To view source of the VRMA Cleaning Guidelines adapted for the infographic above (last updated June 15, 2020) or for the latest version of VRMA’s cleaning guidelines visit:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

You’ve heard the saying “the world is your oyster,” and as a member of THIRDHOME, we like to think the Club is your oyster! Whether you are planning your getaway this week, next year, in a private home, at a resort, on the beach, or in the mountains, your stay can look however you want it to. As such, we’re answering questions you may be wanting to ask THIRDHOME or may still be asking yourself.

Man sitting inside airport with luggage watching plane take off


Who do you want to go with you on your next trip? Not only that but who (countries, cities, governments, homeowners, resorts, etc.) is allowing or restricting travel, and to what extent? We encourage our members to stay informed on the locations they plan to travel to and understand what travel restrictions may look like in that area. We have some suggestions on being a smart traveler; that way, you and your selected friends, tour group, partner, or whoever you travel with, are on the way to an unforgettable (and safe) travel experience.


What’s new? There’s always something new in the world of travel, so we try our best to keep up. March of 2020 brought the whole world a “new normal,” and we’ve seen that it’s like the old normal, but cleaner! You are probably wondering about cleaning guidelines. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, we recommend that all members follow VRMA cleaning guidelines for their residences. If you are interested in seeing the cleaning guidelines of any of our full-service resort partners, we recommend visiting their website for what additional regulations they may have implemented.

All of this might really have you thinking about what type of accommodation you prefer, resort or private home, due to cleaning regulations or a number of different reasons. The good news is that varying travel preferences are nothing new to us. We offer every accommodation type, from full-service resort residences to private homes and private Islands, so no matter what you are looking for, there is an option for you!

And whatever accommodations you choose, inevitably, you will ask the age-old travel question, “What should I pack?” Your packing list may change from year to year or based on your destination, but some things will always stay the same. Click here to go to view our suggested packing list at the bottom of this page! Your only concern now is how many suitcases you can bring, which probably depends on where you are going, how you are going to get there, and when…


Whenever you are ready! In fact, members are traveling right now. Pick a date, and don’t forget about all the options and tools we have to help you find that perfect stay. Even if you aren’t quite ready to book a trip in the coming days or months, it’s always a good time to use those features and continue looking for future travel.

For those who are waiting for others to test the travel climate or a particular property – we added the “Hot property” icon. You can see homes that are booking in real-time and be assured they are active and that others in the club are also traveling. As long-time THIRDHOME members know, good weeks get booked fast! That is why it’s important to set up your saved searches.

While you are looking at availability, don’t forget to look at the latest property reviews too! That brings us to our next question…


Members agree, their travel shortlist is no longer a shortlist after seeing all the destinations the Club has to offer. Because it can be hard to choose what destination to go to next, may we suggest you let THIRDHOME’s current availability decide for you? In a club full of affluent second homeowners that love to travel, other members are likely to have homes in locations that you haven’t considered. There are countless hidden gems in the Club—that’s the beauty of THIRDHOME!

If we had to choose where to start right now, we would suggest a road trip or a staycation! It’s possibly the most risk-free way to travel, with no tickets and the flexibility to change plans. If you use the regional travel feature on our website, you can see what stays are near you. You can also browse stays in map view! To top it off, we also have a section on our Adventures site dedicated to quintessential USA road trips.

Finally, if you’re not sure where to turn, we suggest primary sources! We hope you have made a community within the Club. Phone a friend or call us, and a THIRDHOME team member will be happy to make some suggestions and tell you where they loved their last THIRDHOME trip and why they loved it!


We all have a different reason for why we travel. There is one good answer as to why being a THIRDHOME member is so valuable, and that’s the ability to leverage time in your second home. In fact, taking advantage of unused time in your vacation rental property makes it an even greater asset. Whether you own a home or resort residence, don’t let time in those fabulous destinations go to waste. You already own them, and selling comes with its own challenges, so why not use them to your advantage? Between our 17,000 members we have over 1,700 destinations in 100 countries. There are so many possibilities, so don’t just settle for one or two.

