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Capitalia Living is a professional property management company that seeks to maximize the experience of all guests! Their goal is for you to experience comfort, convenience, and safety.

Their team will meet you upon arrival to explain everything you need to know about your stay, your neighborhood, and the property, so you can enjoy it all from a local perspective. With the help of Capitalia Living’s personal guide, they will help you get to know the city.

Quick to answer any and all questions, the team at Capitalia Living is there to help. Their mission is to make sure you have a fabulous time and become the best lodging option in Mexico.

We are Capitalia Living, we will be happy to welcome you to any of our properties.

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As temperatures rise, so does wanderlust. Join us as we explore the top European destinations that travelers are heading to this summer.

Many find summertime synonymous with vacation, perhaps in part because of the idyllic weather or more time off from work. Now, with a reopening world, and the official start of summer approaching June 21, more people are itching to travel than ever before. In a recent article penned for Fortune, the President of American Express Travel reveals an exciting increase in foreign travel this summer, particularly to some of Europe’s greatest cities.

Let’s take a closer peek into the top four international destinations worthy of making your summer vacation roster.

London, England

Thinking of venturing across the pond? Now’s a great time to do so! Fortunately, London has a mild climate year-round, which translates to comfortable summertime temperatures resting in the mid-70s (°F). What’s more, you’ll enjoy longer daylight hours, making it easier to check off all the can’t-miss attractions on your itinerary. This may include Buckingham Palace, which is only open to the public from July to September. Better yet, if your next exciting home swap lands you in London between late June and early July, you might just find yourself in the stands at Wimbledon!

Paris, France

“Summer loving had me a blast…” — The lyrics don’t lie; it just so happens the best time to visit the most romantic city in the world is from June to August. Long days of sunshine averaging in the high 70s (°F) will grace you as you wander the streets in search of authentic Parisian cuisine and exciting activities. You can enjoy the summer’s many open-air events, such as the Paris Street Music Festival (Fete de la Musique) in June or the three-day Rock En Seine Festival in August.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece’s capital city, is a wonderful year-round destination. While the summer heats up quickly, reaching the low 90s (°F), there are plenty of ways to stay cool during your travels. An easy trick? Include museums and cultural centers with air conditioning in your itinerary. You can see some of Athen’s best attractions like the Benaki Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, and the National Archaeological Museum without breaking a sweat. Another tip is to embrace nightlife. Many bars, clubs, and cafés in Athens boast open-air features, including courtyards and rooftops, so as the temperatures fall with the setting sun, have yourselves a fantastic night out!

Rome, Italy

There’s no denying that summertime is peak season in Rome. The warm, mid-upper 80s (°F) weather and exciting annual events, like Vinòforum and Lungo il Tevere, draw visitors from across the globe. As such, hotels can become costly, which is another great reason to try a house exchange for your summer vacation. Don’t just take our word for it; see what our members are saying:

“Absolute Perfection.”

This is by far the best property we have had the pleasure of booking. Everything about this apartment is perfect – the location, the spaciousness, the amenities, the thoughtfulness of the owners – welcome wine, charcuterie, breads, waters. We have been to Rome many times but this was one of the best visits we’ve ever made to the Eternal City. We ate at many of our favorites and David’s suggestions are spot on – Armando’s, Nino, Emma, Ditrirambo, La Pergola, Taverna Angelica, and Life. We took the Scavi tour, visited many of the smaller churches we hadn’t had an opportunity to see, walked this beautiful city, and attended the Opera, We even experienced a Roman snowfall which is a true rarity. We look forward to returning to this beautiful apartment in the not too distant future.”

– Emma L., Member since 2020

“Great location and beautiful apartment!

We stayed during the month of July 2021. From the time we reserved this beautiful apartment, the host was very helpful providing useful information, sharing the websites, and made sure that our stay would be comfortable. The manager was very helpful upon arrival and during the stay, made sure that all was in place to make sure we enjoyed the stay. We felt very well taken care of and made us feel very special. Location of the apartment was closed to every places where we wanted to visit. We usually stay at St. Regis for our short stay in Rome, but this apartment location made our stay in Rome for a week especially very enjoyable. Apartment was very specious, clean and comfortable with updated modern interior. Nothing like staying at the hotel. We would love to return to this property again. Thank you for letting us book and stay at your beautiful property.”

