ThirdHome’s private exchange club offers luxury second homeowners unique benefits and exclusive experiences that other short-term rental sites can’t provide.

Rather than renting a home through traditional vacation sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, home swapping allows owners to spend time at other luxurious homes for a fraction of the cost. When you book stays through our Club, you pay a nominal fee between $495 and $1,395 for the week, saving an average of 90-95% compared to rental rates. What’s more, is the peace of mind knowing that only vetted, qualified second homeowners can exchange with your property.

Perhaps the most exciting perk is that our members have access to incredible properties worldwide that are exclusive to ThirdHome. Here are five luxury vacation properties only available to Club members.

1. Blowing Rock Mountain Dream Home | Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Nestled in western North Carolina, this dreamy mountain abode is dressed to impress, with large windows and balconies overlooking Blue Ridge Parkway – AKA “America’s Favorite Drive.” The 8,250-square-foot home sports eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms, offering plenty of comfort and space for up to 16 guests. ThirdHome members who book Blowing Rock Mountain Dream Home will marvel at its luxurious amenities, which include a baby grand piano, elevator, game room with a 150″ projection screen, table tennis, pool table, and karaoke. You will be only minutes from Appalachian Ski Mountain, downtown, and the Blowing Rock Country Club.

2. La Quinta Escape | La Quinta, California

Located within minutes of 25 world-class golf courses, mountain biking, hiking, shopping, and high-end dining, your time at this luxurious Southern California destination will be well spent. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home resides in a gated community, only five minutes from Old Town La Quinta. Those who escape to this marvelous exchange home will be in awe of its resort-style patio with panoramic views of the Santa Ana Mountains. And with a crystal blue heated pool, spa, and lounge seating, you can enjoy time soaking up the endless sunshine.

3. Miranda Penthouse by the Sea | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

With expansive, open ocean views, this stunning penthouse is located on Calle 38 Norte. This is the most popular, tree-lined street location in Playa del Carmen, situated only 150 feet from one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches in the world. Miranda Penthouse by the Sea offers three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and access to the building’s outstanding guest amenities. Here, you will find a resort-style rooftop pool area, complete with more panoramic ocean views, loungers, two large jacuzzi hot tubs, a built-in bar, an outdoor shower, and an outdoor dining and lounging area with a TV for additional entertainment. Plus, members who book this lavish property can also take advantage of a state-of-the-art gym.

4. Maui Oceanview Estate with a Pool | Wailea, Hawaii

If we had to sum up this spectacular Hawaiian estate in one word, it would be “WOW!” As you approach this private, fully-gated property, you’ll immediately see the magnificent glistening sapphire blue ocean, which offers breathtaking sunsets year-round. The home is approximately 5,000 square feet and includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a separate cottage, and unobstructed, 180-degree ocean views of Lanai, Molokai, and West Maui. Outdoor living is plentiful and peaceful, with large covered ocean-view decks surrounding the saltwater pool and spa (heated year-round at no additional charge). Best of all, ThirdHome members can bring their four-legged friends, as there is plenty of gated outside space for them to discover.

5. Modern Mountain Masterpiece | Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This beautifully curated, four-bedroom, three-bathroom home has been exceptionally engineered, with attention to detail everywhere you look. Situated on six elevated acres, the house is positioned to take advantage of the spectacular mountain views! Members who book this Colorado getaway will enjoy several lavish features, such as a covered outdoor living room, media room, fitness room, large laundry room, and sauna. Whether you are looking for an adventurous outdoor/ski vacation or a quiet getaway, this exclusive ThirdHome property has it all!

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People are ready for more vacations and more bucket list trips in 2022. 65% of surveyed respondents are planning big and exciting trips this year. But how do you ensure your vacation accommodation meets expectations?

A house swap holiday is a perfect way to enjoy your vacation this year. House exchange is also called a house swap, home exchange, and many other names. But essentially, a house swap holiday is when you trade residences with another party for an agreed time. 

