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3 Unique Properties to Stay at with THIRDHOME

June 13, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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At THIRDHOME it’s difficult to discern between the many premier properties that are listed by our members. Each home carries its own special flair. Be it the cabins of the cascading Swiss Alps or the Neo-Renaissance villas of Italy, choosing a home to visit is awfully hard to do! That’s why the THIRDHOME team has chosen three unique properties this week to feature. And unique means unique. Interested in 13th-century European history? Perhaps learning about California’s sustainable architecture is more your style? If you’re still having trouble deciding on a property to reserve, a quick meditation and yoga session on the coast of Indonesia might do you some good.

Check out these unique properties in THIRDHOME’s portfolio:

Wing House in Malibu, California

Unique properties malibu wing

Hiking in the golden hills of Santa Monica you feel a rumble and the sound of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter tearing through the blue California sky. You half expect a bit of Wagner to pour out the helicopter’s speakers, but you soon notice that the helicopter is carrying the wing of a Boeing 747 below it. This isn’t wartime, it’s extremely sustainable architecture. This was the image in Santa Monica in 2011 when David Hertz was finishing his most notable project, the Wing House. The Chinook helicopters carried a decommissioned Boeing 747, piece by piece, to complete the home. Using mostly prefabricated airplane materials, Hertz was able to greatly reduce his greenhouse emissions, and help ensure the long-lasting beauty of the local ecology. With a 60-ft pool and 55-acres of hills, this is the California escape you’ve been waiting for. Crash landing not included.

Available on THIRDHOME Rentals.

Bavaria House in Essenbach, Germany

unique properties bavaria

Enter the historic lands of Bavaria, whose beauty and architecture inspired Germanic fairy tales throughout the ages. The rounded and flamboyant architecture of this house may even remind you of something from the Grimm’s tome of fantasy. Look out the window (of this home) and you may be even more convinced. The Bavaria House has a direct view of the Trausnitz Castle which was built in 1204 A.D.  Overshadowing the town of Landshut, Trausnitz Castle was built for Duke Ludwig I of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The Castle has served many uses – from royal palace to noble prison, to army hospital. The land and architecture of Landshut are drenched with history, and The Bavaria House is the perfect launching point. Just be sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs on your way out!

The Mandala House in Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Unique properties indonesia

Californian interiors and Bali architecture meet in this stunning villa in the coastal village of Canggu. The once quiet village of Canggu has recently taken on a new life as a hot new surf spot. Attractions such as The Temple of Enthusiasm brings the zen of Indonesia and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance all under one roof. Enter one of The Temple’s motorcycle garages with a beer, or have them wax down your board for the surf—they do it all. Businesses like The Temple are catching the wave of tourism that’s helping bring even more amenities to the low paddy fields of Canggu. But those quiet peaceful fields are far from gone at the Mandala House. Have one of Bali’s top yoga instructors join you on the terrace to find your morning balance. Afterward, you might cool off in the glass bottom pool that overlooks the paddy rows. Then, close down the day by enjoying the downstairs pool which has a copper swim-up bar.

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