THIRDHOME Properties in Trump International Hotel

Firstly, in our society at large, we have evolved into a community driven by a desire for options. Whether it’s a second car or a second watch, or a second home, we have grown accustomed to having options expand our lives in multiple ways.  At THIRDHOME, we understand this core human desire and are satisfying it in a new way, specifically within the second home market.

Secondly, the current economic climate has affected most industries, but the luxury property development sector has been hit harder than most.  Selling real estate is now more challenging, and agents and developers need meaningful points of difference and added-value services to help drive sales. THIRDHOME has created a unique proposition that will differentiate its offering by creating an owner benefit that no one else is currently providing.

Built as a private club where members gain access to multiple luxury second homes via a limited access property exchange network, THIRDHOME has created a unique value proposition for second home ownership based on the principle of reciprocity. Enabling our members to ‘get out what they put in’ lies at the heart of everything do.

Our thinking is simple.  If you own a luxury second home, you should not have to pay rental rates to use others when you travel. Use your second home to give you a THIRDHOME anywhere else in the world.

The Club has rapidly grown to over 14,5000 properties in 100 countries worth an average of $2.4 million each. Members have access to a network of other homes of a similar level all over the world. And, given the economic climate, everyone is looking at what they own through different lenses and asking themselves – ‘Am I getting the most value possible from owning this particular home?”

THIRDHOME is the answer to the main question and concern that prevents the purchase of a second home – before I buy this property, am I sure that I want to be coming back here year after year?

Now, with THIRDHOME membership, a single second home now opens the door to hundreds of others all over the world for a reasonable membership and a nominal reservation fee.

THIRDHOME will revitalize vacation home sales and resort/luxury property investments and provide second home-owners with a win-win way to leverage their investment.

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