tokens to travel Keyless?

Members of Chairman’s and President’s Club tiers will continue to enjoy original benefits, including Keyless travel until your term expires (learn more here). However, as you add weeks, keep in mind that you will begin to earn Keyless Tokens for host reservations before your elevated membership expires.

Current Chairman’s Club members do not need to use Tokens to book 60-day Keyless, but a Keyless Token allows President’s Club members to book into Keyless 60 (as opposed to Keyless 30). Therefore, any Keyless Tokens earned and used by a President’s Club member will give you this benefit today. Once your tier expires, your membership will move to the new system, and you will continue to be eligible for Keyless Tokens.

Where can I find my Keyless Tokens?

You can see your total number of Keyless Tokens on your dashboard.

Click on “Keyless Token” to be brought to your Keyless Token summary page, where you can see a history of your Keyless Tokens, including when they will expire.

Do Keyless Tokens expire?

Yes, each Keyless Token has a 24-month lifespan.

Can I travel Keyless without Tokens?

Sometimes. THIRDHOME will occasionally run exclusive broader Keyless promotions for the benefit of all. 

Using Keyless Tokens at Checkout

As of January 1, 2022, you may notice some changes to the booking checkout form. There is now an option to use a Keyless Token when applicable at checkout, as well as a new “TOTAL KEYS” line. This way, you can decide whether or not you want to use a Keyless Token on a qualifying reservation.

Here’s how you elect to use an available Keyless Token at checkout:

*Once “Use Keyless Token” is checked, the TOTAL (KEYS) drops to 0, and the reservation spends the Token to become Keyless.

If you do not have a Keyless Token, you will not be able to select the “Use Keyless Token” option, and the TOTAL (KEYS) will reflect the non-Keyless cost:

If you are in an elevated membership tier, such as Chairman’s or President’s Club, here is how you book Keylessly through your tier:

*This option will be available at checkout until your elevated membership tier expires.

Booking a week during a Keyless promotion? Similarly, you will see an auto-checked box, and the “TOTAL (KEYS)” will show 0. See here:

*This option will disappear at checkout once the promotion timeframe expires.

Remember: If you are an Exchange member and fractional owner at Diamante, Rancho San Lucas, Hacienda Encantada, Hacienda Del Mar, or Casa Del Mar resorts, a Token will not be awarded. A different Keyless opportunity is available to you once your deposit requirement is met. Email if you have questions.

For any questions regarding Keyless Tokens, please contact the Member Experience Team by email at or call 833-682-7264.

Finding those last-minute, fantastic getaways has become even easier.

Our members love Keyless travel! These are trips that take place within 30 or 60 days of the travel date and require no Keys to book, only the required Exchange fee. Active THIRDHOME members have access to Keyless travel opportunities, and now it’s even easier to discover what’s currently available with the simple click of a button!

How to find a Keyless stay:

Step 1: After you log in to your account, visit the “Browse Homes” page and toggle the “Availability” tab. Then, click on “Filters.”

Step 2: After you click “Filters,” select “Available Keyless” and then “See Results.”

This view will show all weeks currently available for zero Keys for 30 and 60-day stays.

Keyless weeks will display the hour-glass icon.

Keyless booking opens the door to even more incredible travel opportunities for THIRDHOME members!

“I plan a year in advance watching properties that I really want, or, if I have a free month I always take advantage of the 30-day Keyless properties.”

-MJ Jennings, THIRDHOME Member since 2011

“My plan is to savor this opportunity for first-class travel by continuing to deposit weeks into The Club and continue to take advantage of Keyless travel opportunities.”

-Larry G., THIRDHOME Member since 2013

THIRDHOME Members, click here to view all available weeks and get ready to book your next stay. Remember, you must be logged in to your account view availability.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding Keyless travel.

Want more information about our Exchange Club? Click here to learn more about THIRDHOME.


Did you know you can reserve these properties without using any Keys? Check out these Keyless properties, available now!


Reserve these properties without using any Keys. All you have to do is pay the nominal exchange fee!