– Mark U., Member since 2019

Ready to plan your ultimate summer vacation? Click here to learn more about traveling to Europe this summer with THIRDHOME.

In celebration of turning 70, Larry is hitting all seven continents with the help of THIRDHOME.

As Larry travels the globe with THIRDHOME, he’ll be blogging about his experiences as he navigates the post-pandemic world. His planning began in 2019 with THIRDHOME Director of Adventures, Liz Bates, who has assisted him in pivoting to satisfy his travel cravings when COVID-19 restrictions have not allowed him to visit a destination. Keep reading to learn more about Larry’s most recent travel experiences.

Next Stop: Peru

Look, I’m all about a relaxing vacation.  Poolside margaritas, reading a good book at the beach, and maybe a yoga class or two. But this trip wasn’t THAT vacation. This was going to be an adventure. I was headed back to possibly my favorite country on the planet, Peru, for three weeks and I needed guidance and ideas. So, I did what I always do when I’m visiting a faraway place and I called my secret travel weapon, Liz Bates at THIRDHOME Adventures.

After all, post-COVID travel has gotten more complicated and more expensive, so there is little room for error.  Back in the day (I’m old), there was no such thing as Expedia, Kayak and the like. There were travel agents in the mall who gave out brochures and travel advice and offered a variety of trip options. Real, live human beings who planned travel adventures for a living, and had a passion to help folks like me who wanted to explore the world. Enter Liz, a throwback to the Travel Agent Era!

I had already reserved a really cool THIRDHOME property in the Sacred Valley of Peru. My daughter, Morgan, made it clear that if I was going to Machu Picchu, she was going with me. So I called Liz and pleaded:

“I need a ‘kick-ass’ Peruvian itinerary that explores the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and the Peruvian Amazon that will be interesting for me and my 31 year-old somewhat quirky daughter who lives on Instagram.

I knew Liz was up to the task, since she was the coordinator for Morgan and my “Colors of Morocco” tour this past October. We not only survived the tour together, but had a blast, met some great people, and decided we were pretty good travel companions. In this case, Morgan could get her Machu Picchu groove on, and I could continue my adventure into Cusco, and later, visit Iquitos and the Amazon jungle.

It was at this time I was introduced to Marco Bustamante and his travel company ,Peruvian Odyssey.  After 28 years of helping Gringos and other foreigners explore his country, Marco put together the perfect itinerary that would keep both of us happy. Marco is one of those people you could sit and talk to for hours. He’s visited all corners of the globe and has a story for each corner.  His plan allowed Morgan to knock Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, off her bucket list and enjoy her celebrity as the Queen of Instagram. I could do my thing and take photos, explore glorious foreign markets, and practice my bad Spanish with the lovely Peruvian people. We would climb hundreds of Inca stairs while exploring ancient Incan structures and visiting villages inhabited by direct descendants of the Incas.

From Cusco and the Sacred Valley, I flew to Iquitos, Peru. After a four-hour journey by van and wooden boat, I arrived at Treehouse Lodge (suggested by Liz) to spend three nights in the Amazonian jungle doing my best Mowgli (see The Jungle Book) impression.  Sleeping 60 feet above the ground while listening to birds chirping, monkeys howling, and insects buzzing is a different kind of experience for a guy who grew up in Chicago.

Over the next three days, my guide, Leyner, demonstrated why he was the guide… and I was not.  Where I saw a never-ending canopy of uninhabited trees, he saw trees full of monkeys, sloths, macaws, toucans, and owls.  On the river, we witnessed pink dolphins jumping during the day and cayman alligators cruising at night. In one of the Amazon riverfront towns, we met the town’s mascot: a 12-foot anaconda snake. 

