The Pros and Cons of a Home Swap Vacation

September 2, 2022 • By Mark Attwood


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Have you ever considered letting someone else live in your space while you living in theirs? It’s called a home swap vacation!

There are amazing perks to home swapping, and we know them all! Read along to learn the pros and cons of a house swap!

Pro: You Can Explore the World While Feeling at Home

There are so many beautiful countries to see and cities to explore. With home swapping, you have unlimited new locations to see while still feeling somewhat at home.

Staying in another home gives you the feeling that you really live in the place you’re visiting. For whatever amount of time you choose to stay, you get to experience the town, city, or state like you are a true local.

You’re not missing out on any of your traditional amenities when you choose to do a home swap. You can cook your meals, do your laundry, and, in some cases, even take advantage of additional perks that the homeowner is offering.

On days when the weather keeps you indoors, you have other things to do right there at the home you’re staying in. If you’ve decided on a luxury home exchange, there could be billiards, a pool, and a huge library full of books at your disposal.

There is something to be said about feeling and living in a home native to the area you’re visiting. It’s rich, vibrant, and full of the culture that surrounds it!

Con: There Are Strangers In Your Home

With a house swap, there are going to be unfamiliar people sleeping in your beds, using your things, and ultimately living there. That thought can be weird for some people, even if it’s a second home instead of a primary one.

Not everyone is respectful. There is a possibility you could have bad houseguests and end up with a lot of cleanups.

Even worse, you could have someone damage your possessions. Accidents do happen, and even the best of intentioned home swap vacation guests can leave you replacing dishes or furniture.

It’s important that you have insurance for these reasons. If you choose to work with a house swap company that helps you with the process, they should have insurance to protect you from accidents and bad house guests.

Obviously, you want to have your own valuables insured. As long as you use a reputable listing service, you shouldn’t have many problems. Also, keep in mind that you’re staying at their place and they have the same worries about you.

Pro: It Can Save You Money

Are you interested in owning a second home but aren’t sure you are able to afford it? Getting involved in a home swap will help pay your bills while also giving you the opportunity to explore other places!

Not only will you have your second home that you can visit whenever you’d like, but you have the ability to let other people use it while you stay in their houses around the world. Many people like the idea of owning a second home but don’t want to be tied down to that one place.

Some would rather travel to see new places instead of constantly visiting only their second home location. Home swapping is the best of both worlds!

Don’t forget that because you are staying in a home, you can save money by preparing meals in the kitchen if you’d like. You can head to the nearest market getting to spend time in the town itself and pick out local foods to prepare.

Eating out is an added expense that, even if you can afford it, gets a little old after a while. Eventually, you start to crave a home-cooked meal. For those who have dietary restrictions or like to eat healthy meals, a home swap is a great route to go!

Con: A Home Swap Vacation Requires Flexibility

Because you’re not just popping in some dates on a hotel website and instead you are working around a home owner’s schedule, you may need to be more flexible. Some dates may be blocked out because others are using that particular home at the time you want, or the homeowner themselves are using it.

Home swapping also doesn’t have to be like what you’ve seen in the movie “The Holiday,” where they talk and change homes. You can be with a reputable home swap listing source and have your second home available, which then gives you points or funds to use for future homes you’d like to book.

Think of it as being in one big co-op. There are many houses in the hat to pick from, and yours is in there too. The more guests that stay, the more that you stay without major fees! 

Pro: You Can Stay In Unique Lodging

Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle? What about a yacht?

When you’re planning a home swap vacation, you will see that there are many unique types of lodging you may have never considered. You could stay in a villa and experience a luxury, curated experience, or you could hide away in a Swiss chalet apartment.

Escape to a historical home in Italy with views of the rolling hills. Live your safari dreams by staying in a lodge in Botswana.

Because you’re renting out your home at the same time, you have the chance to stay in places you’ve only dreamt of being able to afford. You don’t even have to have vacation ideas beforehand. Just start searching for homes and let your vacation plans unfold by choosing the home, castle, or villa that looks appealing!

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