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THIRDHOME is the largest upscale home exchange for second homeowners. Club Members add 7-night stays from their residence into the club where they earn travel credits so they can immediately reserve other members’ homes in the Club.

The specific week you add to the Club for other members to book earns you a certain number of travel credits called “Keys.” Some weeks are worth more Keys than other weeks, depending on the quality of the residence and the season of the year. See this 50-second video about Keys to learn more.

  1. Contact your resort and reserve your residence for a given week and pay any required maintenance fees.
  2. Get a confirmation number for that booking from your resort.
  3. Visit and log in to your account (hint, the username is your email).
  4. Navigate to Dashboard.
  5. Select the “Add Weeks” button.
  6. You will be brought to the “Add Weeks / Earn Keys” page, where you will see your calendar and how many keys you will receive for adding a given week at your residence.
  7. Once you choose your reserved week, click “Submit Deposits.”
  8. Enter your Resort Reservation Confirmation Number.
  9. Select the “I Agree” checkbox and then click “Confirm Deposit Submission.”

You will receive Keys when you put your weeks into the Club as long as the check-in date for the week you add is more than 60 days from today’s date and is not off-season (hurricane season) on your calendar. You only receive keys if these weeks are reserved by another member.

Below is a THIRDHOME calendar specific to a 2-Bedroom Residence at Diamante that shows the Keys (travel credits) you would earn for any particular week you add.

(To see the specific calendar that applies to the unit you own, you will need to login to your account, navigate to your dashboard, and click on the blue button that says “add weeks”):

*Note the right column is the number of Keys you receive for adding that specific week:

Typically 7 nights

THIRDHOME has over 6,000 weeks available at any given time (more than all our exchange industry competitors combined). However, availability comes and goes as Members reserve weeks and other Club Members add weeks into the club. See video.

To see availability, along with the specific amount of Keys a week is worth, you will need to activate your account and login. You can click on any property and see all available weeks, along with the Key value for each week here, there is a range (e.g. 3 – 9) because some weeks will require more keys to book than slower travel times of the year.

Example: Showing 3 properties out of over 15,000!

IMPORTANT: See this short video about what you can expect in the club. Members that love to travel and are a bit flexible in where they want to go will LOVE THIRDHOME.

Yes, Owners will need to pay their maintenance fee prior to offering their week(s) to THIRDHOME. This is a requirement of the resort, not THIRDHOME. 

Yes, along with paying any required maintenance fee, Owners will need to reserve the week they plan to add into THIRDHOME that other members can book. Most resorts will give you a confirmation number that THIRDHOME will need to confirm the week. 

One of the best features of being a member! When a week in the club is available and the check-in date is 30 days or less from arrival – you can book these weeks using ZERO keys and only pay the exchange fee. Book one of these today! (hint: you will need to be logged in to see availability).

When you give a Key earning week (not off-season or short notice), that will give you unlimited access to book Keyless for 24 months! Book one of these today! (hint: you will need to be logged in to see availability).

You pay an exchange fee to THIRDHOME when you book a property. The exchange fee ranges from $495 to $1,895 per trip. Annual Dues are a one-time payment of $295 starting in January following your enrollment date. You do not need to pay the annual dues unless you travel in a given year.

Contact your resort. Many THIRDHOME members who want more keys (e.g. travel credits) can contact their resort and take a week from the back-end of their contract and add it to the club now to earn keys to travel. You can submit weeks into THIRDHOME that have a check-in date 24 months into the future.

Yes. Keys don’t expire until 24 months from the start date of the week you add to the club.

No, but the Key value and exchange fee will not change if you stay less than 7 nights.

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