Villa Punto de Vista

Villa Punto de Vista in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

September 28, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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Welcome to Villa Punto da Vista in the beautiful rich jungle of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. Architecturally speaking, this may be one of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful place I’ve ever stayed in.

This was the very first project of architect David Konwiser. Usually some may shy away from showcasing their firsts; however in this case, it’s a masterpiece even for the advanced architects.

Every detail within the home has been well thought through. The intention of the villa was to combine elements of a 5-star hotel through the service, elegance, sophistication and ambience, but provide a private space for an intimate experience. And the blend of these two worlds is done flawlessly.

Besides the outstanding staff, the architectural genius is reflected in the awards this villa has collected over the past 8 years. The villa’s location will wow you, it is in close proximity to all the best activities Costa Rica has on offer including ATV, horse riding, waterfall exploration, whale watching, surfing and more.

Not only are you lucky enough to be enjoying your daily freshly-cooked breakfasts overlooking one of the most stunning views within Costa Rica, but also you’re surrounded by dense jungle, just minutes away from the beach.

The property itself has been erected upwards, covering only 7% of the 2.5 acres of private rainforest land, meaning there is more space for native friends to be staring at you from their trees just a few feet away. I’m talking about the sloths, the three different types of monkeys (including the endangered squirrel monkey which is only in Manuel Antonio – where the villa is located), the toucan birds, the iguanas and other stunning wildlife Costa Rica is known for.

Villa Punto de Vista in Costa Rica was created with entertainment in mind. Every room has surround sound operated through a wireless iPad for you to access whatever online source you desire, huge open spaces on the roof deck and the first floor to dance the night away, large projector screens to watch your favourite films on or football matches (must be done when in Costa Rica), a stunning infinity pool which is practically part of the jungle as it’s surrounded by the most dense trees, the multiple bars within the home, a large professional grade kitchen if you would like to arrange a chef to entertain your palette, the 5th story Jacuzzi which is above the tree tops and hammocks all throughout.

As a side perk, ensure you book a yoga instructor and masseuse to come to the villa. I did my first headstand in my private yoga session (it was actually surprisingly easy and I’m a beginner at yoga), and the massage that followed was one of a kind as it was during sunset and when an intense thunderstorm was happening. I was listening to heavy sound of pouring rain and thunder as my body was attended to.

The villa has everything you could possibly desire within one space.

It’s a perfect place for weddings, corporate retreats, groups or family escapes. There is no place that can match the experience at this villa.

The greatest part of my stay within the villa was the warmth and the care received by the staff. Within days the staff felt like family, attending to my every need and desperately wanting to ensure I have the greatest experience possible in their country.

Whether it was suggesting or organising the best local tours or restaurants, or driving the 4wd ATV down to the beach so I could swim in the warmest ocean I have ever been in, I was in the best hands.

Another beautiful aspect of the villa was the green, sustainable factor of this breathtaking residence.

Much of the electricity within the home is created naturally through solar roof panels and the building itself was heavily created from recycled materials – such as the tiles created from recycled plastic. 

A truly remarkable, thoughtful and conscious residence which is like no other. All the elements mentioned and the endless other aspects which I could write about for hours will guarantee you one of the best weeks of your life.  

-Sorelle Amore

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