Trip Highlights?  Here’s a few:

  1. Riding the Vistadome train from Urubamba to Machu Pichu.  The Andes never disappoint in terms of majesty and beauty.
  2. Eating one of the 4000 plus varieties of Peruvian potatoes that are baked underground in a dirt cooking pit or huatia in the Andes mountains.
  3. Hanging out in the Cusco Plaza del Armas in the afternoon and evening. Music everywhere, aromas from the many restaurants enticing visitors, and a walk through the Cusco market for smoothies, souvenirs, or street food.   
  4. There’s not a sight on earth that compares with looking down on the Incan village of Machu Pichu from up high.
  5. Going back in time several centuries to visit the high in the Andes village of Willoq, a community where time stands still and artistic, musical, cooking, and dress traditions of ancient Peruvians flourish today. 
  6. Seeing the creepy crawlers of the Amazon up close, including tarantulas, bullet ants, the jumping stick, and the Leaf-Cutter ant.
  7. Visiting classrooms in remote villages to see youthful villagers fully engaged with outstanding teachers learning a new language and working on school projects.

Maybe in time I’ll be a sit-around-the-pool-guy and revel in relaxation. But for now, bring on the adventure! 



World Traveler, Philanthropist, Friend, & THIRDHOME Member

Luxury destinations? Tourism is slowly returning to its pre-pandemic levels. Yet many who are beginning to travel once again desire more from their trips. Did you know the luxury travel market is set for unprecedented growth?

When you are searching for high-end destinations, it can be hard to pick somewhere unique. Below, we give our five essential luxury destinations. 

1. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have a reputation as a tropical getaway for the wealthiest of UK residents. It consists of four main islands: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada. However, for true remote splendor you will want to head to one of the other 50 smaller islands, often accessible only by boat. 

Once you arrive at your choice of luxury vacation homes, you will have little to do but relax. Talk walks on the bright white sandy beaches, or let the waves lap at your feet as you sip cocktails. 

When you want a few luxury trips the best way to do it is by hiring a private yacht. Several boat charters will do everything from showing the sights to taking you on deep-sea fishing trips. 

On your trip, the beautiful bays and coasts are in abundance. Smugglers Cove, Norman Island Caves and Devil’s Bay are all well worthy of your time. A trip to the capital Road Town can show you some traditional life in the islands and a visit to Callwood Distillery will let you experience one of the oldest rum distilleries in the Caribbean. 

2. Antarctica

In a world of extravagant destinations, Antarctica will take some beating. It may not have a huge choice of luxury vacation homes or a wealth of gourmet restaurants, but it does have remote beauty unlike anywhere else. 

Most accommodation takes the form of camps. However, some are much more luxurious than you would imagine. They have beds, heating, and all the amenities you would need for a comfortable stay. 

There are also several activities for the adventurous to take part in. Cross country skiing, skidooing, ice climbing, and mountaineering are all available. You can also trek to the South Pole or go to the thriving Penguin colony at Atka Bay. 

Of course, the real attraction is the Antarctic itself. Few people will have been here for a trip before and you can be one of the few to experience its otherworldly majesty. 

3. Seychelles

Seychelles lies off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is comprised of 115 islands, similar to the archipelago makeup of its neighbors the Maldives and Madagascar. For a tropical island getaway, it does not come more remote or exclusive. 

The capital Victoria is a small but quaint town, with its Hindu temples and colonial architecture. Visit the Botanical Gardens or walk the Copolia Trail to see the greenery of this stunning land. 

When you want to venture out, a private charter is the best way to go. You can find plenty of luxury vacation homes dotted around the islands (Anse) and you are sure to find one to suit your needs. If you decide to take a dip out at sea, beware of the strong currents and waves closer to the shore. 

The best time to visit is between April and May or October and November. These are calmer periods when winds subside. However, if you can put up with a light breeze, then you can visit any time of year. 

4. The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian islands can be found off the northeastern coast of Sicily. They are made up of seven islands: Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, and Alicudi. It is impossible to see everything they have to offer on a short trip, so make sure you go at a leisurely pace and take in everything they can offer. 

Lipari is the largest of the islands. It is a beautiful port town, with a rich geological heritage. A small fort looks over the sea and you can eat at some of the most delicious seafood restaurants in Europe. 

Be sure to visit Vulcano, with its dramatic martian landscape and sulfurous craters. Take an exfoliating mud bath then head out to sample freshly baked pizza in the bustling town. 

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica lies in Central America, sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama. It is a jungle paradise that collapses into beautiful blue oceans. If you want a trip where you can spot the most exciting wildlife in the Americas, this is the place to be. 

San Jose is the capital city, resplendent in Spanish architecture brought by the first settlers. Its indigenous past is also alive and well. The pre-Columbian gold museum is worth a visit for anyone who wants to see some true vintage jewelry. 

