We’re proud to announce that our partner, International Expeditions, will be sponsoring THIRDHOME‘s Member Appreciation event in April 2018. 

Experience the world’s most remarkable destinations with world leaders in ecotourism and adventure travel.

International expeditions

You may recognize the name International Expeditions from our recent Amazon River Cruise aboard the Zafiro. The naturalists, Expedition Leaders and staff at International Expeditions are experts in adventure travel, and our Inner Circle members can vouch for it:

“The International Expeditions team coordinators and naturalists were indispensable in the full educational adventure. Our favorite day was visiting the small village and sharing school supplies with a dozen sweet elementary school-aged children. We can highly recommend this trip to anyone who has (n)ever thought about such an adventure.“-Sherry and Andy

International Expeditions

The Amazon cruise is just the tip of the iceberg of International Expeditions’ adventures. Their ecotravel offerings also include:

African Safaris

International Expeditions

International Expeditions hosts safaris in Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Namibia. These safaris all include luxurious accommodations in some of the world’s best wildlife viewing destinations. Big 5 spottings aren’t uncommon when you have top-class naturalists guiding you!

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan a safari with International Expeditions.

Indian Wildlife and River Tours

International Expeditions

Discover India’s wildlife, including Asian elephants and Indian leopards, or explore the cultural wonders of Sri Lanka. Travel by land or on the mighty Brahmaputra River with International Expeditions’ land tours or small ship cruises.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan a river cruise or wildlife trip in India with International Expeditions.

Costa Rica Canopy Tour

International Expeditions

Explore the lush forests of Tortuguero National Park with monkeys, macaws and an International Expeditions Master Naturalist to tell you about all the critters in the canopy. Coastlines, mountain and cloud forests all merge together in the gorgeous topography of Costa Rica.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan a Costa Rica Canopy Tour with International Expeditions.

Patagonia Glacier Expedition

International Expeditions

Experience the remoteness of Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonian region of South America. Inching glaciers, granite peaks and roaming wildlife await.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan a Patagonia glacier adventure with International Expeditions.

Iceland Winter Adventures

International Expeditions

Venture north to the land of the Northern Lights. Enjoy active excursions across Iceland’s gorgeous landscape. Trek across glaciers and uncover hidden lava caves on this bucketlist journey.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan an Iceland Winter Adventure with International Expeditions.

Canadian Wilderness Excursions

International Expeditions

Travel + Leisure’s 2017 Destination of the Year is calling for your next outdoor adventure. Embark on an Arctic safari with International Expeditions. Sea kayak amongst Beluga Whales and Bearded Seals or take an ATV across The Cunningham River Delta in search of Muskox.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan a Canadian Wilderness adventure with International Expeditions.

Alaskan Grand Journeys

International Expeditions

Pristine wilderness, glacier-fed streams and frozen tundra all meet in America’s last frontier. Witness wildlife in secluded terrains while kayaking, rafting or biking through the landscape. Or come in the spirit of Alaska’s original colonizers and join in on a gold panning expedition.

Click here to contact THIRDHOME’s Travel & Concierge to plan an Alaskan journey with International Expeditions.

Inner Circle members will have the opportunity to travel with International Expeditions again on an upcoming Galapagos Voyage. Keep an eye out for other exciting opportunities from International Expeditions through THIRDHOME!

Jacqueline Roth shares her family’s experience staying in Iceland through THIRDHOME‘s Travel & Concierge Curated Journeys.



This past Christmas, my family and I embarked on our first trip to Iceland.



With only five days to hit all the major sites around Reykjavik and the southern coast, every day was packed with excursions set up by Liz Bates and the Travel & Concierge Department.


She connected us with two amazing guides from Superjeep Iceland tours. Our guides would pick us up at our villa each morning and our day of adventure would begin. Iceland only has about 4-5 hours of sunlight during the winter, so our days needed to be meticulously planned to get to our first destination at sunrise and end our day with a beautiful sunset.


Some of the highlights of our trip included ATV-ing through the mountains, soaking in the blue lagoon, hiking on top of glaciers, and visiting a number of amazing natural wonders.


We conquered a lot over our stay, including the famous Golden Circle Tour, Ice Tunnels in Langjökull Glacier, Gulfoss Waterfall, and watching the sunset on the black sand beaches on the southern coast.


At night we explored and dined in downtown Reykjavik. We tasted the traditional Icelandic cuisine like whale and puffin, went ice skating in the town center, and even sang karaoke with the locals.


Our trip ended on a high note as we were fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights from our villa, a sight we will never forget! Thank you, Liz and THIRDHOME for helping us create yet another amazing vacation!