Keyless travel that has a start date of 30 days or less is available to Member’s Club and President’s Club. Keyless travel that has a start date of 60 days out or less is available to the Chairman’s Club tier and higher. 


1. Maui, Hawaii

[metaslider id=”8224″]

Save your Keys and stay at Kapalua Villa on Maui Island. This 3-bedroom property sits on Kapalua Bay Golf Course and features owner rates to play at Kapalua Bay and Plantation courses. You’re also just a short walk away from some of Maui’s greatest beaches. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway with a bit of golf thrown in the mix, this property is perfect for you.

Click here to reserve.


2. Montreal, Canada

[metaslider id=”8002″]

Take a short trip to the north and explore the art, culture and food of Old Montreal. There’s no better launching point for a trip like this. The 6-bedroom designer home features an expansive pool, billiards, a gourmet kitchen and space for the entire family. Besides exploring all that Montreal has to offer, you’re also a short distance from Quebec and the Laurentian mountains.

Click here to reserve.


3. Matei Taveuni, Fiji

[metaslider id=”8242″]

This staffed private retreat will leave you feeling like royalty. Enjoy sweeping views of the South Pacific from the property’s infinity pool or get a closer view from the private beach. Explore Taveuni Island’s rainforest and accompanying wildlife during your trip or snorkel along the world-renowned Rainbow Reef. If you’re looking for paradise you’re sure to find it at this 3-bedroom tropical retreat.

Click here to reserve.


4. Deer Valley, Utah

[metaslider id=”8044″]

Love the outdoors? Experience Park City’s wide variety of summer offerings with a Keyless trip to the Rockies. This 3-bedroom residence is located at The Residences at Chateaux, a luxurious resort within the Deer Valley ski area. Explore the rugged terrain by hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fly-fishing and much more! Take advantage of The Residence at Chateaux’s concierge service to plan the perfect Keyless summer getaway.

Click here to reserve.


5. Laikipia, Kenya

[metaslider id=”8263″]

Want a unique safari getaway beneath the gaze of Mt. Kenya? Discover the Great Rift Valley of Africa with this spacious villa. Spot elephants, giraffes, zebras and other exotic wildlife in Laikipia. Explore Mt. Kenya National Park’s glaciers, lakes, wilderness, mineral springs and endemic wildlife, if you’re up for a mountain climb. This 5-bedroom home is the perfect start to your next adventure.

Click here to reserve.


Want to learn more about Keyless travel?

Click here to read Keyless Travel: How to Book Stays without using Keys.

Director of Member Experience & Onboarding Jay LeDuc explains Keyless travel above

What is Keyless travel?

Keyless travel is the ability to book a THIRDHOME Exchange property for only the nominal exchange fee and ZERO Keys. Plenty of members are already taking advantage of Keyless travel.

“I plan a year in advance watching properties that I really want, or, if I have a free month I always take advantage of the 30-day Keyless properties.”

– THIRDHOME member, Mary Jo.

How do I find Keyless stays?

Stays turn Keyless when the stay has a start date that is 30 days (or 60 days depending on your membership tier) out. Keyless travel is perfect for a spontaneous getaway or last-minute weekend trip. Read below to learn how to find Keyless stays and how your membership tier impacts Keyless travel availability.

Look for the stopwatch icon to find Keyless stays when browsing properties:


30 day Keyless Travel (President’s Club Preferred)

Once you’ve found a property with a stopwatch icon, hover over the icon to see if it’s available to your membership tier. When you hover your mouse over the stopwatch, a tooltip will appear. If it says “Available Keyless” then the stay has a start date within 30 days and is eligible Keyless for your membership tier.


On the property page you’ll notice that the the original Key value has a slash through it denoting its Keyless availability.


60 day Keyless Travel (Chairman’s Club Preferred and higher)

If you hover over the stopwatch symbol and the tooltip reads “Available Keyless to Chairman’s Club Preferred and up” then the stay has a start date within 60 days and is available Keyless only to the Chairman’s Club Preferred tier and higher.


Interested in seeing what kinds of properties are available to reserve Keyless?

Keyless stays are available now!

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Click here to browse availability and reserve a Keyless stay!

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