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Millionaire Holiday Home Swap: Italy Travel Guide

September 7, 2022 • By Amy Jo Robertson

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Planning your dream trip? Discover ThirdHome’s Italy travel guide inspired by the Paramount+ original series, Millionaire Holiday Home Swap.

We’re giving you the best advice on how to decide on which region(s) to explore, finding the best accommodations, tips on living like a local, and guidance on planning the perfect Italian holiday for you.

Choose between unique places to travel in Italy

When deciding which places to travel in Italy, consider the regional differences throughout the country. There are many different geographical features in Italy, including everything from picturesque mountains to stunning coastlines. As you solidify your personal Italy travel guide, here are some activities you might want to include on the itinerary:

Decide the best time to visit Italy for you

As you follow an Italy travel guide, make sure you consider the time of year you want to travel. Italy has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, which means sunny, hot summers and mild, rainy winters. Travelers can expect snow in the mountains of Northern Italy from December through April. Thus, winter in Northern Italy is a great time to visit for skiers and other winter sports lovers.

If you are hoping to visit Central or Southern Italy during the height of summer, expect dry heat and temperature highs in the 80s F. Seeking some sun? The historic city of Rome tends to be sunny year-round, with mild temperatures in the winter and an average of 70-80 F in the peak of summer. Plus, a summer trip to the coast is the best time to visit for swimmers and beach dwellers!

Consider an Italy home swap

If you have never done a home swap before, look into booking your accommodations via a home exchange site like ThirdHome. Following this Italy travel guide tip allows you to have access to things only known to locals!

Whether you are escaping to the countryside or exploring Italian cities, a home exchange in Italy is an excellent way to save money on lodging. Home swapping allows you to immerse yourself in the country, culture, and local customs – all while enriching your Italy tour. Your home swap’s host is an invaluable resource for travel advice, recommendations, and other inside tips on how to have a one-of-a-kind holiday.

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