Jacqueline and her family have traveled with THIRDHOME since 2011. You can also read about their experience at Camdeboo Manor in South Africa or learn more about the Roth’s travel lifestyle with Alan Roth’s Member Spotlight


Click here to view Curated Journeys through THIRDHOME‘s Travel & Concierge Department.

MJ and Dee Jennings, Texas natives, have been members of THIRDHOME since 2011. In that time, they have racked up 31 trips. That’s a little over 5 trips a year! The Jennings family are true jet-setters. Get to know MJ and Dee Jennings, and how they travel with THIRDHOME, below.


How did you get involved with THIRDHOME?

I received a phone call from someone at THIRDHOME that was interested in my condo on Lake Travis in Austin TX in late 2011.

Where are you based?

Dallas, TX

Who do you usually travel with?

Husband, girlfriends, as well as brother and sisters family.


What do you do for a living?


What are your favorite travel hobbies?

Exploring the area, active fitness activities, tasting the local foods, taking pics and walking everywhere I can.

In your past travels with THIRDHOME, what was your favorite destination and what did you love about it?

I just booked my 32nd trip. My favorite was a Malibu Beach home because it was insanely luxurious on Malibu Cove, a close second was Iceland as it was such an amazing adventure, and my repeat favorite is Turks and Caicos where I go as often as possible – the most beautiful beach in the world.


What’s the next destination you are eyeing to travel to with THIRDHOME?

I want to find a THIRDHOME to stay in South Africa before I venture off on a safari!

What do you love most about your property with THIRDHOME?

Every single guest takes care of it as if it was there own. In fact, because they are so pleasant it only wants me to make their stay so much more enjoyable.


Any personal/family achievements you’d like to share?

Because of THIRDHOME and the money we have saved, we splurge on adventure activities such as taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier and hiking the glacier tunnel, hiking the mountains of Malibu, swimming with sharks in Turks and Caicos, sliding down a mile long slide in Costa Rica, and even sent 2 family members on their honeymoons!

How has THIRDHOME changed the way you travel?

Completely! I always look online to see what I WOULD have paid for a THIRDHOME should I have actually paid more than a small exchange fee and some (or no) Keys. I am almost embarrassed to share, but I bet I am close to saving $200,000 since 2012. I plan a year in advance watching properties that I really want, or, if I have a free month I always take advantage of the 30-day Keyless properties.


What is the nicest amenity you have encountered while staying at a THIRDHOME property?

A 50-foot yacht in Miami for free.

How would you describe THIRDHOME to a friend?

For only $495, you can stay at a 2.5 million dollar home for a week anywhere in the world. All you have to do is give up one week at your second home.

What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve eaten at during one of your trips?

Probably a local Icelandic one – a tiny little house with the most unbelievable fish soup I have ever tasted.


Any travel tips for fellow members?

Be active on the site, save your favorite properties so they pop up in your email when something comes available and check the site for the newest properties.

What makes a THIRDHOME stay so special?

The properties are hands down top of the notch luxury or if not, it is all about location, location, location!

How is staying in a THIRDHOME different than other types of accommodations?

For so many of the properties, the owners seem to always make sure we have everything we need – almost like a personal butler!


thailand iceland

Baan Saleah Phuket Villa | Thailand

Experience beautiful Kate Beach in Thailand from this fully-staffed beachfront villa. This property features 4 ensuite bedrooms and a large infinity pool which overlooks the beach. The uniformed staff will be at your beck and call throughout your trip to ensure that you and your guests can fully relax. Stunning views and 5-star service await you at this modern villa designed by Baan Saleah.

THIRDHOME member Tom says, “Our party of seven including an eight and nine-year-old had the most amazing time at this beautiful villa. Awesome was a word often used and well deserved. The villa is stunning and tastefully decorated with every luxury at hand.The location is perfect for both visits to town and the short walk to the beach.” click here to read more of Tom’s review


Nordic Cottage | Iceland

Located by Laugardalur Valley, Nordic Cottage is right in the middle of Reykjavik. The accessible downtown and recreational areas make this property the perfect jumping off point for your northern adventure. Sleep up to 6 people in this home while exploring all of Iceland’s hidden wonders including Laugar Spa, Grotta Lighthouse, Blue Lagoon and Harpa Concert Hall. Of course, the Northern Lights are a must-see if you’re staying in this beautiful home.

THIRDHOME member Sylvia says, “This home is warm, inviting, comfortable and well cared for…The house is an easy walk to the downtown core of Reykjavik. There’s so much to do and see in Iceland, you will need at least a week. After day-long tours, we were happy to rest in such a beautiful home… I hope to go back someday soon, as Iceland has touched my heart.” click here to read more of Sylvia’s review


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