Christopher Martin Gallery

Christopher Martin Galleries create the perfect atmosphere to showcase the breadth of Martin’s work in painting and editions, along with the work of many others, including abstract art, mixed media works, and sculptures. With locations in Vail, Aspen, Houston, and Dallas, THIRDHOME members may visit in person or online.



Either visit the gallery online or in person and browse through the section of available art.



Find something you like. If in person, let them know you’re a member, or if online, inquire via email.



1 Key is worth $500 in credit value off of the art list price. Multiple Keys can be used to cover a maximum credit of up to 20% per art purchase.

Example: A piece of art is priced at $20,000. You may use 1-8 Keys towards that purchase. So if you apply 1 Key, the art will cost $19,500. If you choose maximum member pricing, you may use up to 8 Keys, with the final price of $16,000 (plus any local tax).

Additional Member Perk:
Members may host private events at the Aspen and Vail galleries, and the venue fee will be waived. Please enquire for details.  (A savings of $7k to $3k based on location.)

Christopher Martin Gallery Locations


100 E. Meadow Dr. Vail Village


525 E. Cooper Ave. Aspen, CO 81611


2625 Colquitt St. Houston, TX 77098


1533 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207


For art Purchase: Prior to transacting an art purchase, gallery staff will validate the number of available Keys. The minimum art purchase amount to apply your first Key is $2500. The total amount in Key value can not exceed 20%. This special pricing will be rounded to the closest number in increments of $500. For example, if the discount is $2200 then 4 keys will be deducted. If the discount is $2900 then 6 keys will be deducted from the member account.

For private venue events: To book a private event, please request in writing via email a description of the event, the expected number of guests and event hours (typically 5pm to 8pm). Christopher Martin Gallery reserve the rights to accept or reject THIRDHOME requested event dates based on availability or other factors. Any costs associated with such events such as F&B, photographer, DJ, Christopher Martin Gallery staff, additional furniture, special installation, cleaning services, event set-up and take down and any unforeseen expenses will be at member’s expense & paid in advance.

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