There are many different types of accommodation out there, but house exchange is steadily increasing in popularity. The market size of house exchange sites and services is expected to reach $4.91 billion by 2027; as more people realize the many benefits of home exchange. 

A house exchange offers unique benefits that other forms of travel cannot provide. Read on to learn five reasons you should try a home swap for your next vacation. 

1. Live Like a Local

Do you like getting off the beaten path on your vacation? Do you want authentic experiences that help you connect with locals? An exchange house is a perfect way to discover a destination through a local’s eyes.

You will get to live like a local in their home, so you not only feel comfortable and at home, but you can learn about how they live. It is a personal experience with all the amenities you need and more; homes often include children’s toys, pools, fitness rooms, movies, and other home comforts. 

You may also get recommendations from the owners on what to see and do in the area. You will be in a neighborhood, too, so you get a better sense of the destination’s culture, having easy access to local food, activities, and sites. Avoid tourist prices and get straight to the authenticity of the location.

2. Save Money 

A home swapper vacation means you do not have to pay rental fees. Both parties benefit from the home swap, so all you have to do is pay the home exchange site’s membership and exchange fees.

Usually, the average US family vacation can cost around $5,000, so you can make significant savings with a home exchange. Home exchange members can expect an average savings of 90-95% off a standard rental booking rate.

House exchange means you can travel more often without losing out on quality or wasting money on accommodation that does not meet expectations. It is low-cost with high-quality accommodation that suits your needs.

Plus, you will have many amenities in your home, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, so you can also cook some meals. Sometimes hosts agree to swap cars too, which eliminates car rental fees. 

3. Flexibility 

A house swap vacation offers more flexibility than other types of holidays. You have various accommodation options, such as yachts, waterfront villas, resorts, estates, and private residences. You never have to visit the same place twice, even if you want to return to the same location.

Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy different types of accommodations. Maybe you are looking for a new vacation home or have always wanted to stay on a yacht. A house exchange allows you to personalize all details, so it can meet your needs and be the dream vacation you deserve. 

Home exchange sites also have a variety of destinations on offer. Here at ThirdHome, we have over 1,700 home swapper destinations, so you can experience luxury home exchanges in many different locations.

With ThirdHome, you earn travel credits when people stay at your second home. So you also have the flexibility to enjoy home exchange at different times; the other person’s holiday dates do not restrict you. 

4. Utilize Your Home 

If you have a second home, there is often a period of time it is not in use. Joining a home exchange site is the best way to leverage your second home investment while supporting your travel needs. 

Thanks to the home swapper membership requirements, it can also give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands. Sites such as ThirdHome also offer host protection coverage.

So, you get to share your second home with respectful guests and get the benefits of vacation opportunities in return. It is nice to share tips about the local area your second home is in and remember why you invested in the first place. You will get to see your home through fresh eyes and even discover new places to visit through your guests, so you are up-to-date for your next visit to your second home. 

5. Travel Light 

For many, packing is not an enjoyable experience. There can be a lot of anxiety around ensuring you do not forget any essential items, especially if you have a specific health routine or need to keep children entertained.

The good news is that a house swap vacation allows you to travel light. You can find homes that offer the amenities you need, such as access to a well-stocked kitchen with a blender, a car, and other essential appliances or a gym. You can also find child-friendly homes, often with toys, movies, and other amenities to keep them entertained.

You can pack a lighter load for your next vacation with peace of mind that the home will meet your needs. Avoid the stress of overpacking and have more space to bring back items with a house exchange. Plus, you do not have to worry about wasting valuable vacation time searching for things when you arrive, as everything will be available at the home swap. 

The Best Luxury Home Exchange Site 

There are many reasons you should try a house exchange for your next vacation. You will reap many benefits, no matter what your vacation needs are. You can search for an ‘exchange house near me’ or find a destination on the other side of the world.

However, there are many home exchange sites, so you need to pick a reputable option that meets your needs. ThirdHome is the world’s largest global network of luxury second homeowners, adventurers, and renters. Sign up today for access to over 17,000 homes in 100+ countries.  