Another reason THIRDHOME is a great alternative to traditional rentals is, on top of all the benefits mentioned above, it’s risk-free. Click here to check out our risk-free exchange policy. The ability to enjoy a risk-free home exchange probably only makes it harder to decide where you want to go. The way we see it, it’s a good problem to have! The only thing left to figure out is: how you plan on getting to your next destination…


As the world changes, how we travel changes too. It doesn’t matter how you get there—plane, car, train—near or far, we are sure to have a destination and accommodations to quench your thirst for travel and meet your travel needs. These days airfare can be tricky and costly; if you’re not sure how you want to travel, maybe choose a destination where driving or flying is an option. Check out our regional travel feature, this shows stays near you; that way, you have the flexibility of choosing to drive or fly and even change your mind. Make sure you try all of our browse features. Browsing locations via the world map helps you visually see stays within an area once you decided on your ideal distance and method of transportation!

We hope that this Q&A has been helpful and that you are ready to start traveling!

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use our most valuable tool, our THIRDHOME team!

Click here to visit our FAQ, where you will find more helpful information on the Club, or call the THIRDHOME team at 1.833.682.7264.

Packing List

Tips for Smart Travel

A Collection of THIRDHOME’s Travel Smarts

You’ve heard of book smarts and street smarts, but what about “travel smarts?” We consider “travel smarts” to be the perfect mix of both! THIRDHOME‘s “travel smarts” use a combination of expert travel blogs, guides, and trusted resources to help you plan and prepare for your upcoming trips with ease.

Young women planning vacation trip and searching travel information on a smartphone and laptop

We understand that reserving a THIRDHOME trip is exciting, and you may want to dive right into booking your flights, excursions, and other itinerary-related details. But as a leader in luxury home exchange and masters of world travel, we know there is more than meets the eye when planning a vacation. That said, we paired our knowledge with that of other travel experts to provide helpful insights that we think every traveler should consider before arranging a trip. This way, we can wish you a “bon voyage” and keep you from saying “oy vey” during your travels!

Travel Insurance

What came first? The accommodations or destination? No matter what you book first, there is something to be said about the importance of travel insurance. It’s impossible to foresee what the future holds, but until then, you can protect your trip; so why risk it?

All of these companies post their cancellation and refund policies on their websites.


Travel Advisories

With all that talk about “Levels”, are you familiar with Global travel advisories? There are Travel Advisory Levels 1-4, 1 being the safest, that a country can be designated at any given time.

If a country/destination is deemed unsafe to travel by either the U.S. Government Travel Advisory Division or the CDC/WHO organizations, it will be escalated to a Level 3 or higher depending on the circumstances. Below are links you can reference to find the Advisory Level of your destination.

Safe & Healthy Travel

People are inspired to travel by many things, the most common one being in order to achieve well-being for mind, body and spirit.  That being said, you want to make sure that your destination can provide the environment to support that. We know sometimes certain areas the world experience different outbreaks, so its best to refer to experts like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) before you embark!

Those are just a handful of “travel smarts” we can share. If we missed something that is important and you think we should add it, please send it our way! We welcome the latest and greatest travel tips and trends from our members. Email us at to show us your travel smarts!

SeaNet Yachts

You haven’t SeaNet all just yet!

If you’re a THIRDHOME member who enjoys vacationing on the water and we mean on the water, our newest Affiliate is for the one for you. This time we aren’t talking about a front row villa with an ocean view, we want to invite you to come sail away in a luxury yacht with SeaNet!

THIRDHOME is excited to welcome SeaNet “The world’s leading fractional yacht ownership company,” as our newest Affiliate.  SeaNet is a welcome reminder for members that, with THIRDHOME, owning a second home opens the door to other luxury homes in amazing destinations and yachts more!

SeaNet specializes in fractional yacht ownership, with a variety of yachts in locations worldwide, and now THIRDHOME members will have access to SeaNet’s fleet! SeaNet offers trips to popular locations including Spain, Italy, Bahamas, French Caribbean, Croatia, and coastal United States destinations.

Currently, through The Club, THIRDHOME Members can choose from yachts in locations across North America including Vancouver, Newport Beach, San Diego, and Aventura, FL. Cruises. Ships available on THIRDHOME Exchange include 50-60 foot yachts with stays for up to 6 days!

