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June 9, 2020 • By Rachel Hawk


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Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Your next stay can look however you want it to, whether you are planning your getaway this week, next year, in a private home, at a resort, on the beach, or in the mountains. We are answering questions you may be wanting to ask THIRDHOME or may still be asking yourself. You’ve heard the saying “The World is your Oyster,” we like to think as a member of THIRDHOME, The Club is your oyster!


Who do you want to go with you on your next trip? Not only that, but who (countries, cities, governments, homeowners, resorts, etc.) is allowing or restricting travel and to what extent? We encourage our members to stay informed on the locations they plan to travel to and understand what travel restrictions may look like in that area. We have some suggestions on being a smart traveler, that way you and your selected friends, tour group, partner or whoever you travel with, are on the way to an unforgettable (and safe) travel experience.

Travel Smart


What’s new? There’s always something new in the world of travel, so we try our best to keep up. March of 2020 brought the whole world a “new normal” and we’ve seen, it’s like the old normal, but cleaner! You are probably wondering about cleaning guidelines. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, we recommend that all members follow VRMA cleaning guidelines for their residences. If you are interested in seeing the cleaning guidelines of any of our full-service resort partners we recommend visiting their website for what additional regulations they may have implemented.

All of this might really have you thinking about what type of accommodation you prefer, resort or private home, due to cleaning regulations or a number of different reasons. The good news is, varying travel preferences are nothing new to us. We offer every accommodation type, from full-service resort residences to private homes and private Islands, so no matter what you are looking for there is an option for you!

Whatever accommodations you choose, inevitably you will ask the age-old travel question, “What should I pack?” Your packing list may change from year to year or based on your destination, but some things will always stay the same. Click here to go to view our suggested packing list at the bottom of this page! Your only concern now is how many suitcases you can bring, which probably depends on where you are going, how you are going to get there, and when…


Whenever you are ready! In fact, members are traveling right now. Pick a date and don’t forget about all the options and tools we have to help you find that perfect stay. Even if you aren’t quite ready to book a trip in the coming days or months, it’s always a good time to use those features and continue looking for future travel.

For those who are waiting for others to test the travel climate or a particular property – we added the “Hot property” icon. You can see homes that are booking in real-time and be assured they are active and that others in the club are also traveling. As long time THIRDHOME members know, good weeks get booked fast! That is why it’s important to set up your saved searches.

While you are looking at availability, don’t forget to look at the latest property reviews too! That brings us to our next question…


Members agree, their travel shortlist is no longer a short list after seeing all the destinations The Club has to offer. Because it can be hard to choose what destination to go to next, may we suggest you let THIRDHOME‘s current availability decide for you? In a club full of affluent second homeowners that love to travel, other members are likely to have homes in locations that you haven’t considered. There are countless hidden gems in The Club, that’s the beauty of THIRDHOME!

If we had to choose where to start right now, we would suggest a road trip or a staycation! It’s possibly the most risk-free way to travel, no tickets, and the flexibility to change plans. If you use the regional travel feature on our website you can see what stays are near you. You can also browse stays in map view! To top it off we also have a section on our Adventures site dedicated to quintessential USA road trips.

Finally, if you’re not sure where to turn, we suggest primary sources! We hope you have made a community within The Club. Phone a friend or call us and a THIRDHOME team member will be happy to make some suggestions and tell you where they loved their last THIRDHOME trip and why they loved it!


We all have a different reason for why we travel. There is one good answer as to why being a THIRDHOME member is so valuable and thats the ability to leverage time your second home. In fact, taking advantage of unused time in your vacation rental property makes it an even greater asset. Whether you own a home or resort residence, don’t let time in those fabulous destinations go to waste. You already own them and selling comes with its own challenges, so why not use them to your advantage? Between our 14,000 members we have over 1,700 destinations in 100 countries. There are so many possibilities, so don’t just settle for one or two.

Another reason THIRDHOME is a great alternative to traditional rentals is, on top of all the benefits mentioned above, it’s risk free. Click here to check out our risk-free exchange policy. The ability to enjoy a risk-free home exchange probably only makes it harder to decide where you want to go. The way we see it, it’s a good problem to have! The only thing left to figure out is: how you plan on getting to your next destination?


As the world changes, how we travel changes too. It doesn’t matter how you get there – plane, car, train. Near or far, we are sure to have a destination and accommodations to quench your thirst for travel and meet your travel needs. These days airfare can be tricky and costly, if you are not sure how you want to travel, maybe choose a destination where driving or flying is an option. Check out our regional travel feature, this shows stays near you, that way you have the flexibility of choosing to drive or fly and even change your mind. Make sure you try all of our browse features, browsing location via world map helps you visually see stays within an area once you decided on your ideal distance and method of transportation!

We hope that this Q&A has been helpful and now maybe you are ready to travel! Below you will find more resources that we have gathered for you to feel safe when you travel including a Q&A with our Director of Custom Travel. Because we want our members to have the best travel experience possible, we have put together some helpful tips on global and domestic travel, to view those click here. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to use our most valuable tool, our THIRDHOME team!

Click here to visit our FAQ  where you will find more helpful information on The Club or call the THIRDHOME team at 1.833.682.7264.

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