6 Reasons to House Swap for Your New York City Vacation

February 27, 2023 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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New York City remains one of the hottest tourist destinations worldwide, welcoming over 56 million visitors in 2022. It’s not surprising when one considers the wealth of entertainment, shopping, and cultural enrichment on offer in the city.

The Big Apple is famous for its cutting-edge art installations, world-class museums, exquisite dining, and premier sporting events. It’s also one of the top shopping destinations on Earth.

As such, it’s often difficult and expensive to find the accommodation you need when planning a New York City vacation.

If you’re accustomed to the finer things in life and wondering where to stay in NYC, a luxury house swap is the perfect solution for you. Keep reading to find out why.

New York City vacation apartment

1. A NYC House Swap Offers Variety

Traditionally, home swaps occur simultaneously. That means you and an interested party exchange homes during a specified period. Yet, that isn’t always a practical solution for both homeowners’ travel needs. Finding an exact match takes some luck and a lot of research. 

Fortunately, there is a solution. When you join a home exchange club like ThirdHome, you gain access to a large portfolio of vacation properties in various locations offering flexible dates.

When you offer your vacation home for exchange and pay a nominal annual fee, you receive travel credits that you can use to book an available luxury property anywhere in New York at a time that suits you.

Around 50% of the nation’s second homes are in New York, California, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. This assures you of a good variety of homes to choose from when you indulge in NYC house exchange services. You can choose from a swish city penthouse, a Hamptons beach mansion, or a trendy loft apartment, depending on your needs.

When you travel with ThirdHome, you also have access to high-end branded full-service properties courtesy of Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Equity Residences, Four Seasons, and more.

New York City vacation St. Regis

2. Travel Is So Much Simpler

A Manhattan house swap is around 90% cheaper than renting an equivalent Airbnb or hotel room, but the perks don’t end there. Many accommodations via home exchange services comprise family homes equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities for leisure travel. 

For instance, seaside homes may include sports equipment, fishing gear, and watercraft in the deal. Some properties are even child-friendly and come furnished with all the necessary equipment that small children need. 

This means you needn’t lug beach umbrellas and high chairs halfway across the country when you travel. You can search for properties based on specific criteria, or you can enquire about the facilities and furnishings provided and avoid any unpleasant surprises or shortfalls on arrival.

There’s no need to bring all these extra gadgets along, and there’s likely to be a fully-equipped kitchen with high-end appliances available in the home. So, you needn’t cart your favorite coffee maker or juicer along for the trip. 

What’s more, some homeowners may allow you to use their vehicle during your stay. Thanks to New York’s efficient public transport system, you’ll barely need a vehicle, and parking can be challenging, but it’s useful to have a car handy for day trips.

3. You’re Assured of Top-Quality Accommodations

In terms of luxury, high-end home swap services operate on a like-for-like basis. This assures you of a home-away-from-home experience without compromising quality when traveling to NYC. 

That doesn’t mean you need to own the same type of home, though. You can swap your sprawling Colorado ranch home for a swanky New York penthouse. 

You never need to worry about arriving in sub-standard accommodation in a run-down part of town. Home swap companies vet all their members and qualify their properties before adding them to the portfolio of available homes.

These one million to 50 million dollar properties may include features like hot tubs, state-of-the-art equipment, games rooms, undercover private parking, custom furnishings, and priceless views.

You don’t need to share any of these facilities with other travelers like you do when you stay in a hotel. You can enjoy your meals when and where you want to without the fetters of dining room dress codes and set meal times. 

In short, you’re staying in accommodation that’s furnished and equipped to a standard that’s good enough for their families. 

Both homeowners and guests rate and review their home swap experience, so everyone knows what to expect when entering this type of arrangement. 

New York City vacation luxurious accomodation

4. You’ll Maximize Your New York City Vacation

New Yorkers are notoriously private people, and it isn’t easy to make friends even when you live there. A home swap can help you feel more at home in this often impersonal city.

If you’re enjoying a home swap, the neighbors view you as a guest of the homeowner rather than a tourist. This means you could enjoy higher levels of personalized and attentive service and might even scoop up a few friendly invitations to dinner. 

Welcoming neighbors are also a great source of information regarding local eateries, events, and entertainment. The homeowner may leave a list of recommendations for your convenience, too. 

Location is everything in a popular destination like New York. Most home swap vacation properties occupy sought-after addresses in the city, where you’ll have no problem getting to NYC’s top museums, theaters, parks, restaurants, and shopping districts. 

Despite their excellent locations, home swaps aren’t always situated in the heart of tourist areas. So, you’ll find yourself shopping and eating at places geared toward residents rather than vacationers. 

Not only will this shield you from inflated tourist prices, but it’s also the best way to live like a local during your stay. 

New York hotel prices are set to soar by another 8% this year, so you could save hundreds of dollars with a home exchange arrangement, too.  

Thanks to savings on your accommodation fees, you can lap up more of the city’s high-end diversions without any budget-related guilt. You can also afford to stay longer and take in more of the sights. 

5. It’s Easier to Find Accommodations

Peak vacation season in New York means exorbitant prices and limited availability. When you opt for a home swap, you can avoid this chaos and even pull off a last-minute booking in some cases.

Homeowners with vacation properties in the city often feel like heading somewhere different at Christmas time. They might prefer to enjoy the warmer climes of southern California in December, allowing you access to their home and lap up the magical holiday-filled environment of New York.

Home swaps aren’t always like traditional rental accommodation options that fill up long before the holidays roll around. While peak season periods are always in higher demand, you’re competing with fewer people at these times because you’re part of an exclusive club.

When you opt for a home swap, you can remove the urgency of finding and booking accommodation months in advance, offering greater flexibility for your New York stay.

New York City vacation holiday

6. It’s the Best Use of Your Investment

A cost-effective, convenient, and luxurious New York vacation is a fantastic return for all the effort you put into keeping your second home vacation-ready.

Maintaining a second home is a costly endeavor and can become a frustrating financial burden unless you use it often. While vacation rentals can yield some profit, they may also lead to excessive wear and tear, maintenance costs, and avoidable repairs.

You never know who is going to arrive to occupy your highly-prized investment and whether they’ll take good care of it.

Limited occupancy via a home exchange program is a far safer bet. When you make your home available to like-minded vacationers, you greatly reduce the risks associated with allowing strangers to stay in your house. 

By the same token, when you engage in a luxury New York house swap, you know you’re staying in good quality, exclusive-use accommodation that isn’t worn down from overuse. 

Best of all, when you join a home exchange club like ThirdHome, you’re guaranteed up to $5M in host protection.

Consider Your Options Today

New York is undoubtedly one of the world’s top destinations. A New York City vacation gives you access to a vast range of experiences ranging from bustling nightlife to serene cultural immersion. 

You can immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, enjoy a luxurious experience, avoid the stress of excessive packing, and get great value for your money.  

NYC is the ideal something-for-everyone destination and among the top choices for well-heeled travelers. When you sign up for a home exchange program, you’ve got access to all of this, plus a host of other premier properties around the globe. 

 Sign up with ThirdHome now and start planning your next great escape. 

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