SeaNet Absolute 50 Fly - Vacanza Deck View

Absolute 50 Fly “Vacanza”

SeaNet Absolute Navetta 58 - Talia Deck View

Absolute Navetta 58 “Talia”

SeaNet Absolute 60 Fly - Vai Alla Grande Bedroom

Absolute 60 Fly “Vai Alla Grande”

SeaNet Absolute 60 Fly - Volare Bathroom

Absolute 60 Fly “Volare”

SeaNet Sunseeker Manhattan 60 - IOS

Sunseeker Manhattan 60 “IOS”

Extra amenities featured on these state-of-the-art luxury yachts include paddleboards, wet bars, grills, snorkeling, fishing gear and more!  A daily fee applies to all yachts to cover fuel and crew costs, please see each yacht’s property pages, at the links above, for their respective fee.

SeaNet can also be a great complement to any vacation! Depending on your departure and destination, there are a variety of ways to incorporate a SeaNet yacht. You may choose a yacht as your main THIRDHOME accommodation or as an extension before or after another trip, maybe even a method of transportation. There are many different ways to make a SeaNet yacht part of your next trip!  

Click here to view available SeaNet stays.

The Caribbean’s best-kept secret.

THIRDHOME is excited to announce our newest partner Secret Bay Resort. Hidden in the prestigious line up of islands that starts with the British and U.S. Virgin Islands is a place you may have only heard whispers of, called Dominica. Known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” Dominica is home to natural wonders, species, flora and fauna and the beautiful Secret Bay Resort. You only need to venture a few islands south of St. Croix to find the Caribbean’s best-kept secret, hence the name, Secret Bay. Not only that, but this little island and grand boutique hotel, have a story that is rooted in resilience and romance.

As a partnership that had its beginnings back in 2016, THIRDHOME is excited to finally announce our long-awaited launch of Secret Bay on THIRDHOME Exchange. “We have been eager to get our members access to the island of Dominica. I have enjoyed working with Gregor Nassief, the proprietor of Secret Bay, and his team over the last 3 years to bring this partnership to fruition” says Senior VP of Business Development Roger Conner.  Newly renovated and better than ever, “The Residences at Secret Bay are a rare opportunity to own a residential-style villa managed and marketed by one of the world’s most acclaimed eco-luxury boutique resorts, with demonstrated high rental demand and occupancy performance,” according to Secret Bay’s “A return on life” campaign. Secret Bay will be adding 3 types of villas for THIRDHOME members to visit: the Zabuco Honeymoon Villas,the Ylang Ylang Villas, and the Ti Fey Villa. Each villa provides views of the Caribbean Sea, a terrace with dining and lounge areas, pool, hammocks and more!

The original Zabuco Honeymoon Villa is built where proprietor Gregor Nassief had envisioned building his dream home, but instead built the perfect romantic getaway for adventurous couples. THIRDHOME guests will enjoy Secret Bay’s concierge who will create a personalized itenerary of experiences that include everything from extreme adventure activities to peaceful relaxation. Each residence has a dedicated villa attendant who is tasked with taking care of your every need during your stay, everything from preparing breakfast, to running a soothing hot bath after a day of exploring the island, and everything in between. Also included is complimentary use of all adventure equipment, including kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel gear, GoPro Hero4 – and more. Guests also have coveted access to two secluded beaches on property: Tibay Beach, located a short distance down the path from the villas, and Secret Beach, a private, golden-sand cove accessible only by water. Other fees apply and vary by villa. They are outlined on the property pages on the THIRDHOME website. Last, but not least, Secret Bay’s resort amenities also include: the Zing Zing Restaurant, Gommier Spa, Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, Zamann Water-sports Hut and Vetiver Sunset Deck. 

