Made popular in Europe, plunge pools are becoming a popular alternative to larger and harder to maintain pools. They also help home owners save big on water, space and electricity.


According to Home Advisor, a standard in-ground pool can cost up to $57,000, while plunge pools cap out around $25,000. An average or mid-sized pool will typically exceed 600 square feet. Plunge pools are loosely defined as being less than 600 square feet and being less than 6 feet deep. If you’re looking to add a dose of luxury to your backyard without breaking the bank, a thoughtfully laid out plunge pool might do the trick. Or you might just want to jump into a few of the pools below during your next stay.


Check out our Top 6 THIRDHOME Plunge Pool Picks to inspire your next stay or home renovation project:


6. Placencia, Belize

Little Harvest Caye Plunge Pool

Private Island of Little Harvest Caye

Capping off an amazing open-air living space is Little Harvest Caye’s plunge pool. Featuring stunning ocean views, in-water seating and a volleyball setup, this plunge pool is designed for summer fun and relaxation. This pool is perfect for poolside piña coladas and endless sunbathing, while keeping fresh water requirements low. Fresh water is a commodity on many salt water islands, especially the private ones. That’s why this plunge pool design works so perfectly for Little Harvest Caye. It’s just enough pool to cool off, have fun and feel like you’re staying in true luxury.

Property Page

5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo san lucas mexico plunge pool

Casa Arrecifes

Two plunge pools for the price of one! This Cabo San Lucas property features two kidney shaped pools that jut into the coast, giving the illusion that the surf could hit you at any moment. Even better, one of these pools is actually a hot tub. This is a popular combination for fans of Contrast Therapy–a post workout technique in which athletes immerse themselves in extremely cold water followed by hot water. Believed to increase circulation and help the muscles relax, Contrast Therapy has also found popularity in an audience apart from professional athletes: luxury homeowners. Homes like Casa Arrecifes allow guests to unwind in unique fashion and with incredible views.

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4. Canggu, Indonesia

Canggu indonesia plunge pool

Como Uma Canggu-Luxury Penthouse

Welcome to the most romantic plunge pool in Bali. Located at the Como Uma Canggu beachfront resort, these penthouse plunge pools are the best thing to happen to a master suite since heated floors and in-room jacuzzis. On the larger end of the plunge pool spectrum, this pool measures in at about 540 square feet. Step through the Master suite’s sliding glass doors and you’ll notice the 45 degree receding roofline adorned by green ivy. Giving you the best of both worlds, this roof design keeps the deck area partially shaded while letting the pool be fully exposed to the sun and dramatic ocean views.  If you’re looking for an idyllic tropical getaway look no further. You may consider installing one off your master bedroom back home after experiencing this kind of luxury first-hand.

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3. Kalkan, Turkey

Turkey Plunge pool

Ketchy Villa

Facing Kalkan Bay, this Turkish Villa pool terrace is a refreshing mix of modern and old world charm. Featuring a blue-tile infinity plunge pool, this villa’s pool area pushes the limits of what a plunge pool can be. Rooftop pools usually require great feats of engineering and architecture, considering the additional load placed on the structure. And retrofitting a property for a rooftop pool usually isn’t worth the trouble, much less building an infinity pool (another mechanical feat). That’s why there’s so much to appreciate when staying at Ketchy Villa. The owners managed to transform a classically designed seaside Turkish home into a modern luxury holiday retreat, in large part due to the rooftop plunge pool feature. Be sure to consult an architect or engineer before installing one on your roof!

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2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas plunge pool

Palms Place Penthouse

If you thought Ketchy Villa’s rooftop design was daring, consider swimming over Las Vegas at this plunge pool at the Palms Place Penthouse. A cantilevered t-shape design allows this tiny pool to hover over the city, making for stunning city views. If you have a fear of heights, the transparent bottom may shock you at first. But the surrounding glass safety walls and reinforced tile entry will soon redirect your attention to the bright lights of Vegas. The 1,000 square foot balcony also features living and entertaining space around the plunge pool. If you’re looking for unique plunge pool design, this is the pinnacle.

