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Member Spotlight: Francie Rehwald

August 9, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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“Woman to build house out of 747,” read a BBC headline in April of 2006. It’s been 11 years, and the saga of Francie Rehwald’s famous Malibu Wing House continues. Francie joined ThirdHome in 2013 after a friend told her about the club. Since joining she’s hosted 14 guests through the program. Each stay is accompanied by a glowing review of both Francie and her unique property.

“Anyone seeking a restorative aesthetic experience with luxurious amenities will not be disappointed.”-Andrew 5 stars

“This is one very special home … a site to behold, an engineering masterpiece, something only a few may get to be a part of … but what a special week.”-Frank 5 stars

“I have nothing but the very best things to say about the incredible wing house and the welcome we received from Francie”-Chris 5 stars

ThirdHome had the opportunity to speak with Francie after she offered a week to be used for a special Curated Journey featuring the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival.  Read below to hear what Francie Rehwald loves about The Malibu Wing House and why you’ll love it too.

What was the inspiration for the Wing House?

Using a 747 was David Hertz’s idea (the architect). I’ve always considered myself experimental, Avante-Garde and into contemporary architecture. And I really loved the idea of recycling to help build my home.

What do you love most about the Wing House?

I’m just so grateful to be here. I have such an appreciation for the natural environment found in the hills and the architecture. The wings [of the 747] became the roof structure and ceiling. Every night when I’m in the pool or Jacuzzi and I look up and see that 135-foot swoop, it’s phenomenal and so beautiful. Every day I’m in awe….I feel gobsmacked! That’s how I feel! The mountain range is spectacular it’s like something you’d see in South America.

Do you have any neighbors?

The property is on 55 acres and it’s about a 5-minute drive to the closest neighbor. You can see houses from here, but they’re far off in the distance. It’s very peaceful and private up here.

For members that might be considering attending the LA Wine and Art Festival, and staying at The Wing House, what are some of the must-visit locations in the area?

One of my favorite restaurants is south from here at the beach. It’s called Sunset. You need to go on Tuesday when it’s not so crowded. Lots of locals go there. Malibu Farm Restaurant on Malibu Pier is delicious and has a great view. Each Saturday morning, I go to Thorne Family Farms to get fresh fruits and vegetables. From here you’re only 45 minutes from Ojai which is a cute little town, and you’re also an hour from Santa Barbara.

Any memorable comments from guests?

I get people all the time that say, “I had plans to go to the museum and do this and do that,  but I just couldn’t leave!” others do make it out to all the attractions and say they couldn’t wait to be back home [to the Wing House].

Once I had a film executive who told me, “Every day I’m going to be gone for meetings.” When I followed up, he told me that he’d held all of his meetings at The Wing House instead because he just didn’t want to leave!

What are some of your favorite amenities?

The house has a regulation size bocce ball court, a 60 ft pool and chickens!

The Curated Journey to The Wing House- featuring the LA Food and Wine Festival will also feature a friend of yours, Edward Goldman. Can you tell us about him?

Oh yes, Edward is a very well-known art critic in the area. He’s hosted the show, Art Talk on KCRW for as long as I can remember (Goldman started in 1988). He used to work for the famous Hermitage Art Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. A mutual friend said we should meet, and so we met at a Pasta and Poetry party. He wanted to see the architecture of the house so I invited him out.

Any local wine recommendations for first timers to the area? 

I just had a tasty Rosé from Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards.

Anything else you’d like members to know about?

Yes, The Wing House is having a fundraiser on the 14th of October for Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing. They partner with the local park service to help pumas and mountain lions. Natural habitats have been blocked off by freeways and their genetic profile is being shrunk. It’s a wonderful cause that ties into what I love about The Wing House- its natural beauty and preserving it.

Francie Rehwald

francie rehwald

francie rehwald

francie rehwald

francie rehwald

francie rehwald

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