ThirdHome Discontinues Luxury Rentals, Shifts Focus to Home Exchanges and Travel Experiences

April 4, 2023 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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ThirdHome has discontinued its Luxury Rental Program due to efforts to refocus on its business model and long-term goals. The decision was made after careful consideration and with the company’s and its members’ best interests in mind. While the Luxury Rental Program had been a successful part of the company’s offerings in the past, ThirdHome believes that focusing on its areas of true expertise of providing quality luxury home exchanges and amazing travel experiences aligns with what its members want.

As the luxury market constantly evolves, ThirdHome is committed to evolving with it. The company understands that its members value convenience, trust, and variety and is continuing to explore ways to expand its offerings to meet these needs. In addition, ThirdHome’s focus on real estate opportunities, luxury lifestyle offerings, and other areas of the luxury travel industry will allow the company to serve its members better and provide even greater value. This move aligns more closely with its mission and vision and will be better positioned to provide exceptional service and support to its members.

If you own a second home and want to learn how to become a member of the fastest-growing and largest luxury home exchange that includes resorts, private homes, and even yachts, we’d love to meet you.

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