It’s only natural for the travel industry to change often. What’s relevant today will help determine what drives global tourism and travel trends for this year. Today travelers crave active experiences in remote locations. They love trips that give back and are venturing all over the globe to find them. And not every trend is a based around soul searching – so look out for trends that might capture your interests. Here are the emerging top travel trends this year.

travel trends give back


Travelers are working with local nonprofits to contribute in a meaningful way. They love supporting local ongoing efforts to rebuild houses, delivering textbooks to schools or helping the natural wildlife. This makes for a meaningful vacation while also getting to explore a beautiful new location.

travel trends healing


Whether you want to lose weight, need to recover from a surgery or simply rejuvenate your vitality, these wellness vacations have left their mark on the travel industry. Many THIRDHOME properties are perfect for this tranquil vacation trend with luxurious amenities and loyal staff ready to cater to your every request.



One of the biggest trends this year is active and adventurous trips. Thrill-seekers want a more customized experience rather than a tour with other strangers. Stand out choices include swimming with sharks, river cruising or African safaris. And with THIRDHOME properties in the most sought-after exotic destinations, you will have no trouble finding the perfect place for your next adventure trip.

 travel trends cabo san lucas


Travelers are splurging on over-the-top exclusive experiences like never before. From renting a yacht for a day at sea in Mexico to charting a jet to see a different part of the country for just the day, more travelers are soaking up every minute of their vacation in utter luxury.

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