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August 31, 2022 • By THIRDHOME


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Have you ever thought about swapping your millionaire holiday home? THIRDHOME is a home exchange club exclusively for owners of million-dollar second homes. By offering a few weeks of unused time in their second home, members, in turn, enjoy access to over 14,000 homes, plus yachts and luxury resorts, worldwide. The basic qualifications are as follows:

How Does a Millionaire Holiday Home Swap Work?

In his own words, Wade Shealy, founder, and CEO, shares more about how THIRDHOME facilitates millionaire holiday home swaps.

What makes THIRDHOME unique is that to swap a stay in other millionaires’ homes in the Club, you have to own a high-end second home. By offering available weeks in their holiday home, members receive travel credits to stay in other members’ homes rent-free. In addition, prospective members are vetted to ensure that their home meets THIRDHOME’s luxury standards: Well-appointed with quality furnishings and amenities, desirable location, and a minimum home value of $1 million. Once approved, you have access to our portfolio of homes. 

There is also a robust protection plan with an award-winning risk-management partner, with up to $5M in coverage in the rare event something happens. 

Where Can You Travel?

THIRDHOME’s portfolio of exchange homes is unique and expansive. With over 1,700 destinations to visit, you never have to stay in the same place twice. Members not only have access to private homes, villas, and estates but also private islands and yachts. Forbes recently shared an article on the top 50 places to travel in the world, and membership in this luxury travel club could get you to just about all of them. Maybe you’re looking for an Italian villa that sleeps 16 for your family reunion, or perhaps something more intimate like a staffed luxury sailing catamaran in Guadeloupe for you and your partner.

Get started on your home exchange adventure with THIRDHOME here.

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