Zubuco Honeymoon Villa – 1 Bedroom 2 Guests

Zabuco Honeymoon Villas I & III – 1 Bedroom 2 guests

Ylang Ylang Villas I & II – 1 bedroom 2 Guests

Tifey Villa – 1 Bedroom 4 Guests

What’s best way to get there?  It’s true that Secret Bay is, “One of the world’s 7 secret Island getaways where one can lose the crowds and leave only footprints in the sand,” according to CNN. Located in Portsmouth, Dominica it exudes serenity and is situated for convenience for guests to reach. From the surrounding islands of St. Croix and St. Lucia you can fly directly into Dominica, cruise over, or sail in on an island-hopping ferry. Portsmouth is a city in the northern part of the island, near one of the island’s two airports and true to its namesake, it is a port to one of the islands two ferry ports. Click here to read more about travel instructions on Secret Bay’s website!

The accolades for the resort are endless:

Owners enjoy exclusive access to the resort’s premium 5-star services and additionally, Secret Bay and the Island of Dominica are working on a special offer for those who wish to invest in real estate on this beautiful island – to learn more about this offer and others, click here.

We look forward to hearing our members return from Secret Bay with rave reviews about the resort and the island of Dominica, much like the rest of the world. Book your stay at Secret Bay today – log in to view availability.

Are you feeling the pull of Latin America this year? THIRDHOME‘s new Partner Punta Pacifica Realty will cure your wanderlust with luxury accommodations in Panama. Punta Pacifica Realty is THIRDHOME‘s first Partner in Panama City, Panama. Punta Pacifica is an exclusive area that is home to a group of 18 luxury condominium towers overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Members will enjoy the prime location in the heart of Panama.

THIRDHOME members can reserve stays with Punta Pacifica and stay in the luxurious JW Marriott Panama. The JW Marriott Panama, formerly the Trump Ocean Club, offers a mix of traditional Panamanian culture and modern architecture in its unique design. The building currently offers 3 accommodation styles: one bedroom, two bedroom, and two bedroom and den residences, that can sleep up to 4 guests. On-site, there are endless activities and entertainment options from the pools to the restaurants, shopping and more. Punta Pacifica is a Panamanian Paradise – say that 3 times fast!

If you do make a trip to Punta Pacifica, be sure to start your day in Panama with a cup of coffee. Recognized as one of the most prestigious coffee producers in the world, this country is a coffee connoisseur’s dream! Panama is also known as the corridor between North and South America, which makes it so much more than just a tropical paradise. It has double the culture and double the coastline, as it is situated between Costa Rica in the North, Columbia on its Southern border, the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Pacific to the West. Plus, Punta Pacifica’s prime location allows you to venture out from your luxury accommodations to explore all this amazing city has to offer. Visitors to Panama have the world at their fingertips with the opportunity to zip line, hike, snorkel, whitewater raft or hike to the top of a volcano!

There are endless attractions to explore in Panama and THIRDHOME’s new partnership with Punta Pacifica Realty will provide members ample opportunities to visit. Members can now log in and book an available stay!

THIRDHOME members can now enjoy stays at Vidanta Resorts through the Exchange club.

THIRDHOME is proud to announce a new Affiliate partnership with Vidanta Resorts. THIRDHOME members will now have the chance to reserve stays at Vidanta for Keys plus an Exchange fee ranging from $395-1295! This is a phenomenal value compared to rental rates, and earning Keys is easy by giving time at your second home to other members.

From posh accommodations, pristine pools, and countless restaurants to exclusive amenities, Vidanta will impress at every turn. The AAA Five Diamond resort Grand Luxxe is now available to THIRDHOME Exchange members and represents the pinnacle of luxury, with over-the-top in-residence amenities and world-class service. Not only is Vidanta THIRDHOME’s newest Affiliate, it is one of our most prevalent yet, with locations spanning across Mexico. Vidanta boasts four destinations that will be available to THIRDHOME members by the end of this year, two of which members will have access to starting today. With this new Affiliate partnership, THIRDHOME members have access to the highest level of accommodations in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. This new Affiliate will allow THIRDHOME members more options for luxury accommodations with a variety of availability on both of Mexico’s coasts.



Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is located on the pacific coast of Mexico near Banderas Bay and cradled in the Sierra Madres. Below is a preview of a few of the lofts, suites, and residences at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.

