Member Spotlight: Alan Roth

July 20, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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ThirdHome member Alan Roth and his wife Judy Roth own a second home at Trump Tower in NYC. The Roth family loves exploring new places. They believe that ThirdHome has changed the way that they vacation and has created countless incredible experiences for their family. Some of their favorite ThirdHome trips have been to South Africa, Aspen, St. Thomas, Croatia, Austria, Italy and France. Get to know ThirdHome member Alan Roth!

Alan Roth

How did you get involved with ThirdHome?

In 2011, I bought an apartment in Trump Tower in Columbus Circle as an investment opportunity. It seemed it was a good time to buy real estate in Manhattan. Part of my thought process was that I would eventually sell the property if my wife and I ever decided to move into New York City.

Shortly thereafter, I got an email from the management company explaining that I was eligible to participate as an Affiliate member of ThirdHome.  I loved the concept and gave it a shot. I deposited a week and choose to book a home in Croatia. My family and I have been traveling via ThirdHome ever since.

In addition to the travel opportunities, I believe that my ThirdHome membership enhances my property value and makes it a more marketable asset. However, given how impactful ThirdHome has been over the past couple of years, I don’t foresee us selling our apartment anytime soon.

Where are you based?

I am based out of New York/New Jersey.

Who do you usually travel with?

I typically use ThirdHome to travel with my wife and two kids. However, ThirdHome’s vast selection of properties has allowed us to bring our friends and relatives along to join us in our travels. Most recently, I was able to organize a trip with several close friends to Umbria, Italy.

What do you do for a living?

I run a fixed income trading desk for an investment bank based out of New York City.

What are your favorite travel hobbies?

My family and I all like a combination of adventure and relaxation. You can find us skiing out west one week, boating off the coast of Italy another week or taking a nice beach day in the Caribbean over the holidays.

In your past travels with ThirdHome, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it? 

That’s a tough one! I can narrow it down to two standout trips that come to mind. A family favorite was our summer trip to the Camdeboo Manor in South Africa. The private game reserve property was as exclusive as it comes. The staff onsite were incredible and each safari drive exceeded my expectations. Another favorite was our most recent trip to Palazzo Prugnoli in Umbria, Italy. It was a beautiful and relaxing villa that was the perfect base for us to explore neighboring towns. Not to mention, it had a ping-pong table which brought out a week-long intense competition between the entire family.

What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with ThirdHome?

I would love to go skiing out west over New Years. Our family’s long term goal is to take a trip to Australia. We’re always scouring the ThirdHome website for ideas. The real beauty of ThirdHome is we never know where or when our next trip will be!

What do you love most about your property?

Location, Location, Location! Trump Tower in Columbus Circle is a perfect hub for exploring all spots of NYC. The tower hovers above the greenery of Central Park, as well as the historic city architecture in Columbus Circle. You can find some of the finest restaurants and best shopping areas just minutes from the apartment. It goes without saying, but the service and amenities at Trump Tower are second to none!

Anything else you’d like to share?

To say that ThirdHome has improved the way I travel is an understatement. The benefits have far surpassed my ability to just travel and visit different places. It has also afforded me the opportunity to combine a few of my passions. ThirdHome has allowed me to play golf in places all over the world: California, South Africa, St. Thomas and Hawaii to name a few. ThirdHome’s ski properties have allowed my family and I the ability to hit the slopes all over the world. Not only have we made it out to mountains in Aspen, Vail, and Park City, but we also skied the Austrian Alps.

As more and more of my friends become empty nesters, like us, we’ll be able to share more of our experiences with them. I can’t wait to see what part of the world ThirdHome brings me to next!

Travel photos provided by Alan Roth 

Alan Roth AustriaAlan Roth Utah

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