Once out of the city, Costa Rica has numerous national parks for you to explore. Playa Manuel Antonio, Curi Cancha Reserve, and Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo have huge swathes of forest and marine land that are marked for protection. 

If none of that tempts you, then you can just book a vacation and enjoy the weather. On the Pacific Coast, December to April bring the best weather, with March to September working best on the Caribbean side. 

Finding Accommodation at Luxury Destinations

Now you have our pick of luxury destinations, book the flights and find some great accommodation. There are not just hotels, but a whole wealth of homes and unique places to stay. 

If you have a luxury home you rent out, have you considered a swap? At Third Home, we provide the key to a world of travel with our network of home exchangers. Click here to find out more about how our unique system works. 

Are you considering a house swap vacation? There are many great benefits of choosing a house swap for your travel plans! A house swap offers a budget-friendly way to travel, the opportunity to live like a local while there, a great way to utilize your second home, and more. 

Is this your first time planning a house exchange? If you’ve never conducted a home exchange in the past as part of your travel plans, then it’s not surprising if you have a few questions. A house swap/exchange is a bit different from booking a hotel room or even booking a stay at someone else’s house. 

A house swap is a unique travel experience. For this reason, it’s beneficial to do your research and know how to plan the perfect house swap before getting started. In this guide below, you’ll find everything you need to know about doing just that. 

Continue reading to start planning!

What Is a House Swap?

A house swap is a simple way to save money when traveling. While you’re staying in someone else’s house at your travel destination, that person is staying in your house. As the name suggests, you swap houses for the duration of your vacation. 

You can also have someone stay in the second home of yours while you stay in theirs, and there’s even an option to stay with the hosts still in the house as well. How can you find someone who lives at the destination you’re going to and who also wants to come to your house at the same time? A home exchange platform is the best way to find these people. 

After choosing a reputable house exchange platform, you’ll then need to consider a few factors. 

Key Factors to Know 

A house swap is very different from other methods of vacationing. If you’ve never conducted a house swap before, then it’s ideal to do some research before finalizing your travel plans. Here are a few things to know about the process. 

The Cost of a House Swap

The first thing to note about the cost of a house swap is that it’s much more affordable than choosing a more traditional accommodation. Here’s how the pricing works. You’ll need to create an account with the house swap platform to become a member. 

Once you’re a member, you’ll enjoy perks given to members only. These perks might include travel concierge services, discounts on travel-related services and products, access to small-group adventures, and an awesome referral bonus when you find friends to join. 

You’ll start by paying a one-time initiation fee, and then you’ll pay a weekly fee depending on the house swap you choose. Weekly fees range from $495 to $1,395. 

Communicating the Swap

Before you finalize your swap, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a dedicated associate who can help you throughout the process. Proper communication with your house swap partner is essential to ensure both parties receive everything they’re looking for in the house swap. 

Some platforms might even offer translation services when needed t communicate with the other party. You’ll have time to get to know the other party first to determine if the swap is the right choice for you and them, which makes the experience unique. 

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Swaps

A traditional swap is when both parties are traveling at the same time. For example, if you live in Florida and want to travel to Paris for a week, then the owner of the house in Paris will need to travel to Florida to stay in your house at the same exact time. However, this isn’t the only way to swap. 

If two parties can’t agree on the same travel dates, then there’s no need to worry. You can plan a non-traditional swap where you visit their house at a later time. Because THIRDHOME uses second homes for their platform, you can easily allow someone to stay in your second home at a different time than when you stay in theirs. 

Your Swap Expectations

Before you list your second home on a house swap platform, you need to consider your expectations. What will you allow and not allow in your house? You also want to include an accurate description of the house along with photos that represent the house correctly. 

You can also ask a few questions to get an idea of what’s required of your guests as well. Both parties should have a clear understanding of the rules and expectations when staying on the other’s property. Hiring a professional cleaner before and after the swap is also beneficial and expected by many swappers. 

The Preparation Process

How can you start planning the swap process? The first step is to ensure your house qualifies for a swap. At THIRDHOME, your house must meet the community’s standards. 

The location must be well-appointed and ideal. Once your house is approved, you’ll have access to the platform’s inventory of houses available for a swap. An associate from the platform will help you throughout the process to ensure your club experience is personalized and enjoyable. 