Grand Luxxe Four Bedroom Residence at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta
Grande Luxxe Two Bedroom Villa at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta
Grand Luxxe One Bedroom Presidential Suite at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta


Vidanta’s Riviera Maya sits on the Caribbean, providing private beaches as well as a hidden jungle retreat. This destination was named Reader’s Choice Best Hotel in Mexico by Travel + Leisure México in 2017.

Grand Luxxe Three Bedroom Spa Suite at Vidanta Riviera Maya
Grand Luxxe Three Bedroom Loft at Vidanta Riviera Maya
Grand Luxxe Four Bedroom Residence at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Grand Luxxe at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya Resorts include amenities in your suite and countless activities throughout the resort:

  • Pool concierge
  • 24-hour concierge
  • Bellboys
  • Daily housekeeping and turn-down
  • 24-hour room service
  • Pillow menu
  • Morning coffee and tea
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning service*
  • Valet parking*
  • Car rental***
  • Travel agency***
  • 24-hour medical services*
  • In-room and resort Wi-Fi
  • Safety deposit box
  • Potable water & bottled water service*
  • Wedding and event planning services*
  • Babysitting service*
  • In-room dining with private chef*
  • In-room holiday decorations*

  • Packing service
  • Crib available upon request
  • Currency exchange
  • 24-hour shuttle service
  • Handicap accessible transportation
  • Live entertainment
  • Kid’s Club
  • Spa & fitness center
  • Golf and Club House
  • Tennis
  • Full kitchen with appliances**
  • In-room washer and dryer**
  • In-room massage cabin **
  • Nespresso machine**
  • Private terrace with plunge pool**
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Large-screen LCD TVs
  • Blu-ray player upon request
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Spacious marble bathrooms (double basin)
  • Bathrobes and slippers

* Additional charges may apply
** Availability varies depending on unit *** Service provided by third party company

Vidanta provides the next level luxury that THIRDHOME members expect. Upon completion of the Grand Luxxe accommodations in Los Cabos and Acapulco locations, members will have a variety of 28 accommodations of accommodations to choose from. Each space is uniquely designed, from one bedroom lofts to four bedroom residences, some accommodate up to 12 guests. Need a private terrace, Jacuzzi, gourmet kitchen, or plunge pool? All of these are available when visiting a Vidanta resort.

There is more to come from Vidanta, with something new or unique to experience at every destination. Vidanta has begun the construction of The Parks at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, a full-size amusement park and entertainment mecca. Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe resorts have everything you need for adventure or leisure: chef-driven dining, luxurious pools, and private beaches await! Stays are now available starting as soon as this April.

Click here to view available Vidanta Stays through THIRDHOME Exchange. (You must be a logged member in to see availability. Click here for more information about THIRDHOME Exchange, including information about how to join The Club.)

Do you want the privacy of a secluded cabin or villa on your vacation and the concierge perks that come with a hotel or resort? Maybe you are staying at a resort and you aren’t sure about using the in-house concierge for all your vacation needs. THIRDHOME is excited to announce our new partnership with KEY, an in-market service provider in prime vacation spots across the United States, for your vacation needs and travel insights.

After booking transportation and accommodations, many travelers are unsure of what reservations to make next. KEY can alleviate the question marks and get straight to helping reserve everything from pre-arrival necessities to departure transfers. Because of their partners and vendors both local and national, KEY has a network readily available for you.

Jason Carter, Director of Guest Services at KEY adds, “We are thrilled at the opportunity to serve THIRDHOME members, their families and guests and look forward to taking the burden of planning off their plate so that they can enjoy all that their destination has to offer.”

From wheels down to wheels up, KEY not only handles the essentials such as pre-arrival groceries, private chefs, and coveted dinner reservations, but delivers five-star personalized experiences. To experience the best your destination has to offer, KEY provides onsite services and arrangements, so you can simply arrive and relax.


KEY handles all the bookings for a small coordination fee and is available throughout your stay for any additional assistance.

Sean Judge, SVP of Operations at THIRDHOME says, “KEY allows the THIRDHOME experience to be even more enjoyable by taking all the guesswork out of planning those final trip details.” He goes on to say, “To make it even easier, KEY will be sending out a communication to members who have upcoming reservations at THIRDHOME stays in KEY’s service destinations. We are excited for the added ease and benefit KEY will bring our THIRDHOME members!”

