Notifications 101: THIRDHOME iOS App

August 13, 2021 • By Emily Minarik


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Set up THIRDHOME iOS app notifications with these easy steps.

Where do you want to go next? By downloading the new THIRDHOME iOS app to your Apple devices, you can experience real-time availability updates, execute property searches, secure reservations, and more.

Book a getaway to your dream destination at a moment’s notice – all you have to do is set up push notifications on your device. Turning on THIRDHOME app notifications is the best way to keep an eye on your Saved Searches and monitor availability within Super Peak areas or at properties in high demand. Be the first to reserve that trip you’ve had your eye on before it gets snatched up!

How to turn on THIRDHOME app notifications on any Apple device:

1. First, find and download the THIRDHOME app.

Search “THIRDHOME” in the Apple App Store and find the app on your device. If you haven’t yet, download the THIRDHOME app here.

2. Select “Enable Notifications” and “Allow.”

This screen will appear once you click into the THIRDHOME app for the first time. Once you do this, your push notifications are officially on, and you are good to go!

3. Oh no! I selected “Not Now” or previously denied push notifications, but still want to turn on push notifications. What now?

This is no problem! While enabling notifications the first time you open the app may be the easiest way to set up your reminders, it is not the only way. You can update your notifications preferences by going to your device’s Settings, scrolling down to “Notifications,” and selecting that arrow.

4. Find the THIRDHOME in your complete app list.

Under the Notifications settings section called “NOTIFICATION STYLE,” there will be a list of all the apps downloaded to your device in alphabetical order. Scroll down and select the THIRDHOME app.

5. Customize your THIRDHOME app notifications!

Once you switch on the “Allow Notifications” button, you can then select how you want your THIRDHOME push notifications to appear. And just like that, you are done!

Read the first blog in this series to discover more tips on how to make the most out of the THIRDHOME app. For any questions regarding the iOS app, please contact the Member Experience Team by email at or call 833-682-7264.

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