Then, you’ll choose a location and house to stay in for your vacation. 

Planning Your House Swap Vacation

Are you ready to plan your first house swap vacation? THIRDHOME provides a luxury experience each time you travel. When using THIRDHOME, you’ll have the option to choose from a home exchange, a small-group adventure, or a premium rental. 

To get started planning a simple and safe exchange, contact THIRDHOME today for more information. 

Rental’s portfolio has now more than 1,200 high-end properties available in 19 different countries. New destinations added are France, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Caribbean Netherlands and Dominican Republic. 

Don’t miss out the opportunity to book one of the stunning properties available in Greecefor instance. Greece has become one of the most demanded destinations during summer holidays. You will enjoy the most beautiful sunset in any of the Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros or Crete among many others.

THIRDHOME rentals features more than 500 high-ends properties in Greece. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with family, or with friends to a charmingly natural and authentic island – or to the bustling heart of a destination packed with relics of the past – their villas boast different styles (and sizes!) to suit any requirement and any holiday preference. Whether a traditional house, a historic estate, or a luxury residence, all accommodations have something special to offer – a soul, a family history, an authentic location, and the taste of their owners.

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Condé Nast Traveler asked readers to participate in the first Readers’ Choice Awards survey over three decades ago. It was created so they could learn more about where their readers had recently vacationed, which destinations were next on their bucket lists and all their favorite travel necessities. Your favorite destinations and travel stables need your love more than ever this year! THIRDHOME is thrilled to be a part of it in the Homestays & Villa Rentals category once again and would love for members to consider voting for THIRDHOME!

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Step 1: Click here to visit the Condé Nast Traveler‘s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards website

Step 2: Create an account or “Sign In”.

Step 3: Click on our category, “Homestays & Villa Rentals”!

Step 4: Type “THIRDHOME” in the search bar.

Step 5: You will be prompted to answer a few questions about your last stay…

Step 6: Rate THIRDHOME on bookability, customer service, photos/information, portfolio, website, and variety.

Step 7: Last but not least, write a few sentences about your best THIRDHOME experience and why you’re voting!

Click “Submit” to cast your vote!

After taking these steps and completing the survey, you’re all finished! THIRDHOME is thrilled to be included in Condé Nast Traveler‘s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards. Voting closes May 31st, 2021. Thank you for reading and voting!

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People are ready for more vacations and more bucket list trips in 2022. 65% of surveyed respondents are planning big and exciting trips this year. But how do you ensure your vacation accommodation meets expectations?

A house swap holiday is a perfect way to enjoy your vacation this year. House exchange is also called a house swap, home exchange, and many other names. But essentially, a house swap holiday is when you trade residences with another party for an agreed time. 

There are many different types of accommodation out there, but house exchange is steadily increasing in popularity. The market size of house exchange sites and services is expected to reach $4.91 billion by 2027; as more people realize the many benefits of home exchange. 

A house exchange offers unique benefits that other forms of travel cannot provide. Read on to learn five reasons you should try a home swap for your next vacation. 

1. Live Like a Local

Do you like getting off the beaten path on your vacation? Do you want authentic experiences that help you connect with locals? An exchange house is a perfect way to discover a destination through a local’s eyes.

You will get to live like a local in their home, so you not only feel comfortable and at home, but you can learn about how they live. It is a personal experience with all the amenities you need and more; homes often include children’s toys, pools, fitness rooms, movies, and other home comforts. 

You may also get recommendations from the owners on what to see and do in the area. You will be in a neighborhood, too, so you get a better sense of the destination’s culture, having easy access to local food, activities, and sites. Avoid tourist prices and get straight to the authenticity of the location.

2. Save Money 

A home swapper vacation means you do not have to pay rental fees. Both parties benefit from the home swap, so all you have to do is pay the home exchange site’s membership and exchange fees.

Usually, the average US family vacation can cost around $5,000, so you can make significant savings with a home exchange. Home exchange members can expect an average savings of 90-95% off a standard rental booking rate.

House exchange means you can travel more often without losing out on quality or wasting money on accommodation that does not meet expectations. It is low-cost with high-quality accommodation that suits your needs.