To learn more about KEY visit:

Or, check out a few of their favorite offerings below.


Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping



Stock the Bar



Rental Car Delivery



Private in House Chef


What’s a ski chalet without skis? Make your next ski trip a breeze by letting Ski Butlers sweat the heavy stuff.


Let us make your ski-cation less stressful by helping you get all of your skis in a row, literally. As a member of THIRDHOME you already have access to residences at some of the world’s top ski destinations. Once you have reserved your THIRDHOME ski property, our partnership with Ski Butlers can add another touch of luxury to your ski vacation!



Ski Butlers allows you to reserve your ski gear in advance. They will bring you gear to your THIRDHOME ski residence and make sure it’s a perfect fit. A Ski Butlers representative will even come help you if you need new gear on the slopes! Additionally, you don’t have to pack the gear, they will pick it up when you are done. To top it off, THIRDHOME members get a 10% discount.


Ski Butlers


Gearing up a full family or large group for skiing can be a difficult challenge. THIRDHOME Senior Vice President of Business Development, Roger Conner knows first-hand, “I took a trip to Park City with my family to ski. There were 13 skiers, 5 of whom were kids. I was dreading the thought of rolling into a ski rental shop and trying to manage the chaos that was sure to ensue. Thankfully, I called our THIRDHOME Partner, Ski Butlers.”

If you have ski plans coming up, whether it’s at your own ski residence or a THIRDHOME residence, chances are Ski Butlers serves your location. You can find them at major American ski destinations, British Columbia and the French Alps. Sound appealing? Book gear with Ski Butlers this year using your special member benefit of 10% off!

Now that you know you’ve got the gear, if you don’t already have a place to stay, shall we interest you in a THIRDHOME chalet or full-service ski resort?


Book with Ski Butlers

Browse THIRDHOME Properties in prime ski destinations where you can add on an equipment rental with Ski Butlers:

[grid class=”justify-center”][cell class=”twelve small-six”]

[/cell][cell class=”twelve small-six”]

[/cell][cell class=”twelve small-six”]

[/cell][cell class=”twelve small-six”]   [/cell][/grid]

Watch the video below to learn how the Club works.

Watched the video? Still have questions? Contact our Member Experience team by emailing or by calling 615-454-2329.

Want more information about our Exchange Club? Click here to learn more about THIRDHOME.

Ready to deposit already? Here’s how!

Scroll down below to learn how to deposit a week using your desktop or your mobile device.

On Desktop


Visit and log in to your account. Then select “Dashboard” at the top of the toolbar. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset by clicking the “Forgot your password or username?” prompt on the login screen.


Once you are on your dashboard, select the “Add Weeks” button.

You will be brought to the deposits page, where you will select “Deposit Stays.”


You will then be brought to the “Add Weeks / Earn Keys” page. From there, select the start date on the calendar for the stay you would like to deposit. You will see how many Keys you earn for a 7-night available stay at your property.

Once you choose your desired week, click “Add and Continue.” You’ll have the opportunity to review your deposit and Name Your Price (if applicable) before it is final.

Note: The “Add Weeks / Earn Keys” page features a color-coded calendar:


Once you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, select the “I Agree” checkbox and then click “Confirm Deposits.” You may also choose “Name Your Price” during this step if desired.


Wait for our Member Experience Team to confirm your deposit. From this page, you can also make more deposits or manage your current deposits.

On Mobile


Visit and log in to your account.


Select “Account” at the bottom of the toolbar and then click “Deposit Stays.”


Once you are brought to the “Add Weeks / Earn Keys” page, scroll down to the calendar and select the start date for the stay you would like to deposit. You will see how many Keys you earn for a 7-night available stay at your property. Once you choose your desired week, click “Add and Continue.”


Once you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, select the “I Agree” checkbox and then click “Confirm Deposits.” You may also choose “Name Your Price” during this step if desired.


Wait for our Member Experience Team to confirm your deposit. From this page, you can also make more deposits or manage your current deposits.

We are excited to have you in the Club!

If you have additional questions, please reach out to the Member Experience Team by emailing

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