Spain: A Sensational Week visiting Cadiz, Ronda and more!

November 15, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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On your next (or first) trip to Spain, you have to put El Nido, a ThirdHome property, at the top of your list for accommodations. It is a 5 bedroom home with a pool, spacious kitchen and dining entertainment area. There is also a rooftop terrace with direct views of the Rock of Gibraltar in the distance.  The sunsets here are absolutely unforgettable!

Who would I recommend Spain to?

Anyone seeking sun, great food, adventure, history and outdoor activities such as hiking.

San Roque, Spain is just minutes from El Nido. It is a high-class area and the boat harbor nearby is a place where you will find evidence of that.

Colorfully designed apartment blocks surround hundreds of stunning, large boats in the harbor.

The cafe scene within this area will also impress, where the patrons are often luxury connoisseurs themselves.

How would I summarize my time in Spain? 
It’s a place that is exotic enough to satisfy your curiosity and adventure bug, but familiar enough to make you feel comfortable and at home.

It’s a place where you will get acquainted with the sun, incredible food – particularly the Spanish tapas, and you will be greeted by the smiling faces of the locals.

One of my favorite experiences when in Spain was visiting the town of Ronda.

It is a cultural, bustling city, where the streets are lined with shops and cafes. While there, you can see the famous arch bridge, the oldest bullring in Spain and the oldest underground Turkish baths.

Intercept your exploration with stops at cafes to recharge your batteries with some Sangria, where you’ll often find live music to accompany your drink.

Caminito del Rey is also a must-visit. It’s a long walkway up high in the air attached to the side of a canyon. Once a path for workers to get to the water stations nearby, it has now been upgraded and renovated, ready to be enjoyed by those who want to feel a rush.

Dare to cross a narrow bridge with a see through bottom between two canyons high up in the sky? 
This is the place to do it.

Another recommendation from my visit to Spain is to explore the local villages. A very popular stop for tourists is Setenil de las Bodegas, where the popularity of this area was gained thanks to the town homes all being uniformly painted white with terracotta orange roofs.

From the top lookout, you will be mesmerized by this sight. There is also the overhang cliff where you can sit under the overhang and enjoy some wine and tapas.

Another absolutely must-visit city is Cadiz. The Moroccan influence is very strong in this part of Spain as you can hop on a ferry between the two countries from there. The shoreline is one of the most incredible I have seen. Pastel coloured buildings line the shore and the feature is the grand cathedral, with its large white and gold domes captivating your attention.

This is a great town to enjoy for the day and don’t forget to enjoy delicious local ice cream as you wonder through the city discovering shops and historic spots around every corner.

And finally, do make a day trip out to Gibraltar. Cross the border control and be greeted by a mini replica of Great Britain with a strong Spanish influence.

The homes are all resembling that of Spain, however the food, the currency, the accents, the TV and radio stations are all British.

My favourite stops here included of course the famous rock of Gibraltar and the monkeys at the top and the beautifully lit up St. Michael’s cave within the rock.

I would also recommend a drive to the end of Gibraltar to see the most stunning lighthouse you’ve ever seen. A typically white and red lighthouse like you would expect in a fairytale movie.

I do hope that by sharing in these adventures with me, it’s inspiring you to plan your next holiday with ThirdHome. The world is a beautiful playground ready to be explored.

-Sorelle Amore

During her trip to Spain, Sorelle stayed at El NidoClick here to view all ThirdHome properties in Spain.

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