When it comes to booking travel accommodations, most people decide based on the location, price, and if the accommodation offers a taste of authentic culture.

And instead of choosing between hotels, more and more tourists are turning to house swaps for the best amenities and local experience. A house swap is where two families exchange homes, each staying in the other’s home while on a simultaneous vacation.

house exchange

If you’ve never tried a house exchange before, read on to learn the top seven reasons to host your own.

1. Save Money

Traveling can be expensive, and lodging is one of the top expenses during most vacations, just behind transportation.

But trading houses can save a lot of money, freeing up your budget to be spent on local food, souvenirs, and other fun items during your trip. In fact, families don’t typically charge each other anything to stay in their homes during the swap. The only cost you may have to budget for is a relatively inexpensive fee required to use a trusted house exchange platform.

2. Experience Your Destination Like a Local

It’s no surprise that traditional hotels can feel a little touristy and impersonal. That’s why, if you want the true locals’ experience, it helps to stay in a home just like the people who live there.

When you trade houses, you get to see what homes are really like in your destination, and you can better imagine what everyday life is like there. And if you find a home tucked away from the tourist traps and crowded sights, you get a peek at what an authentic neighborhood is like in your holiday spot.

In some cases, you may also be able to get insider tips from the family you’re exchanging homes with, giving you a chance to visit the spots locals really love.

3. Get More Cozy Amenities

When you do a home swap, you get all the items and amenities that another family actually uses in their daily lives. You won’t be confined to one, minimalist hotel room. Instead, you’ll likely have access to a kitchen, full bathroom, space to lounge, and more.

You’ll also have plenty of towels, blankets, toys, and other items that will help make the space feel like home-sweet-home for your family on vacation.

And in some home swaps, you might have access to bonus amenities like a community pool or a car. Just be sure to check with the family first before grabbing the keys and going for a drive.

4. Get a House Sitter or Pet Sitter (For Free!)

When you go on vacation, you may be used to paying someone to check on your house, water your plants, or take care of your furry friend. But a house swap means you’ll have someone staying in your home, keeping an eye on things while you’re away.

This can offer a sense of security you may not have when leaving your home empty and unattended for days.

If you have a pet, they may even be able to feed and take care of them during their stay. But be sure to confirm these details before to make sure the other family is in agreement.

5. Try Unique Accommodations

Part of the excitement of going on vacation is getting to experience a new way of life in an exotic location. And when you do a house exchange, you have a chance to experience accommodations you may not get to stay in otherwise.

For example, you could look to swap your home with a houseboat on a lake, or you could try testing out a tiny house in nature. If you want to be near the action, a luxury penthouse in the middle of the city might be a great fit instead.

These types of unique accommodations are rare without doing a house exchange.

6. Get More Space to Relax

If you want plenty of room to stretch your legs after sightseeing all day, or if you have a large family that requires multiple rooms, nothing beats staying in a real home.

Most hotels and vacation properties are small, offering just enough space to sleep. But a home swap offers all the space of a real home, from luxury condos to full mansions.

If space is important to you, skip the tiny hotel and try a house swap instead.

7. It’s Easier Than Ever

Exchanging houses may sound complicated or even dangerous. But today, it’s easier and safer than ever to trade homes on vacation. And you can turn to house exchange services to help you work out all the details, without wasting time and energy trying to find the perfect home away from home.

With house exchange clubs and platforms, you can quickly and easily find a family in your dream city who is looking to offer their home to you. And these clubs and platforms have special requirements, ensuring that each house is safe, clean, and luxurious.

There may also be insurance and other protections in place so that you have peace of mind while lending your home to other travelers.

Are You Ready to Plan Your House Exchange?

A house exchange offers a unique and exciting alternative to traditional accommodations, giving you a chance to stay in another family’s home during your trip.

If you’re ready to experience the convenience and coziness of a home swap, browse available homes and destinations on ThirdHome Exchange. From tropical hotspots to the soothing mountains, find your next dream vacation destination now!

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