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Millionaire Holiday Home Swap Spotlight: Caidominici Villa & The Molina Family

September 23, 2022 • By Carissa Hebert

Caidominici Villa in Umbria, Italy overlooking the countryside
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“THIRDHOME gives us the opportunity to travel the world ‘as locals’ by staying in homes owned by people like ourselves.”

– Luís Molina, father of thirdhome member diana Molina Ostos

Ah, Caidominici Villa. What’s better than spending a holiday in this expansive Umbrian farmhouse in the Italian countryside? Answer: Sharing it with your loved ones. This is the story of the Molina family.

Diana Molina and partner outside Caidominici Villa in Millionaire Holiday Home Swap
THIRDHOME member Diana Molina Ostos and her husband Luis outside Caidominici Villa in Pietralunga, Italy

The Paramount+ original series, Millionaire Holiday Home Swap, takes viewers on a journey inside the homes and holidays of THIRDHOME members. Diana, who joined THIRDHOME in 2017, spent her most recent holiday with her family (and film crew) in Pietralunga, Italy. Her father, Luís Molina, recounts their home swap experience, including his not-so-successful attempt at becoming a pizzaiolo:

Do you have any funny stories from when the Millionaire Holiday Home Swap film crew was there?

On our second day in Italy, we had planned to have pizzas and cook them in the pizza oven—a very Italian night. We prepared the wooden oven, following instructions from our chefs. The day before, they asked to turn on the fire at 1 pm and take care of it so it would be at the right temperature for dinner at 8 pm. And so, we did!

We would take turns to check on the over and add wood accordingly for hours. Simonetta and Luccia, our lovely chefs, arrived on time with the ingredients to give us a full pizza class. Each one of our family members took a stab at their own pizza with our chefs grading us! I got a “one” out of ten (1/10) rating!!!! After hours of preparing for the pizza night, I terribly failed at it! I was not able to spread the dough evenly, leaving holes all over and getting myself the worst grade possible, lol.

Two people making wood oven pizza outside Caidominici Villa in Italy
Members of the Molina family and an Italian chef preparing pizzas in the wood oven outside Caidominici
What was your favorite part of shooting Millionaire Holiday Home Swap?

After our truffle hunting experience, the mayor of Pietralunga surprised us with an invitation to give us a tour around the city. We were not expecting it! We learned about the history and day-to-day activities of the city through the mayor himself. We experienced the city very differently than if we had gone by ourselves and explored it. The shooting team was constantly engaging with the mayor and the people in the city, which made our tour a lot more fun and lively.

Caidominici guests, the Molina family, with the mayor of Pietralunga, Mirko Ceci
The Molina family with the mayor of Pietralunga, Mirko Ceci
What do you like the most about THIRDHOME?

THIRDHOME gives us the opportunity to travel the world “as locals” by staying in homes owned by people like ourselves. It also offers us the opportunity to offer our home to people that we know will take good care of it because they understand what it is to entrust it to others in the network.

Who do you usually travel with, and what is the reason for your choice? (Alone or group? Friends or family?)

We enjoy both family trips and trips with friends. I am 70 years old, and I, fortunately, have more time to travel, and while healthy, I have to make the most of it! I try to travel locally in Mexico with my family, including my grandchildren, and abroad with my adult children and their partners at least once a year. With friends, we usually mix it around doing a year local trip and the following abroad.

 What is the best travel advice you have received?

Two recommendations that never fail! Always choose travel companion(s) that are non-confrontational and enjoy the tiny moments. People that are easy to hang out with. Also, a good tour guide makes a huge difference when appreciating and enjoying a trip—a good tour guide is not an expense; it is an investment.

What is your most prized travel possession? What is the reason or sentiment behind this?

I love buying table books of the places I visit. These books have a special place at home. They help me [relive] again each one of the moments I had over my trips.

So who exactly is Caidominici Villa? Let’s take a look:

Caidominici Villa in Pietralunga, Italy

Caidominici is a tastefully restored six-bedroom, seven-bathroom villa located in the Green Heart of Italy. The villa, which joined THIRDHOME’s portfolio in 2010, has a perfect 5-star rating across all bookings. Caidominici offers peaceful seclusion and a wealth of amenities to keep guests entertained while on holiday. Some of the villa’s highlights include:

“The staff is wonderful; the amenities are like being in the finest hotel …  Worth every key!”

– Douglas S., THIRDHOME member since 2016.

“One of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed in the world.”

– Elizabeth L., THIRDHOME member since 2017.

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