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Travel & Concierge Review: Honeymoon in Paradise

September 11, 2017 • By THIRDHOME

Ever planned a wedding? It’s a seemingly never-ending gauntlet of picking linens and politely arguing with vendors. The honeymoon, in theory, should be a welcome reprieve from all the stresses of wedding planning, but travel planning can be just as demanding. That’s why THIRDHOME offers seamless happily-ever-afters through its Travel & Concierge department. THIRDHOME‘s Travel & Concierge department doesn’t just book your plane tickets and hotel, they book your entire honeymoon experience. Read more to find out what that full-package experience means.

Lauren Parks recently returned from her honeymoon in Maui. Check out what she had to say about her curated experience!



Liz (THIRDHOME‘s Director of Travel & Concierge Services) was AMAZING! Our honeymoon was AMAZING! Everything about our THIRDHOME Travel & Concierge service was AMAZING! 


Liz provided my husband and I with so many different food options, excursion options and shopping spots. We knew Maui wasn’t going to disappoint! We talked on the phone a few different times and she told us all the best places to hit during our week stay in Hawaii. She knew what to pass on and the places we just had to see!


She was so passionate about Maui and had been there a few times herself- she got us so excited! Liz sent us an organized list of a ton of different options that she recommended. From that list, all we had to do was tell her what we wanted to do and it was planned! I mean how easy (and we needed easy during wedding planning)!


She booked us a car for the week and it was so easy to pick up at the airport!


From the moment we checked into the Kea Lani Resort we were treated like royal guests!  Liz booked us the best room and we really felt at home the entire stay. We went snorkeling, went to dinner at the famous Old Lahaina Luau, went on a helicopter tour (our favorite), had dinner at Mama’s Fish House (a must) and drove the road to Hana.


It was an amazing week and we made memories that will last a lifetime!


Thank you, Liz, for everything you did. Get ready to help us plan our next trip!

– Lauren Parks

honeymoon liz

With 28 years of travel planning experience, Liz Bates is a maestro of curating unforgettable experiences.

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Special thanks and congratulations to member Lauren Parks for reviewing her honeymoon!