On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be able to see an eclipse of the sun. However, particular parts of North America will be a path of totality, which means that those areas will be able to see a total solar eclipse. The last time there was a total solar eclipse visible from the United States was 38 years ago! Those in the path of totality will see the moon completely cover the sun. THIRDHOME has weeks available at homes that are in the path of totality for this year’s solar eclipse. Read about them below.


Solar Eclipse House

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

5-Bedroom Villa at the Seabrook Island Club

Only one row back from the oceanfront, this villa is in a great location to go find undisturbed views of the solar eclipse. Stand out on the beach for a clear view, or simply walk out on one of the decks of the home. When you aren’t busy staring up at the sky you can enjoy the community pool, relax on the beach or play golf at one of Seabrook Island’s championship golf courses.


Solar Eclipse South Carolina

Gilbert, South Carolina

Lakefront home on Lake Murray

This home is located on a secluded lot and has 270-degree water views. For viewing the solar eclipse, the hammock that is in the backyard could not be a better spot. Lay back and get ready to see a spectacular view!


Solar Eclipse Tennessee

Smithville, Tennessee


This spacious home has 3 bedrooms and features a beautiful view of Center Hill Lake. Spend a day hiking in the surrounding area and find a perfect spot to watch the solar eclipse undisturbed and surrounded by nature.


Interested in learning more about the solar eclipse occurring this year? NASA has a website completely dedicated to the event, which happens on Monday, August 21, 2017.

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