Announcing Partnership with SUPERHOG

December 14, 2021 • By THIRDHOME


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THIRDHOME Hosts now have protection for up to $5M USD of damage.

By partnering with SUPERHOG, THIRDHOME ensures that Guests and Hosts are protected during bookings.

THIRDHOME members are now protected by our award-winning risk-management partner, SUPERHOG. In the rare event a THIRDHOME Guest causes damage during a stay and doesn’t reimburse the Host, SUPERHOG provides protection for up to $5M in damage for any cause. This offer is global and includes both standalone homes and affiliate resort members.

Guest members continue to be responsible for their actions while staying in a property, and this does not absolve guests of any damage they inflict. However, our partnership with SUPERHOG allows THIRDHOME to offer members market-leading prevention. Our goal is to grant additional peace-of-mind for Host members.

What does SUPERHOG Protection cover?

SUPERHOG protects up to $5M in damage for any cause (accidental, deliberate, or malicious). Protection also includes public liability in case Guests have an accident or suffer an injury on a Host’s property.

How much does having SUPERHOG Protection cost?

Access to SUPERHOG Protection is included in your membership fee. This means that as a Host, all Exchanges through THIRDHOME will be covered by SUPERHOG automatically.

What do I do when I find damage?

In the unlikely event that a Guest causes damage to your property during a stay, reach out to your Member Experience Associate or Relationship Manager. Your dedicated THIRDHOME Team member will reach out to SUPERHOG and handle the rest.

Terms and Conditions for SUPERHOG Protection apply. Please visit for more information.

For any questions on SUPERHOG Protection, please contact the Member Experience Team by email at or call 1-833-682-7264.

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