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1. Palm Springs, California

palm springs plunge pool

Palm Springs Modern

Simple, modern and beautiful. This Palm Springs home features an elegant plunge pool that blends seamlessly into the landscaping. Earth tones, rock and desaturated greens dot the hillside complementing the pool’s blue, and the patio’s white, umber and sienna decor. It’s no wonder Elle Decor and Land Rover both used this location for brand photo shoots. The desert locale is perfect weather for enjoying a refreshing splash. The pool also has a heating feature for cold desert nights when the stars are at their peak visibility. If you’re looking for a subtle touch of luxury that can fit into most residential designs, this plunge pool is the perfect choice.

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THIRDHOME members have recently returned from Lombok, Indonesia, and Loule, Portugal. Keep reading to learn about their THIRDHOME experience!



Kayu Villa | Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Kayu Villa is located in the Jabon Hills, overlooking the Selong Belanak Bay. From the moment you set your eyes on this luxurious, modern villa you will be hooked. The spacious living area is met with sliding doors that open up to the exceptional private pool, creating a view like no other. The two bedrooms offer a relaxing atmosphere with easy access to the surrounding patio. The property offers easy access to clubhouse facilities like the main pool, bar and restaurant. This stunning property is situated in a secluded area and is only a short drive to the beach.

THIRDHOME member Janos says, “First of all – Lombok is incredible. ‘Photoshop-green’ on the island, blue on the sea and various colors of sand in between… Selong Selo is a top-notch resort with separate villas with their own garden, infinity pool etc…The uninterrupted view is literally breathtaking, and at the same time, the garden is very intimate.” click here to read more of Janos’s review



Casa Monte Santa Luzia | Loule, Portugal

Portugal is an outstanding destination due to its rich history, relaxing nature and breathtaking views. The town of Loule is in the Algarve region and will provide you with all of these virtues. Casa Monte Santa Luzia is located in an ideal location and comes with great amenities for an unforgettable week with the family. All 5 bedrooms offer plenty of space for a large gathering and can fit up to 10 people. The villa is surrounded by beautiful, rural landscapes, while also being close to golf courses, tennis courts and water activities. A stay at Casa Monte Santa Luzia is one you won’t forget.

THIRDHOME member Nicola says, “Casa Monte Santa Luzia is the perfect place to spend a relaxing week in the sunny Algarve. The villa is beautifully kept and very well equipped – there’s little reason to leave.” click here to read more of Nicola’s review


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Best known by THIRDHOME members for their interior design work at The Mandala House, Design 4 Corners has made a name for themselves working on extraordinary residences around the globe.

Design 4 Corners, an interior design firm based out of Encinitas, California, is sharing their tips for achieving three distinct looks for your second home.


No matter where your home is located, one of these looks is sure to dazzle. Bring exterior natural landscapes inside to play with the Urban Jungle Villa look.  Is your home on the beach? Throw out the seashell decor and try out Design 4 Corner’s refreshed Beach House Look. Finally, for the mountain dwellers, some tips on achieving a cozy yet modern ski chalet look.

Design 4 Corners

Design 4 Corners

Design 4 Corners


Use these tips to help take your second home to the next level and really wow your guests! Which look do you think you’ll try? Interested in more design inspiration from Design 4 Corners? Click the link below to check out their other residential projects.

Check out Design 4 Corners’ portfolio of residential design work here.

The Mandala House in Bali, Indonesia, is a place I called home for my heavenly week-long escape. 



And what a home it is. Named by ‘Elle’  as one of the “Most Beautiful Homes in the World” in 2017, it’s easy to understand why. 


As you walk in through the home gates, you’ll immediately see the grand infinity pool with a bar and seats within the pool, then look up and you’ll see the second pool upstairs, which has a glass bottom. It is simply incredible.  

Inside, the decor of this home is some of the best I have ever seen. The blue luscious couches and chairs throughout the home were a perfect contrast to the brown floors and grey walls of The Mandala House. The kitchen is show stopping; more of an art corner than just a kitchen, and the real large palm tree next to the counter adds a fun and exotic touch. 


Upstairs you will find the blue TV room hidden behind a glass bookcase and also the master bedroom, inclusive of a 4-poster bed, glass bedroom walls and a spacious large bathroom with your own private outdoor shower.  