Plus, you will have many amenities in your home, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, so you can also cook some meals. Sometimes hosts agree to swap cars too, which eliminates car rental fees. 

3. Flexibility 

A house swap vacation offers more flexibility than other types of holidays. You have various accommodation options, such as yachts, waterfront villas, resorts, estates, and private residences. You never have to visit the same place twice, even if you want to return to the same location.

Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy different types of accommodations. Maybe you are looking for a new vacation home or have always wanted to stay on a yacht. A house exchange allows you to personalize all details, so it can meet your needs and be the dream vacation you deserve. 

Home exchange sites also have a variety of destinations on offer. Here at THIRDHOME, we have over 1,700 home swapper destinations, so you can experience luxury home exchanges in many different locations.

With THIRDHOME, you earn travel credits and tokens when people stay at your second home. So you also have the flexibility to enjoy home exchange at different times; the other person’s holiday dates do not restrict you. 

4. Utilize Your Home 

If you have a second home, there is often a period of time it is not in use. Joining a home exchange site is the best way to leverage your second home investment while supporting your travel needs. 

Thanks to the home swapper membership requirements, it can also give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands. Sites such as THIRDHOME also offer host protection coverage.

So, you get to share your second home with respectful guests and get the benefits of vacation opportunities in return. It is nice to share tips about the local area your second home is in and remember why you invested in the first place. You will get to see your home through fresh eyes and even discover new places to visit through your guests, so you are up-to-date for your next visit to your second home. 

5. Travel Light 

For many, packing is not an enjoyable experience. There can be a lot of anxiety around ensuring you do not forget any essential items, especially if you have a specific health routine or need to keep children entertained.

The good news is that a house swap vacation allows you to travel light. You can find homes that offer the amenities you need, such as access to a well-stocked kitchen with a blender, a car, and other essential appliances or a gym. You can also find child-friendly homes, often with toys, movies, and other amenities to keep them entertained.

You can pack a lighter load for your next vacation with peace of mind that the home will meet your needs. Avoid the stress of overpacking and have more space to bring back items with a house exchange. Plus, you do not have to worry about wasting valuable vacation time searching for things when you arrive, as everything will be available at the home swap. 

The Best Luxury Home Exchange Site 

There are many reasons you should try a house exchange for your next vacation. You will reap many benefits, no matter what your vacation needs are. You can search for an ‘exchange house near me’ or find a destination on the other side of the world.

However, there are many home exchange sites, so you need to pick a reputable option that meets your needs. THIRDHOME is the world’s largest global network of luxury second homeowners, adventurers, and renters. Sign up today for access to over 14,000 homes in 100 countries.  

There are many home exchange sites out there. But they are not all created equal.

Different sites offer different amenities and prices to their members, and some sites are specifically designed for families or luxury homes.

The best way to find the right site for you is by researching the various options that are available.

Here is a list of popular home exchange sites and what they offer to get you started.

The Different Types of Home Exchanges Available

There are a variety of different home exchange sites out there. Some of the most popular ones include,, and with sites like THIRDHOME specializing in the luxury market.

To find the right site for you, you have to know what type of experience you’re looking to have as different websites cater to different needs.

Below is a list of popular types of experiences:

A house swap is one where you will be living in someone’s home for a certain amount of time while they live in your home (usually for an equal amount of time and at the same time but this is not necessary if you use a website like THIRDHOME). The idea here is that you have a property (you don’t necessarily have to own it, you could be renting it) that you can swap with someone else’s property in a different location.

A vacation rental is when you stay at someone else’s place but only rent it out for short periods of time (usually by the week). It’s like staying at a hotel but you’re renting someone else’s space instead. In this case, you don’t have to own a place to participate and, if you do, you don’t have to find someone willing to swap houses with you.

You may also be considering a shared holiday exchange. This type involves taking turns hosting people who visit your country during Christmas or other major holidays every year. This is usually done by families or small groups of friends who want to keep traditions alive while making new memories together every year.

House-sitting is a popular alternative to traditional home exchange because it offers the potential for free lodging even if you don’t have a home to swap. Many house-sitting sites offer a list of homes available for house sitters, as well as listing opportunities for homeowners looking to place their home with someone.

