Bobby Flaig has been a member of THIRDHOME since 2014, but only recently started exploring all the club has to offer on the West Coast. With trips to Balboa Island and Truckee under his belt, he’s looking to explore even more properties in 2018. Get to know THIRDHOME member Bobby Flaig!


How did you get involved with THIRDHOME?

I joined THIRDHOME about 3 years ago but didn’t get really active until last year when I made my first stay at the Newport Beach Vacation Club property through THIRDHOME. I was happily surprised that the process went very smooth and everyone at THIRDHOME was super friendly and helpful.

Where are you based?

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Bobby flaig

Who do you usually travel with?

My longtime girlfriend Angelique Ives is my travel partner.

What do you do for a living?

I own a beverage company.

What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Love to fish, when in Cabo San Lucas for Dorado “Mahi Mahi”, hike, swim in the ocean and enjoy the local cuisines.

In your past travels with THIRDHOME, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it? 

Stayed for a week at a house in Newport Beach on Balboa Island. Loved that we could walk downtown and to the Ferry to the see the ocean. The owners of the house left us cookies and let us use their bikes and boogie boards. Plus, they met us at the house when we checked in! They were very helpful.

What do you love most about your property with THIRDHOME?
 Love that I can exchange a week or two at my property for really nice properties throughout the world. The selection and variety keep getting better every day.


Compared to other exchange and rental platforms, how has your experience been hosting other THIRDHOME members?

I am in another program, which I do like, but the quality of the properties at THIRDHOME are much nicer. Plus, there is more interaction with the actual owners of the properties at THIRDHOME.

Any personal/family achievements you’d like to share?

We love to travel and THIRDHOME has made it much easier to do so and to plan ahead for exciting adventures.

How has THIRDHOME changed the way you travel?

Lets us stay in wonderful homes with friendly owners to help show us the ropes for the communities that they live in.

Bobby flaig

What is the nicest amenity you have encountered while staying at a THIRDHOME property?

Free cookies and use of bikes to ride around town at Newport Beach Balboa Island House.

What makes a THIRDHOME stay so special?

The employees at THIRDHOME care about their owners. Kristine and Sammy are awesome to deal with!

How is staying in a THIRDHOME different than other types of accommodations?

The personal service. Actual people, I know that I can talk to at THIRDHOME who know me. Excellent Customer Service!

How would you describe THIRDHOME to a friend?

THIRDHOME lets you experience really nice homes in locations all over the world with similar people. The homes are immaculately put together and the customer service at THIRDHOME is top notch!

bobby flaig

What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

Captain Jack’s in Huntington Beach had the best crab and fish I have ever eaten.

Any travel tips for fellow members?

Get as many Keys from THIRDHOME as you can so that you can plan a wonderful adventure to far away places and stay in magnificent homes.

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