There are three other, fully contained rooms within the home, each one with its own unique decor and spacious bathrooms. They all have their own private outdoor showers. (I’m a really big fan of outdoor showers.)

The home cinema and fully-equipped gym, as well as the in-home yoga and massages (which are highly recommend), are also worth quickly mentioning.  


As for Bali itself, I was much more impressed than I thought I would be. 


The food is something that must be highlighted. In Bali, I indulged in some of the best foods I’ve ever had in my life.

The Japanese at One Eyed Jacks will forever haunt me, as it was the best Japanese I’ve tasted. 
And I’ve even been to Japan and still confidently say that. 
I dined out almost every meal because there is just so much to choose from. And best of all, it’s all very fresh and healthy food.  

The Balinese have created a food culture that significantly appeals to the tourists. 


The cafe decor is always impressive which also provides a feast for the eyes.


Which brings me to my next point. Yes, Bali is filled with tourists. Mostly Australians to be honest, but the local culture is still prominent. 

The locals still stick to their rituals of morning prayers and offerings every day, the local villages still have the Asian characteristics, but thanks to the tourists, you have the best facilities available to you for important things like your meal time. 

Bali is a surfing haven. If you’ve never surfed before, this is a great place to learn. If you’re a wave riding pro, you’ll be thrilled with the waves on offer. 



Other water sports include diving, boat rides to nearby islands, parasailing, banana boat rides and of course swimming. 
The local sights in Bali, such as the countless waterfalls are breathtaking. So are all the temples in Bali.  

A strong recommendation of mine for Bali if you are up for it is hiring a scooter and riding around the windy roads of this paradise. It may seem like chaos at first, but once you start riding, it’s a rush overtaking all the cars and feeling the wind on your face.  

Just make sure to wear sunscreen. You’ll need it in Bali as the weather is almost always perfect.  


Who would I recommend Bali to? 

Those seeking a week of sun and total relaxation and those looking for an exotic paradise that has strong elements of comfort and fabulous food.

You will still feel adventurous as there are major cultural differences, however the locals will make you feel more than welcome. They make you feel like family. 

 -Sorelle Amore

During her trip to Bali, Sorelle stayed at The Mandala HouseClick here to view all THIRDHOME properties in Bali.

Sorelle Amore won THIRDHOME‘s “Best Job On The Planet,” which garnered more than 17,000 applications from around the world. In her position as a Luxury Travel Connoisseur for THIRDHOME, she is traveling the world, staying in 12 luxury homes.

THIRDHOME is the exclusive luxury property and travel club that enables second home owners to exchange time in their home for stays in spectacular destinations around the world. Click here for more information on how to become a member.

Sorelle Amore, THIRDHOME‘s Best Job On The Planet winner, explores Bali while staying at THIRDHOME property The Mandala House. The Mandala House was recently voted one of “The World’s Most Beautiful Homes” by Elle Decoration.

Members, want to experience your own Indonesian getaway? Click here to browse THIRDHOME properties in Indonesia, and get ready to plan your next trip!

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Sorelle Amore, THIRDHOME‘s Best Job On The Planet winner, gives a tour of a THIRDHOME Exchange property, The Mandala House, in Bali. The Mandala House was voted one of “The World’s Most Beautiful Homes” by Elle Decoration.

THIRDHOME Exchange members travel to beautiful homes like The Mandala House by leveraging unused time in their luxury second homes. They share a mindset for luxury and exploration, and are able to travel the world for a fraction of the cost.

With a THIRDHOME membership, you can stay in luxury accommodations while not paying high rental rates, but instead, by using travel credits earned for submitting unused time in your home (to be used by other home owners) and a nominal Exchange fee. Click here to learn more about joining THIRDHOME.

Members, want to visit Indonesia? Click here to browse THIRDHOME properties in Indonesia, and get ready to plan your next trip!

What are THIRDHOME members saying about their luxury home exchange trips (to Indonesia and Alaska) this week?



Indramaya Villa | Bali, Indonesia

Experience the natural beauty of Bali from the hilltop view of this gorgeous villa. The property has room for 10 people not including the villa staff that will cater to your every need. Enjoy the view of Balinese gardens from one of the two pools at this property. Explore the many sites of Bali with the private car and driver that accompanies the villa. A trained in-house chef is also available to make your trip effortless. This property is located at the southern end of Bali, making the nearby beaches and surf spots highly accessible. If you haven’t experienced Bali luxury this is the perfect place to start.