Some sites allow both property owners and house sitters to post their information, including pictures and details about the property, as well as set availability rules and requirements. House sitters can also write a profile that includes what they’re looking for in a house-sit, their experience level, and why they want to house-sit. Then homeowners can filter through various profiles to find the perfect match for them.

Below, we’ll dive more into some specific types of home exchanges and how specialized websites cater to them.

House Swapping

As mentioned above, house swapping is the practice of exchanging houses for a certain amount of time. This can involve either private homes or vacation rental.

House swapping has many benefits. It’s a great way to explore other parts of the world and experience new cultures like a local and it can also save you lots of money on accommodation in addition to giving you the opportunity to make new friends.

Home exchange sites focusing on this niche provide listings of houses available for exchange for your time away from your home country.

For Families

Sites like are specifically designed for home-sharing with families and they offer a variety of amenities. They offer a range of options, including accommodations that have cooking and laundry facilities and others that have more high-end features like hot tubs and pools.
It is free to list your home on the site and they charge a small fee per night for any guests who stay at your property.

VRBO is a website also allows you to host rooms in your home for travelers coming to visit. This includes rooms with kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces, and other features. A one-night stay starts at $50 per person so it may be more expensive than other sites depending on what you’re looking for.

Luxury Homes

Traditionally, home exchanges have been for people looking to live in a home that is different and more exciting than their own. Therefore, luxury homes are becoming increasingly popular on the home swapping market.

By using a luxury home exchange site, you get to live in your dream house and have access to things you would not have otherwise the opportunity to experience. Luxury homes offer amenities like pools, game rooms, or outdoor living spaces that standard properties do not.

THIRDHOME specializes in this luxury space with over 13,000 high profile listings all over the world. Perusing their properties is like looking at a catalogue of dream homes and it’s almost impossible to choose among all their incredible options!


Home exchanges are a great way to save money and stay somewhere new while feeling like a local. Home exchange websites make the job of finding your preferred solution uber easy these days.

However, there are so many websites and options to choose from.

The best way to find the perfect one for your needs is to decide what kind of accommodation you want, whether it is house-sitting, house swapping, or luxury accommodation.

Once you decide, take a look at the different websites specializing in that niche and go through the search filters in order to find the best solution for you!

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What is the best home exchange site?

There are a variety of different home exchange sites out there. Some of the most popular ones include,, and with sites like THIRDHOME specializing in the luxury market.

Traveling around Europe is one of the most pleasurable things you can do.

It’s an amazing experience to see all the different cultures that are out there. There are tons of different activities that you can partake in, and many different countries you can visit.

And there’s no better way to do it than by house swapping if you’re interested in traveling to another country but don’t want to stay in a pricey hotel.

Setting up a house swap may sound intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually quite simple if you know what to do.

Here is a complete guide to how to do a successful house swap in Europe.

What is a House Swap?

If you’ve never heard of it before, a house swap is an agreement between two people who want to live in each other’s country to trade accommodations for a certain amount of time.

Generally, one person stays in the other’s home while the other stays in theirs.

A house swap is an excellent way to save money on lodging expenses, as well as learn about new cultures and customs and have access to things only known to locals.

Why Should You Consider House Swapping?

House swapping usually doesn’t involve any money since you’ll be trading your house for your exchange partner’s house in the location of your choice.

For this reason, house swapping can be a great way to save money on lodging, while also gaining knowledge about the culture of the country you’re visiting since you’ll be living there like a local.

You can also personalize your experience based on your interests. For example, if you’re traveling to France and want to stay in someone’s French-style bungalow, then you can request that in exchange for your house.

It is becoming more common for people to swap homes for several reasons:

  1. To save money on accommodations
  2. To experience life in another country
  3. To see how others live
  4. To travel with friends or family, especially with children

The Process of House Swapping

House swapping has been around for a long time, and it’s growing increasingly popular.

Staying in someone else’s home is an incredible way to see a country, and you will often get a more personal feel for the culture.

The process of house swapping usually begins with one person listing their home on a house swapping website.

The swapper then invites another individual selected on the basis of their location to stay at their residence.

This is typically done by exchanging contact information, discussing the details of the house swap, and arranging a time frame for the exchange.

There are different home swap websites available to help with this process depending on your needs and goals. For example, THIRDHOME specializes in high-end homes and luxury stays all over the globe, including Europe.

