Best known by THIRDHOME members for their interior design work at The Mandala House, Design 4 Corners has made a name for themselves working on extraordinary residences around the globe.

Design 4 Corners, an interior design firm based out of Encinitas, California, is sharing their tips for achieving three distinct looks for your second home.


No matter where your home is located, one of these looks is sure to dazzle. Bring exterior natural landscapes inside to play with the Urban Jungle Villa look.  Is your home on the beach? Throw out the seashell decor and try out Design 4 Corner’s refreshed Beach House Look. Finally, for the mountain dwellers, some tips on achieving a cozy yet modern ski chalet look.

Design 4 Corners

Design 4 Corners

Design 4 Corners


Use these tips to help take your second home to the next level and really wow your guests! Which look do you think you’ll try? Interested in more design inspiration from Design 4 Corners? Click the link below to check out their other residential projects.

Check out Design 4 Corners’ portfolio of residential design work here.

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