THIRDHOME member Marina says,“It was our first time in Bali and our stay at Indramaya Villa has been better than a dream…We are very grateful to the owner, the villa’s staff and THIRDHOME for this amazing experience!” Click here to read more of Marina’s review. 


Alaksa Indonesia

Nirvana North | Girdwood, Alaska

This sleek mountain retreat is located in the Chugach Moutain range of Alaska, adjacent to the Chugach National Forest. This property can sleep up to 10 people and features many large living areas. Just outside the property, you can hear the gurgling of glacial streams and waterfalls. Moose and bear sightings are not uncommon in this area, especially given the tasty wild blueberries that grow around the property. Alyeska Ski Resort is also just a 5-minute drive away. If you want to escape into nature without sacrificing comfort, Nirvana North is the property for you.

THIRDHOME member Michael says,“Our stay at Nirvana North was absolutely lovely. The house was a work of art itself, and yet very comfortable…Truly one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas on the planet.” Click here to read more of Michael’s review. 


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At THIRDHOME it’s difficult to discern between the many premier properties that are listed by our members. Each home carries its own special flair. Be it the cabins of the cascading Swiss Alps or the Neo-Renaissance villas of Italy, choosing a home to visit is awfully hard to do! That’s why the THIRDHOME team has chosen three unique properties this week to feature. And unique means unique. Interested in 13th-century European history? Perhaps learning about California’s sustainable architecture is more your style? If you’re still having trouble deciding on a property to reserve, a quick meditation and yoga session on the coast of Indonesia might do you some good.

Check out these unique properties in THIRDHOME’s portfolio:

Wing House in Malibu, California

Unique properties malibu wing

Hiking in the golden hills of Santa Monica you feel a rumble and the sound of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter tearing through the blue California sky. You half expect a bit of Wagner to pour out the helicopter’s speakers, but you soon notice that the helicopter is carrying the wing of a Boeing 747 below it. This isn’t wartime, it’s extremely sustainable architecture. This was the image in Santa Monica in 2011 when David Hertz was finishing his most notable project, the Wing House. The Chinook helicopters carried a decommissioned Boeing 747, piece by piece, to complete the home. Using mostly prefabricated airplane materials, Hertz was able to greatly reduce his greenhouse emissions, and help ensure the long-lasting beauty of the local ecology. With a 60-ft pool and 55-acres of hills, this is the California escape you’ve been waiting for. Crash landing not included.

Available on THIRDHOME Rentals.

Bavaria House in Essenbach, Germany

unique properties bavaria

Enter the historic lands of Bavaria, whose beauty and architecture inspired Germanic fairy tales throughout the ages. The rounded and flamboyant architecture of this house may even remind you of something from the Grimm’s tome of fantasy. Look out the window (of this home) and you may be even more convinced. The Bavaria House has a direct view of the Trausnitz Castle which was built in 1204 A.D.  Overshadowing the town of Landshut, Trausnitz Castle was built for Duke Ludwig I of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The Castle has served many uses – from royal palace to noble prison, to army hospital. The land and architecture of Landshut are drenched with history, and The Bavaria House is the perfect launching point. Just be sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs on your way out!

The Mandala House in Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Unique properties indonesia

Californian interiors and Bali architecture meet in this stunning villa in the coastal village of Canggu. The once quiet village of Canggu has recently taken on a new life as a hot new surf spot. Attractions such as The Temple of Enthusiasm brings the zen of Indonesia and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance all under one roof. Enter one of The Temple’s motorcycle garages with a beer, or have them wax down your board for the surf—they do it all. Businesses like The Temple are catching the wave of tourism that’s helping bring even more amenities to the low paddy fields of Canggu. But those quiet peaceful fields are far from gone at the Mandala House. Have one of Bali’s top yoga instructors join you on the terrace to find your morning balance. Afterward, you might cool off in the glass bottom pool that overlooks the paddy rows. Then, close down the day by enjoying the downstairs pool which has a copper swim-up bar.

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