How To Find A Good Exchange Partner

One of the most important things to do when house swapping is to find a good exchange partner.

If you’re not too familiar with the process, it might seem like an impossible task to find someone who wants to stay in your house, but that’s actually not the case!

As mentioned, an easy way to go about this is to start by browsing through different websites that specialize in the type of house swap you’re looking for. Then find the house you want to stay at and do your research on your potential exchange partner.

Make sure that your match can provide references or can be verified online through feedback and reviews before committing to swapping. That way you know they are trustworthy and have no intention of scamming you.

You can also set up a call via Skype or Facetime so you can see them, talk with them, and ask any questions you might have.

Tips for a Successful House Swap


House swapping is a great way to experience life in another country while still enjoying some of the comforts of home.

It’s also a great way to save money on accommodations which means more money left over to do the fun things you like to do when traveling.

And the best part might be that it gives you access to a whole new network of friends! So, what are you waiting for? House swapping is a win-win all around!

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House swapping is a great alternative to buying or renting a house if you want to live in a different country.

You can swap houses with someone for any length of time that you agree upon, could be days, weeks or months.

House swapping has been around for over 100 years and has been popular in England since the late 1950s. But it has become even more popular with the advent of home exchange websites like THIRDHOME that specialize in this niche and make the whole process much easier, fun, and secure.

Below are some tips for new house swappers and reasons why the UK is a great place to do a home exchange.

What is house swapping?

House swapping is when you trade houses with someone for a set amount of time.

It’s a great way to live without the risk of renting or buying a home but it’s also an amazing way to travel since it lowers the cost of lodging in your destination country.

In places like the United Kingdom and especially London, being able to lower your cost of accommodation is key as London is notorious for being expensive.

House swapping also allows you to live like a local. There is no comparison in the experience you’re going to get by becoming an insider. Just having the time to go to your corner pub and hang out with the locals to eat fish and chips over a pint of beer is a whole new level of understanding of the culture as opposed to darting around from site to site to make sure you don’t miss anything in your travel guide.

House swapping tips for newbies

If you’re a newcomer to the world of house swapping, it’s a good idea to learn about the process. With a little knowledge and preparation, you’ll be able to successfully swap with someone in no time!

First, read up on the basics so you know what to expect. You can find blog posts like this one on how house swapping works and what exactly is involved.

Next, unless you’re trying to do this on your own which takes time and persistence, get on a professional house exchange site like THIRDHOME and list your house for swapping. Make sure you post lots of photos and mention everything you can think of to make it easier for someone to decide to swap with you.

Then, decide where you want to go. There is plenty of choice out there. For example, THIRDHOME has over 13,000 listings all over the globe including the UK, so it’s easy to find your dream swap home.

The beauty of this kind of setup is that your house exchange partner wants you to have a great time as much as he would want to have a great time at your house. So, your host will often offer tips and recommendations for local offerings and adventures and tell you things that only an insider would know. He may even ask his friends or family to check on you and help you out.

These are all invaluable resources to have at your disposal that make the difference between mostly enjoying a place and loving a place so much that you’re left with wonderful memories for life.

Top 8 reasons to do a home exchange in the UK

  1. Low lodging cost compared to other types of accommodations.
  2. Don’t have to stay in an anonymous hotel but you get to stay at a place with personality instead.
  3. Flexibility – You can stay in a property for days, weeks or months. All you have to do is agree with your house exchange partner.
  4. You can become friends with people you would have not met any other way.
  5. You get to live in a different city or country without having to buy or rent a house.
  6. You get to learn about other cultures and customs in depth.
  7. You avoid tourist traps, like awful food and overpriced vendors who target tourists who are pressed for time and have no transportation, and you don’t have to brave crowds to enjoy the popular sites as you can visit during “off-times”.
  8. You get to see things that no tourist will ever see. This alone gives you an intimate knowledge of the place that no other way of traveling will allow.


If you’re interested in having unique experiences when traveling, you can’t beat exchanging homes with someone and becoming an instant local anywhere in the world.

The cherry on top is that you get to save money on lodging, and this is particularly welcome when you visit a place like London in the United Kingdom which can get expensive very quickly.

So, come on and join millions of people around the world who have made the choice to swap their home. The UK is waiting!

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